Elena Podkaminskaya complained of motherhood 04.11.2017

Actress Elena Podkaminskaya, the star of the first seasons of the television series “Kitchen”, complained about difficulties after the birth of her second child. According to her, her whole life after the birth of her daughter Eva focused on her, and at times the..

The leader Boomboks son was born 12/07/2010

The 30-year-old leader of the popular Ukrainian group "Bumbox" Andrew Khlyvnyuk, performer of the hit "Watchmen" ("I remember the white wallpaper, black dishes ..."), became the father. The wife of the musician Anna, the daughter of the First Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine..

Moscow police frustrated the action on January 21, 2009

Representatives of the public organization Orthodox Monarchists intended on the day of the 85th anniversary of the death of Vladimir Lenin to “mummify” themselves and conduct a theatrical action on Red Square in support of the idea of ​​burial of the body of the..

Do not love my brains clip watch videos online

In the plot of the clip is a story about a successful rich businessman who could not build normal relations with his wards. The heroine, Nastya Kamensky, is a waitress who is bullied by the boss and others laugh at small failures. But the..

Media: Medvedev will be dismissed in the spring of 07.12.2012

On Friday, December 7, the media published the report of the Institute for Globalization Problems of Mikhail Delyagin “2013: Repression of the Liberal Clan”. According to experts, Dmitry Medvedev may resign in the spring of next year. The whole Cabinet of Ministers will follow..

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