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Trademarks and brands today are becoming an indispensable condition for the sustainability of enterprises in the market, as well as an integral factor in their competitiveness. In this regard, in recent years, interest in issues relating to this area has increased.brand is

Brand is a sales engine

An indispensable condition for the functioning of the market is competition. As the experience of developed Western countries shows, today in the sphere of commodity circulation, well-known trademarks are fighting with each other for a place in the consciousness of consumers. Sales of products that do not have special memorable signs, significantly lower than those that most consumers know about. At the same time, it should be said that among domestic customers more and more people prefer goods that have a trademark. This applies equally to imported products as well as to those produced in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Historical reference

The name of the brand is of great importance to the consumer. Some items that are present on the domestic market today have long been fixed in the minds of consumers. Many trademarks of Russia, present in the present, preserved from revolutionary times. Among them, for example, min. water "Borjomi", cigarettes "Java", vodka Smirnoff. Soviet trademarks began to appear in 1919. For example, it was quite popular, and now the products of the Red October trademark remain. Many people know such products as butter “Peasant”, refrigerator “Biryusa”, “ZIL”, tea “Indian”, TV sets “Horizon”, beer “Zhigulevskoe” and so on.


One of the most important features of the names of Soviet food products was the fact that in many cases they reflected proprietary technologies and recipes. For example, now the trademark is, in fact, the symbol of the manufacturer. It distinguishes similar products from different manufacturers. Previously, the situation was somewhat different. Domestic goods such as butter "Peasant", cigarettes "Cosmos", chocolates "Assorted",Provencal mayonnaise and others with the same name, but produced at different enterprises, had significant taste differences. At the household level, it was expressed in the fact that the brand was evaluated in conjunction with the place of production of the product.trademark of the company


A trademark is not only a distinguishing feature of a consumer product. In one of his studies, a professor at the Harvard School of Business Levitt proved that the image of such a "symbol" has a significant impact on the decision to purchase industrial equipment. The more widely known the brand is, the greater the likelihood of forming a positive attitude towards the new product, the faster the decision will be made in favor of the new product. The development of global marketing contributes to increasing the value of brands. For example, in the global construction market, consultants and engineers from America occupy the first places in the list of specialists involved in the selection of equipment. Operating in Eastern and Asian countries, as a rule, they prefer well-known, reputable brands. Because of this, local businesses are deprived of the opportunity to enter into large contracts.

Formation of prices and consumer demand

The brand forms the value in 4 ways:

  1. Consumers and retailers are willing to pay a high price for strong names.
  2. A successful brand captures most of the market.
  3. Due to consumer loyalty, there is a high income.
  4. A successful brand has broader development prospects.

These moments determine the relevance of the research of practical experience, form the prerequisites for the development of concepts for managing the names of goods. In the conditions of a transitional economy, thus, directions are formed in which brands will be promoted on the domestic market.brand products

The advantages of enterprises

The trademark of the company ensures its prosperity, high profitability, popularity among consumers. With the help of the successful name of the product the manufacturer gains loyal customers. This, in turn, allows the firm to consolidate its position in the market, maintain an affordable price and a stable flow of finance. As a result, the value of shares rises, a base is formed and strengthened for further expansion of production.

Prerequisites to create

In the course of its activities in the market, many manufacturers have come to the need to develop trademarks for their products. First of all, this is relevant for those enterprises that produce finished (packaged) products. These, in particular, include:

  1. Food (tea, pasta, dairy products, drinks and so on).
  2. Household chemicals and hygiene products.
  3. Cosmetics.
  4. Perfumery.

At the same time, there are examples that show how the work of an enterprise with a trademark leads it to the need to change its name.famous trademarks


Of particular importance today for the company is the promotion of the brand. Successful names that can have a beneficial effect on the external environment are a necessary condition for achieving long-term and sustainable business success, since:

  1. Are the most important factor of competition. They ensure the security of goods from other manufacturers and strengthen its position on substitutes.
  2. The fame of the brand and, therefore, of the enterprise itself strengthens the trust of its partners, greatly facilitates its access to information, financial, human and other resources. Through advertising established a close relationship with the consumer.This, in turn, provides an increase in demand, which is taken into account when placing orders.
  3. It creates a commitment of customers regarding the brand product. It can reduce the sensitivity of consumers to increase the cost of products, create obstacles to market penetration of competitors. This contributes to the acquisition of additional force by the company. In addition, popular product names make it easier for consumers to choose among a huge variety, convincing them that when they buy people will get the same high quality as before. In connection with its special position, as well as taking into account consumer preferences, brand goods are less subject to market fluctuations.

trademarks and brands

Name Value

It manifests itself for an economic entity only in the process of using the brand. The popular name does not arise and does not exist independently. The brand requires constant and focused management. Many Western experts are of the opinion that the most in-demand characteristics of marketers are their skills to form, maintain, expand, strengthen and protect names.

Trademark Registration: General Information

It is possible to carry out the mandatory procedure independently or using intermediary services. Before submitting the application and the necessary papers, you must first search the registry. Upon request, not only 100% matches will be issued, but also variants in which there are similar elements. In some cases, their presence serves as a reason for refusing registration.


Registration of a trademark provides for the formation of a corresponding application for filing with the patent office. In addition, the procedure includes correspondence with Rospatent and obtaining a certificate. The application is filled in accordance with the requirements of the law. Any deviations from the rules will cause failure. The application must clearly state the design and technical characteristics of the brand.brand name

Intermediary services

In the Russian Federation since the beginning of the 90s. the institute officially operates, the activity of which is aimed at ensuring the protection of objects belonging to intellectual property. One of the main tasks of patent attorneys is to represent the interests of the owner in the process of registering a mark in the appropriate department.Using qualified help, you can avoid many mistakes. This, in turn, saves time and money. At the end of 2013, 1,585 attorneys were registered in the Russian Federation. Most of them operate in Moscow. The service of attorneys is within 15 thousand rubles, excluding duty.

Features of the procedure

In international practice, there are two ways to obtain the exclusive right to a trademark. So, in some countries, the manufacturer needs to actively begin to introduce a trademark during a certain period. After that, it will automatically be assigned to the enterprise. In other states, including Russia, you need to obtain the relevant documents and pass the obligatory registration. Its general rules are fixed in the Civil Code. The registration procedure is explained in Federal Law No. 316. Patent fees and other mandatory fees associated with the procedure are governed by government regulations.

Filling out an application

The paper must specify the details of the owner of the brand. In addition, the application must contain a photo or a trademark image created in another way.Further in the content is a list of classes of the IKTU services and products for which the brand will be used. At the end of the document is a list of applications. It includes:

  1. Power of Attorney of the representative (if available).
  2. Receipt of payment of state duty.
  3. Photo.
  4. Translation of documents compiled in a foreign language (if any).

brand promotion

Character classes

Almost all entrepreneurs have an idea about the classifier of activities. The same system is provided for services and goods. It is called MKTU. It has 45 classes. Of these, ten relate to services, and the rest to goods. In the process of registering a mark, the application necessarily indicates the corresponding class. If this condition is not observed, the owner of the mark will be denied the acquisition of an exclusive right. When the agency makes a positive decision, a certificate will be issued.

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