A good, but inexpensive ultrabook: how to choose? Reviews about the best models

In today's world of universal computerliteracy, almost every computer user tries to purchase the device as much as possible mobile, in order to be able to use it anywhere. It could be a cafe, train car, car salon or hotel room. If you often travel or work a lot not in the office, but in various public places, what gadget is best suited for such situations? Many users have come to the conclusion that such an device can be an ultrabook.

What is an ultrabook?

Now let's see what an ultrabook is.Despite such an interesting name, it's still a gadget that has certain technical characteristics. What are the differences between an ultrabook and an ordinary notebook? The prefix "ultra", at the beginning of the word, means that this gadget is the thinnest and easiest in the entire collection of modern computers. If you pay attention to the history of the appearance of this type of device, it will be interesting to note that the first ultrabook was created by Apple in 2008. This concept of notebooks was liked by other manufacturers, and in the next few years computers of this class began to appear in other companies. Speaking about the price policy, the expression "inexpensive ultrabook" is not entirely appropriate, since the cost of such models is quite high. Another feature of this class of computers is the use of only Intel processors in it. Because this brand has patented this name. How does an ultrabook look like? You can compose the first idea of ​​it from the photo below.

inexpensive ultrabook

What types of ultrabooks are there?

Ultrabooks, like all computers, can be divided into several categories. Each of them has its own merits and demerits.

Let's look at each of these categories as they appear on the computer market.

  • The first ultrabooks, in addition to weight and size, almost did not differ from laptops.
  • Sensory ultrabuks appeared a little later and were a logical continuation of the development of computer technology.
  • Ultrabuki transformers are the latest upgrade of this class of computers.

Each of these categories has its ownsubcategories, especially for ultrabook-transformers. Nevertheless, recently, buyers in the market are trying to pick up a quality inexpensive ultrabook. Therefore, gadget manufacturers are trying to pay attention to these types of computers.

The simplest models of ultrabooks

If we talk about this category of gadgets, likeinexpensive ultrabuk, it is worth noting that it usually refers to computers that in their technical characteristics resemble the first gadgets of Apple. Of course, in almost ten years some of their parameters have changed, but functionally they are a copy of their ancestor. An example of such a gadget can serve as an ultrabuk "Asus S46CM".

ultrabuk asus

If you consider the technical characteristics of this computer, it is worth noting the following:

  • Matrix with a diagonal of 14 inches.
  • Processor Intel Core i7 3517U.
  • Operating system Windows 8 (64 bit).
  • Winchester 750 GB + 24 GB SSD.
  • Memory 4 GB.
  • Discrete graphics card GeForce® GT 635M.

Of course, judging by the feedback of consumers, this rather powerful gaming ultrabook can be used both for work and for entertainment.

Sensory Ultrabooks

The next stage in the development of gadgets of this classbecame ultrabook touch. What is the main difference between these computers? The main feature, judging by the name, was the touch screen, which allows the user to control this device using the monitor screen. A vivid representative of this class of gadgets is the ultrabook ASUS VivoBook S550CA. Let's compare it with the previous model of the same manufacturer and see if there are differences in technical characteristics.

  • Matrix with a diagonal of 15.6 inches.
  • Processor Intel Core i7 3517U.
  • Operating system Windows 8 (64 bit).
  • Winchester 750 GB + 24 GB SSD.
  • Memory 4 GB.
  • Integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000.

Below is a photo of this ultrabook.

ultrabuk touch

Judging by its technical characteristics, it is possibledetermine that this is an inexpensive ultrabook for work. Consumers say that it is very suitable for office, and for business trips. But such a computer is hardly suitable for fans of modern games, since it has a built-in video card, which obviously will not have enough power for heavy gaming applications. But to work on the Internet its speed will be quite enough.

Of course, as noted by users, the mainthe advantage of this gadget is the presence of a touch screen, since in modern times, most users are accustomed to these kinds of screens on their smartphones and tablets, so using the same method of work on the computer will give them more confidence and comfort.


Now let's pay attention to the lastcategory for today's evolutionary development of gadgets of this type - ultrabuk-transformer, inexpensive at its price, but nevertheless corresponding to the technical characteristics of this class of computers. The main feature of this gadget is the ability to rotate the screen in almost all directions. And some models even have the option of unfastening it from the ultrabook body. And thus the computer can easily turn into a tablet. Let's choose one of the representatives of this category of ultrabooks, for example, Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13. The appearance of this gadget is presented to your attention in the photo below.

ultrabook transformer inexpensive

Let's look at the parameters of this ultrabook and see in what area it can then be used.

  • The matrix with a diagonal of 13.3 inches.
  • Processor Intel Core i5-3317U.
  • Operating system Windows 8 (64 bit).
  • Winchester 128 (SSD).
  • Memory 4 GB.
  • Integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000.

What conclusion can be drawn by considering the parametersthis computer? Users note that, on the one hand, this is an inexpensive ultrabook, which has rather high technical characteristics, but on the other hand - the lack of a discrete video card makes it unsuitable for modern powerful game programs. But most of this is not expected from this class of computer. For the most part, it should be a reliable workhorse, which will provide its owner with an ultrabook job anywhere, especially without hampering it with its weight and size.

How to start choosing an ultrabook?

So, after examining the different types of ultrabooks,begin to choose the gadget that we need. Where does it begin to choose? Two questions arise for each buyer, to which he must give an honest answer.

  • The goal with which to buy an ultrabook.
  • The maximum budget for this purchase.

Answering these questions, the buyer can significantly narrow down the range of computers, among which he will have to make a choice. Let's look at a few answers.

So, you decide that you need an ultrabook forbusiness trips and work in the office. You will need to spend a lot of time on the Internet, but you do not plan to play computer games. At the same time, you allocate a fairly modest budget for this purchase. Now consider the ultrabook, the characteristics of which will suit you. To perform such functions, a computer with a rather modest processor such as Intel Core i5 or even Intel Core i3 will do, we will manage an on-board video card and a small operating memory of about 4 GB. Ultrabook with such parameters will easily cope with the tasks and cost the buyer is not very expensive.

But if you plan to work on this computerwith heavy computer programs or playing modern games, then you will have to use a more powerful processor such as Intel Core i7 and necessarily a discrete graphics card, while it is desirable to increase RAM to 8 or even 16 GB.

And of course, when choosing between models, it is desirable to choose an inexpensive ultrabook (2016), so that it meets the latest software requirements.

inexpensive ultrabook for work

Inexpensive Ultrabook

Having defined the technical characteristicscomputer, let's see what will help the buyer to minimize the budget for the purchase of this device. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the brand that produces ultrabuki. The review of the models presented in the modern market will help to make the right choice. The most expensive of the gadgets are Apple's computers. Therefore, if you need an inexpensive ultrabook (2016), then you should choose another brand. Among cheaper gadgets, you should pay attention to computers from Lenovo or Acer.

In addition, the presence andquality touch screen. Computers that have an ordinary, non-sensor matrix, are much cheaper than sensory gadgets. Next, pay attention to the screen resolution and its viewing angles. The better the matrix, the more expensive the ultrabook will be.

The next factor that can affectthe cost of the computer, is the material from which it is made. Ultrabooks with an aluminum casing will cost more than gadgets, the body of which is made of high-quality plastic.

inexpensive ultrabook 2016

Where is it better to buy an ultrabook in Moscow?

Of course, most often such a purchase is soughtdo in the city of residence. But some buyers have noticed that it is best to buy inexpensive ultrabuki in Moscow. On the basis of what do they draw such conclusions? On the one hand, the producers of the goods try to send the higher-quality goods to the trade network of the capital. And besides, it's easier for metropolitan shops to agree on the delivery of goods with quality wholesale sellers. Also, Moscow's outlets usually have a fairly large turnover, which makes them profitable customers, and therefore they can get more substantial discounts. And this means that you can buy an ultrabook inexpensive, but it's good in Moscow in these stores.

Therefore, if you do not live in the capital, but sometimes still get here to your friends on a visit or on a business trip, then believe me, making a purchase of a gadget here will be much easier and more profitable.

Choosing a store in which you are goingmake a purchase, pay attention to his profile. Try to buy such equipment in places that specialize in the sale of computer equipment, try to take care of their reputation and support it.

cheap ultrabuki in moscow

Read reviews about ultrabukah

The next point that should be addressedattention - these are reviews about different models of computers that you think are most suitable for you. How do they appear? Many buyers after the first hours of getting acquainted with the new computer are ready to share their own, so far small experience. In the future, they master their ultrabook. Feedback becomes more meaningful, because they are based on experience, not emotions.

How useful is this information?Reading such revelations, it is usually possible to learn a lot of more detailed information about this or that model. Often, users submit such reviews, paying attention to the positive or negative side of the model you choose, which manufacturers for one reason or another do not advertise. In addition, such revelations are located, usually on forums, so each visitor can ask the question of interest to him and receive a response from several users at once, which will ensure the truthfulness of the information.

Thus, reading such reviews can affect the decision to purchase a particular ultrabook.

We are going to buy an ultrabook

So, weighed all the pros and cons, evaluating reviewsowners of computer equipment you like, you decided to buy a particular model. And the most pleasant moment comes - this is the time of purchase. A little earlier it was already mentioned about choosing a retail outlet, in which it is worth buying a gadget. But in the modern world it's quite fashionable to make acquisitions in online stores without leaving home.

But such purchases have their own merits andlimitations. Buying goods in a real store, the buyer, before transferring money to the seller, can check his ultrabook for efficiency and compliance with the declared parameters. And in the online store with the consumer quite often require a one hundred percent advance payment. And the customer can get at all the wrong goods that he ordered. Therefore, many buyers agree to purchase only in those online stores that provide the opportunity to pay for the goods after it is received.

It should also be noted that many outletsprovide various discounts and promotions, which allows the buyer to save money on the purchase of goods. You can also reduce the cost of the gadget on delivery, if it's free, or if the online store is in the immediate vicinity, then you can use self-delivery.

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