Accessories for sliding gates: types, prices, photos

and doors for opening require a lot of free space in front of the entrance. Practical and convenient are the design, departing to the side. Ensures their normal operation and mounting on the console fittings for sliding gates. The stores offer to buy various sets designed for a light door or a heavy metal leaf. Craftsmen can make videos and guides themselves.

Sliding gates

Sliding and sliding gates, when opened, slide along guides, moving along a fence or wall. You can drive up close to them, when you open the car will not be hurt. Such designs of entry are practical, look aesthetically pleasing and save space in the yard. On the device conditionally divided:

Sliding Gates Fitting Kit

  • frame;
  • lattice;
  • with plating;
  • combined.

Reliability and weight depend on the type. The lightest - frame, consisting of a frame and elements of rigidity, over time they can be sewn with wood or sheets of profile.This will significantly increase the load on the supports.

Lattice gates are welded from rectangular tubes. Cloth sewn up with a calibrated rod or install decorative and durable forged items.

Sliding Gates Fitting Kit

Fittings for gates must be able to withstand the load of the frame and the blade, to ensure free opening, stopping and fixing in extreme positions. A standard node consists of the following elements:

  • a pair of trolleys with rollers;
  • anchor plates for their fastening;
  • carrier profile;
  • end cap for profile;
  • guide knot;
  • end bearing roller;
  • catcher with bracket.

The web is moved by an electric drive consisting of an engine and a rack. Additionally installed equipment for remote control, photocells, determining the presence of obstacles, and more.

Selection of accessories according to the characteristics of the gate

Accessories for sliding gates in MoscowAccessories for sliding gates in Moscow and other regions are sold in specialized stores and on Internet portals. It is necessary to choose according to the main characteristics of a frame and a cloth: weight and length.Therefore, initially it is necessary to determine the model of the gate, trim, to calculate the offset parameters. Then choose the fittings and install it.

Rollers on trolleys are experiencing the greatest load. They hold onto themselves the weight of the whole structure, protect against overturning. Anchoring plates are provided for mounting them in the foundation. Under the trolley is all the accessories for sliding gates. Prices are determined, in addition to the basic characteristics, by the material of the parts and by the coating.

Accessories for sliding gates

The second component with heavy loads is the supporting profile. It is inside it are the rollers of the cart. The requirements for it are high. It should be even along the entire length, not sag and not rub off from the interaction with the mating parts. When buying for self-installation should pay attention to its length. Profile docking is done in extreme cases with an increased gate length.

Accessories requirements, completeness

Accessories for sliding gates. Prices

Functional makes sliding gates fittings. The price is usually indicated for the whole set. Replace the details of others, to form sets at its discretion can not, because they are interrelated.The rollers should fit tightly into the cross-section of the plank, but not rubbing the stops and side surfaces. The hardness of the interacting nodes must be the same, otherwise the softer part will quickly be erased. Plugs and catcher are made to fit the profile.

For designs from 500 kg, accessories for sliding gates have prices from 24,500 rubles. Products on the market at a lower cost, usually of dubious quality. Branded hardware kits are made of certified materials, all parts have a corrosion-resistant coating, components are protected from dust and dirt, can work in frost and rain.

Do-it-yourself accessories for sliding gates. Blueprints

In Moscow and the region, accessories for sliding gates are delivered by representatives of manufacturing companies with payment, depending on the distance. The buyer receives an oversized profile with a guarantee of its quality.

Independent installation of accessories

Equipping your own sliding gate, drawings of accessories check with the plan of the area. Bearing profile should move freely in extreme positions, not resting on the obstacles. The pit for mounting the carts is done away from the entrance, begins opposite the support column.It can serve as a pillow for the drive. The cable is laid in a place that guarantees its waterproofing.

Sliding gates. Hardware drawings

The distance between the trolleys depends on the length and weight of the gate. An approximate calculation can be made based on the data in the table. The distance between the carts is indicated in centimeters.

Length in meters

Weight in kilograms




















The dimensions of the indentation of the axis of the wheel block from the ends of the guide beam are constant, and in the closed position they are 140 mm to the plug. In the open, a size of 240 mm to the support rollers is recommended. Accessories for sliding gates are independently placed only on small and medium structures with low weight. The rest require special equipment and skills.

Operating procedure

When do-it-yourself fittings for sliding gates are installed, drawings are also made for earthworks. The correct location of the supports and wells will ensure the long service of the whole structure. According to the sketch, the axes of the main elements are marked directly on the ground and checked for correctness along the diagonals.

Retractable gates: accessories, price

Compliance with the sequence of preparation of the foundation and racks, installation of accessories simplifies installation.Works are performed in a clearly defined sequence.

  1. The frame is welded and stitched with wood or profile, it is possible to make a forged lattice construction.
  2. The foundation is poured under the carts, the supporting pillars are placed or laid out. At the same time, a cable is laid to power the electric motor, work the overall illumination and other equipment.
  3. The strip for sliding of a basic roller keeps within.
  4. The bearing profile is fastened to the fully cleaned and painted gates at the bottom, it is checked for straightness.
  5. Trolleys are mounted on anchor plates.
  6. Mounted support roller and cap with his hand.
  7. The gates are set vertically and the web rolls up with a profile onto roller trolleys.
  8. Install the second plug, traps, guides, end fuses, lock and all electrical equipment.


Gates before installation must be fully prepared, painted and coated with anti-corrosion materials. It is impossible to do painting and other works on the established canvas. Before rolling the gate, lubricate the beam inside with oil, and the rollers with grease. This will improve slip and protect against corrosion.

The trap is adjusted in such a way that in the extreme closed position the gate is slightly raised, removing the load from the rollers. In extreme positions, the limit switches should operate and shut off the electric motor. The length of the carrier profile and a half times the opening of the gate.

On a site with a strong wind, the wired, continuous fabric has a large sail area and can break it. It is necessary to protect or install lattice and combined gates. It is possible to use fittings according to the technical characteristics above the calculated one and from the yard side to install additional vertical supports limiting the web roll.


Decorative accessories

Retractable gates put in the suburban areas and in the courtyards of private buildings, garages and warehouses, industrial premises. The buildings use a more compact hinged structure. Rollers slide along the guide above the doorway. They can be replaced with asterisks and sent along a rack. The width of the structure is limited by the web, and there is no technological allowance on the side.

Shifting structures are smaller than hinged. By the principle of sliding gates, doors are made in small apartments, sliding partitions for interior zoning in a modern style.Designers use decorative accessories for suspended and sliding gates in garages.

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