Acute and chronic sinusitis: symptoms

general characteristics

What are the sinuses in general? In anatomy, this term refers to cavities that are located in the bones of the skull. A person has seven sinuses - two okolonosovyh, two frontal, two maxillary, two ethmoid and one sphenoid sinus. Every sinus is lined with mucoussinusitis symptomssheath and communicates with the nasal cavity. It should be emphasized that for the normal state of the sinuses is extremely important is the possibility of communication. If the canal connecting the nasal cavity and the sinus was blocked, the sinus quickly filled with fluid, which makes it a suitable breeding ground for bacteria. The reason for this may be an ordinary runny nose, or sinusitis. His symptoms generally resemble a cold.

Forms of the disease

Sinusitis differs from banal rhinitis in that the inflammatory process covers the entire nasal mucosa. The form of the disease is determined by what kind of sinus has undergone inflammation.Doctors say that it is legitimate to talk about the following types of the disease:

All of these options indicate that you should treat sinusitis. Their symptoms, in principle, are similar to each other. In addition, there are several types of the disease, depending on how it proceeds. In this case, the acute form, which lasts up to eight weeks, and chronic, arising paroxysmal, stand out.

acute sinusitis symptoms


Do you often catch cold, have long ills, suffer from constant rhinitis? It is possible that you have sinusitis. Symptoms of the disease depend primarily on how it proceeds. Doctors argue that the clinical manifestations can be varied, and they do not always suggest that the inflammatory process develops in particular sinuses.

Acute sinusitis: symptoms

Among the most characteristic physicians are such signs as a feeling of pressure in the sinuses and aching pain in the temples and forehead. Often, discomfort goes to the teeth, and intensifies during chewing. Patient breathing is difficult. Symptoms are increasing in the evening.It should be emphasized that the classic feature of sinusitis is considered to be a headache, localized in the area of ​​the sinus in which the inflammatory process develops. The voice of the patient becomes nasal, the temperature rises, the eyelids turn red and swell. Treatment may take from several days to three weeks.

chronic sinusitis symptoms

Chronic sinusitis: symptoms

If the disease passed into the category of chronic, then its symptoms become mild. Patients complain of persistent runny nose, as well as pain in the orbits. An important sign is considered to be a persistent cough, which is not amenable to traditional treatment: it indicates that pus flows along the walls of the nasopharynx and causes irritation. Most often, children suffer from this disease.

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