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Prompt a good provider. I want to hold cable Internet, but I would like very much that the services are carried out conscientiously. That is, almost completely without interruption was.
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Yanina Aggeeva
Yanina Aggeeva
Answered on March 24, 2017 22:40
And this is almost unreal. Even among the most reliable providers, although rarely, there are failures ... As they say, even an unloaded rifle shoots
Andrey Levichev
Andrey Levichev
Answered on March 24, 2017 22:44
I have an MTS, it is convenient that you can always carry with you. That is, not tied to one place
Anna Soldatova
Anna Soldatova
Answered on March 24, 2017 22:51
Where are you located? How can I advise without knowing the city where you need the Internet? I currently have MTS, but I am already browsing the Internet tariffs here. I want to give up MTS. I do not like the quality of the services they provide. The speed is small, and in the case of breakdowns they are not in too much a hurry to correct the situation.

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