US Senator John McCain responded to Vladimir Putin in his article in which he addressed the Russians. A politician is not afraid to call the president of Russia a corrupt official, tyrant, oppressor. leads the article by John McCain in full.
When the editor of Pravda, Dmitry Sudakov, offered to publish my comment, he called me a politician, "speaking with an anti-Russian point of view for many years." And indeed, it is not the first time when Russian citizens hear about me as their opponent. Since my goal today is to destroy the frauds used by the rulers of Russia to preserve their power and justify corruption, let me start by correcting this lie. I am not anti-Russian. I am pro-Russian, more pro-Russian than the regime that controls you badly today.
I declare this because I respect your dignity and your right to self-determination. I believe that you should live according to the prescriptions of your conscience, not the government.I believe that you deserve the opportunity to improve your life while living in a country where the economy is flourishing and creating benefits for many, not just for a handful of powerful people. You must live in a state of law, where the laws are clear, fair, and applied consistently and impartially. I declare this because I believe that people in Russia no less than the Americans are endowed with our Creator with the inalienable "rights to life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness," as the American Declaration of Independence says.
A Russian citizen could not publish a statement similar to the one I just made. President Putin and his entourage do not believe in these values. They do not respect your dignity and do not recognize your authority over them. They punish dissent and arrest opponents. They manipulate your choices. They control your media. They harass, threaten, and prohibit organizations that protect your right to self-government. In order to preserve their power, they encourage the prosperity of corruption in your courts and in the economy, terrorize and even kill journalists trying to expose their corruption.

Pictured: US Senator John McCainPictured: US Senator John McCain
They write laws that establish intransigence against those whose sexual orientation they condemn. They imprison members of a punk rock band for a crime that said its members were provocative and vulgar and had the audacity to protest against the rule of President Putin.
Sergei Magnitsky was not a fighter for human rights. He was an accountant at a Moscow law firm. He was an ordinary Russian man who did something unusual. He exposed one of the largest thefts of private assets by the state in Russian history. He believed in the triumph of the law and believed that no one could be above the law. Because of his views and courage, he ended up in the Butyrka prison, where he was held without trial, where he was beaten, fell ill and died. After his death, a demonstration process was held over him, reminiscent of the processes of the Stalin era, and, of course, he was found guilty. It was a crime not only against Sergei Magnitsky. It was a crime against the Russian people and your right to an honest government, a government worthy of Sergei Magnitsky and you.
President Putin claims that his goal is to restore the greatness of Russia both in the eyes of fellow citizens and on the world stage. But by what means did he restore your greatness? He has given you an economy that is almost entirely based on several natural resources and will rise and fall with them. Her prosperity will not be long. In the meantime, it will be preserved, these riches will be in the possession of a handful of corrupt powers that be. The capital is fleeing Russia, which, in the absence of a legal state and a diversified economy, is perceived too risky for investment and entrepreneurship. He has given you a political system that is supported by corruption and repression and is not strong enough to allow dissent.
How did he strengthen the international position of Russia? Taking allies of Russia as the most aggressive and threatening all tyranny. By supporting the preservation of the Syrian regime in power, which kills tens of thousands of its own citizens, and by not even allowing the United Nations to condemn these atrocities. His refusal to take into account the extermination of the innocent, the plight of millions of refugees, the growing likelihood of a large fire capable of spreading his flame to other countries, should be the subject of global attention.He does not raise the reputation of Russia in the world. He destroys her. He made Russia a friend of tyrants and the enemy of the oppressed, people do not trust her, who are trying to make our planet safer, more peaceful and prosperous.
President Putin does not believe in these values ​​because he does not believe in you. He does not believe that in freedom human nature can rise above its weaknesses and build a just, peaceful and prosperous society. Or at least, he does not believe that the citizens of Russia can do this. Therefore, he rules, using these weaknesses, through corruption, repression and violence. He rules for himself, but not for you.
I believe in you. I believe in your ability to govern yourself and in your desire for justice and the world of open opportunities. I believe in the greatness of the Russian people, who suffered and fought bravely against terrible adversities in order to save their people. I believe in your right to create a civilization worthy of your aspirations and sacrifices. I do not criticize your government because I am anti-Russian. I do this because I believe that you deserve a government that believes in you and is accountable to you. I hope to see the day this happens.

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