Author's contract: scope and types

Today, it is customary to conclude treatiesobligations. This helps to avoid unpleasant situations, and in some cases - to resolve the dispute between the conflicting parties. This type of document is used in almost every field of activity and regulates any issues, so it is often so important to draw up a contract correctly by writing down all the necessary items in it.

Author's contractOne such important document is thecopyright agreement. It is a kind of agreement between the user and the author. The first pays money for obtaining the right to use a certain work, and the second gives its rights to use it. The subject of such a contract may be the property rights to works of literature, science, art, which were created during the author's creative activity.

At registration of the documentation it is necessary to understand,make an author's contract or work. If an employment contract is entered into and the employee engaged in creative activity, the rights to the work created by him are entirely owned by the employer. At the same time, the employer has the right to distribute the work without the knowledge and consent of the author. In contract work contracts, the contractor and the subcontractor can take on the role of the contractor. The author's contract implies that only the author or several authors can be the executor.

Author's contract of the orderThere are many types of contractstype, differing in the type of work, its state, mode of use, permission to publish, transfer of rights, etc. The author's contract has one feature: in case of the author's death, all rights to the work pass to his successor. If the creator is less than 14 years old, then the contract should be signed by his legal representatives instead. Under the conditions, the deadline for handing over the work, the territory at which it will take place, as well as the amount of the author's fee, must be clearly stated.

Creation of architectural works alsois a creative work, so today the contract for author's supervision is so in demand. It involves the observation of the author, as well as developers of project documentation for construction work. This is done to ensure that the construction and installation work is carried out exactly with the solutions that are prescribed in the working documentation.

Author's supervision contractThe author's contract of the order is made out at that time,when the work is not yet ready and the author only undertakes to fulfill it. This type of document is different in that it regulates the relationship between the customer and the author who is the creator of the work, but in the event of his death, the operation of the contract is terminated and the obligations are not transferred to the assignee.

Since the work has not yet been created, it is necessaryas much as possible describe its characteristics: scope, type, volume, genre, approximate name, etc. An important point is the price. The customer must necessarily pay the author an advance payment. On its size and terms of payment, the parties take a mutual decision. It is also important to prescribe the timing of the creation of the work, its approval by the customer, as well as the transfer of copyright. Therefore, the most important points of any author's contract are the subject, terms and price.

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