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Balance wheel

Astrology and Numerology are exact sciences that allow you to make predictions. Tarot and psychology - a way to independently (or with the help of a specialist) to form the skills and capabilities of their psyche.

We all have a tendency to do one thing or another, but the choice is always ours. Peering the future, we see one of the probabilities of the development of an event (and there are many more), programming ourselves for a certain result. Be smarter, act from the moment here and now. Only in the present moment is there energy to change a situation that does not exist in the past or in the future.

Here begins the immersion into the world of the synthesis of Astrology, Numerology and Tarot for the fusion of their consciousness and life in general.

Astrology is based on the Placidus system, which believed that God launched the outer crystalline sphere and laid in it the image and function of the zodiac and the planet. They regulate and define many processes on Earth.
In the analysis of the natal chart, the signs of the zodiac, the house and the planet that they were in are taken into account.Houses show how we perceive reality and how completely we feel at the same time.
In the art of Tarot there is a layout of 12 houses of the horoscope, based on the astrological system. With it, they look through the main areas of life on the psychological and karmic levels. You can build on them to adjust your life. And since the spheres of life are interconnected, then pulling up one, problems in the other are often solved by themselves.
About the wheel of life balance, everyone heard and even did. It is useful for adjusting the spheres of your life and restoring balance. The knowledge of oneself begins with him.
Print (or save the picture) and paint over each sphere, analyzing it for a moment here and now. With the help of this scheme a subjective assessment of your life is visible. Let's start with it, and then move on to the objective, so that later we can compare the results.

In the scheme of 12 divisions, each of them corresponds to the astrological house in the horoscope and determines our life. For each of them I prepared statements for convenient work with a scale (1-10). The interval of division in each case is marked by the same numbers.This means that if you agree with this statement, you can put any number in the specified range.
For example, you agree that society needs you more than you do. It doesn't make any difference that you bet 9 or 10.
Print or open the Balance Wheel in Paint and fill in the desired graphs in the scale.
Here you define an understanding of how people assess you in your opinion. How valuable you are to society and how much society takes you.
1-3 - society rejects you or you reject it
4-5 - you have to hide some of your thoughts and feelings from society, your worldview.
6-8 - you consider yourself a sought-after person among friends, acquaintances and colleagues.
9-10 - society needs you more than you need it.
Here is your financial situation.
1-3 - there is no money even for the most necessary. Hardly make ends meet.
4-5 - only enough money for the most necessary. You can allow unplanned small purchases.
6-8 - enough money for everything you need. You can sometimes afford big purchases.
9-10 - the question of money for you is not worth it at all. You can afford anything.
Here is your development, spiritual as well.Not the actual study in an educational institution, but the desire for knowledge and the acquisition of experience and skills.
1-3 - I am not engaged in self-development at all.
4-5 - sometimes I get some information from certain sources.
6-8 - from time to time I get the information I need, practice, draw conclusions.
9-10 - I constantly work on myself and get certain results.
A family
Here, family relationships are parents if you have not yet got one. And its own family, if you have already managed to create it. At the same time, we take into account the family in which you are now, no matter who you live with and how many marriages you had.
1-3 - I do not communicate with my family.
4-5 - we rarely see each other, communicate little.
6-8 - we have moderate communication, everyone is busy with his own business, perhaps there are common interests.
9-10 - I have a close-knit family, often spend time together.
Here is about the inspiration that comes during the occupation of your favorite thing, hobby, pleasure from work.
1-3 - I do not have a hobby and I do not know what to do in this life
4-5 - I am constantly looking for myself, trying to find what I like, what I can do with pleasure. Favorite thing is in its infancy.
6-8 - I found a favorite thing, but so far I can not fully deal only with them, without interrupting my main job. I just felt the ground under my feet and was just starting my way.
9-10 - my work is connected with the development of a beloved business, I am almost always in the flow of inspiration.
1-3 - I often get sick. I have several chronic diseases. There are incurable.
4-5 - sometimes I get sick. But especially it does not bother me.
6-8 - there are seasonal diseases, but in general I am healthy.
9-10 - I am a healthy person
Here we consider only the relationship with a partner in love.
1-3 - I do not have a loved one
4-5 - my love is not mutual
6-8 - love me, I do not.
9-10 - I have a loved one.
Here we consider the presence of sex in life and getting pleasure from it.
1-3 - there is no sex for more than 3 months. No desire to deal with them. Not regular and does not bring pleasure.
4-5 - regular sex, but not fun.
6-8 - sex is not regular, but brings pleasure.
9-10 - from sex, I get complete satisfaction. Regular.
Altruism is the ability to selflessly sacrifice our interests for the sake of others.
1-3 - there is no desire to do something disinterestedly.I see no point in altruism.
4-5 - I help when I feel this personal need.
6-8 - I can help if this is necessary for others. Rarely helping people.
9-10 - I gladly and gratuitously help others.
1-3 - I have no work. I do not like my job.
4-5 - I have a satisfactory attitude to my work, I just do it.
6-8 - I strive to make my work beloved and desired.
9-10 - I love my job.
Here we are talking about like-minded people and friends. But not about quantity, but about quality.
1-3 - I have no friends.
4-5 - I can not trust my friends completely. In my environment there is not a single person whom I trust one hundred percent.
6-8 - in my environment there are a couple of friends whom I trust, but no more.
9-10 - I trust my friends, disinterestedly treat them. Our friendship is based on common interests.
This is about the opportunity and desire to be alone with himself.
1-3 - I rarely stay alone. I do not like to be alone.
4-5 - sometimes I have the opportunity to be alone with myself. But it is a rarity.
6-8 - from time to time I allow myself to be alone.
9-10 - I like loneliness.Once a day I can afford it.
Your task is to get closer to the statement that is more suitable for you at the moment (plus or minus the account of last week).
This tablet is used to judge the assessment of oneself by a person, about contradictions and illusions. This is a basic setting and familiarity with those who are found near you.

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