Ballet for home workouts

It is traditionally popular to record children (especiallygirls) to the ballet. This is completely justified: if you do not make professional dancers from them, then such exercises are very beneficial for the child. He is developing just an ideal posture, there is never a scourge of our time - excess weight, and, moreover, the discipline takes off to unprecedented heights. However, for the high efficiency of training, sooner or later one has to think about installing a home ballet machine in an apartment. Without it, even daily training will not give the desired result. And here there are many questions.

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Variants of choreographic machines: what is more convenient for home?

They differ both in configuration and inmethod of attachment. Let's start with the first one. First of all, the ballet machine can be single-row (with a single handrail) or two-row (one is higher, another - slightly lower). The second is suitable only for specialized halls, where different groups are engaged. For home exercises, usually "one-storey" is chosen. However, if you expect that the ballet will carry away your child not for a couple of months, please note that the child is still growing. Do not want every six months or a year to mount a new ballet machine - choose with telescopic racks or with several levels, on which you can rearrange the parallel floor bars.

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How to strengthen?

The next important parameter: how to fix the ballet machine? The most reliable is the fixation in both the floor and the wall. If the walls are unreliable - the equipment is attached only to the floor, but in time the racks may loosen up and become uncomfortable. In the case of the presence of strong (brick or concrete) walls and, for example, expensive flooring (the same parquet from natural wood), you can fix the ballet machine only on the walls. However, with heavy loads on it, it is likely that over time screws or dowels will loosen, which can also lead to injury.

If you regularly leave for a long time somewheresummer cottage), but do not want the child to stop classes, then in this case it will be necessary to make sure that the ballet machine is mobile. Such a variety is put on stable "legs", but it is desirable in the new place to additionally fix it horizontally.ballet machine

Selection options

Many parents, faced with the needpurchase of appropriate equipment, make standard errors. This is natural, as choosing a ballet is rather difficult. A person who is not professionally associated with dancing simply does not know how to "right". And wherever you take the ballet designed for your child - made by yourself, ordered in a special shop or bought a ready-made one - you need to take into account the following recommendations.

First of all - the height of the bar. To then not correct the defects of posture and learned movements, remember: it must be at the level of the lowest rib of the dancer. The next requirement: no cheap! Neither in the selection of materials, nor in the selection of the finished choreographic machine. Chinese options usually contain easily volatile inclusions that will simply poison your child in confined spaces and heavy loads. "Ecological cleanness" is the motto of caring parents!

Not less important: The ballet machine must only include wooden handrails. And thus not covered with a varnish. On metal or lacquered sweaty hand will slide, which often leads to injury.

how to make a ballet machine at home

Homemade machine tool: necessary materials

If you are not too rich,what you offer in the store, you are not sure that your child's passion for a long time, or ready-made options do not "fit" in the dimensions of your apartment, you can make a ballet with your own hands. You will not need many accessories: a polished polished pole with a diameter of 50 mm of the required length, several racks (their number depends on the length of the wall in which the ballet machine will be mounted, but at least three), plugs, dowels and screws are more powerful. The design will have to buy 2 stubs (if you take a pipe, not a tree) and 12 fasteners on 3 racks. The ideal choice as a poles will be beech or oak, but in extreme cases will go and chrome pipe, only to deal with the child will have to gloves, so that the hands do not slip.

Homemade machine for classes: assembly order

In this article we consider stationary equipment, on 3 racks and with fastenings in one plane, on a wall. In the event that your conditions are different - make clarifications in the to choose a ballet machine

First, the markup is done: in terms of the height calculated for your child's height, there will be places on the wall where the ballet machine will be fastened. At these points holes are drilled (4 on each rack). They screw in the dowels and mount the rack itself. The bar is inserted into the holders; if the pipe is selected as the pipe, and not the tree, plugs are inserted - and the child can begin his exercises.

Since it is much cheaper to make a ballet machine at home, moreover, one can also take into account the individual characteristics of an apartment, many resort to this method.

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