Banana jam - a recipe for sweet teeth

The taste of banana is well known to almost every person on Earth. This soft, sweet and refreshing fruit was loved by many thanks to the content of beneficial minerals and other substances. Bananas are not only eaten as a dessert, but they also prepare various dishes from them. There are several dozen species of this tropical fruit, and the preparation of a treat depends on the plant variety used. There are several interesting ways to use this fruit in desserts. For example, banana jam, the recipe is very simple.

How to make banana jam

You can make a sweet treat out of bananas with or without the addition of other fruits or vegetables. We offer you the easiest way to cook banana jam. The recipe does not require a large investment, but has a peculiar taste. Such a treat will satisfy any gourmet. For this you need to clean onebanana jam recipea kilo of bananas, and then cut these fruits into small pieces.You can (optional) knead them. After the mass is poured with syrup, made from a glass of water and the same amount of sugar. Bananas should be boiled for about an hour on low heat, stirring with a wooden spoon. To reduce the sugary taste of the treat, it would be nice to add a few pinches of citric acid and lemon juice, approximately three large spoons. This should be done a few minutes before readiness. This dish can be served on the table, a little cool. Or immediately pour into banks and clog up for the winter.

Banana jam with the addition of various fruits

banana jam recipe

You can make banana jam, the recipe of which also contains other ingredients. For example, a treat from this tropical fruit is prepared with the addition of apples and kiwi. These fruits need to take 350 g and divide them into slices of small size. Apples need to be separated from the core. Prepare a syrup of water and sugar in the ratio 1: 2 in advance and pour fruit into it. Cook, stirring. The finished jam should have a dark brown color. Shortly before the readiness it is necessary to flavor the treat with lemon juice (about 60 ml). In addition, you can make another banana jam.The recipe for this dessert is very simple, but it has a great delicate taste and aroma. To do this, you need fragrant melons (1 kg0), cut into fairly large pieces, after peeling. One ripe banana is mashed in a bowl. Add finely chopped lemon without skin and melon slices. Pour into granulated sugar (0.5 kg), after discharge the juice on medium heat. Boil for about 5 minutes. The finished treat can be poured into glass containers and corked until winter.This dessert has a very beautiful appearance and amazing taste.

banana recipesOther dishes

The recipes of banana dishes are presented in a wide range. This cakes, and gourmet pastries, as well as cakes, salads. Very interesting and unusual dessert, prepared according to the Brazilian method. It consists in the following. To do this, take about 200 grams of fruit and peeled. If desired, they can be cut into pieces or left as a whole. Then the cocoa powder is mixed with sugar. In this mass, you need to roll bananas, and then put them in beautiful vases. Top with whipped cream and sugar and decorate with walnuts. There are many ways to prepare this fruit of the tropics, so everyone can choose the recipe to your taste.Banana jam is the most simple and original dessert that can satisfy the most sophisticated gourmet.

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