Bentota, Sri Lanka: how to get there? Description and reviews

Bentota (Sri Lanka) is the most popular resort of the island nation. Earlier, when Halle was considered the largest port of Ceylon, this place was in demand among couples and newlyweds. Now times have changed a little.

Modern Bentota can hardly be called a place of secluded relaxation. But the charm and bloom of romance remained in her. Here are the best beaches on the island, breathtaking sunsets and delicious oysters. In this article we will look at all the advantages of recreation at this resort. Separately, we will focus on how best to get to Bentota. Information about these places was also taken from the reviews of travelers who managed to visit here.Bentota sri lanka

Where is the resort located?

Where is Bentota? Sri Lanka, namely, the south-western part of the island - here is one of the most famous cities in the country. Its development as a resort has contributed a lot to the proximity to the airport and the capital.The Bandaranaike Hub, the Sri Lankan Air Gate, is located less than 100 km from Bentota. The capital of the island country, Colombo, is even closer - 63 km.

Administratively, Bentota belongs to the Galle district of the Southern Province. In the past, the fishing village today bears the official title "National Resort of Sri Lanka". Not every town can receive such an honorary title in the land of magnificent beaches.

Naturally, modern Bentota has grown along the coast and, together with neighboring villages, has formed a large resort agglomeration. To the north of the village is Aluthgama and Beruwella, and to the south - the cities of Induruwa and Kosgoda. The tourist area also includes Wadduwa, Vaskaduwa, Kalutara, Katukurunda, Maggon, as well as Hikkaduwa, Ambalangoda, Balapitiya and Ahungall.Bentota Beach Sri Lanka

When to go to Bentota?

Sri Lanka is among those countries where you can swim and sunbathe all year round. However, this beach paradise has its own “low season”, which falls in October. This month the ocean is raging, and precipitation is greatest.

The rest of the annual cycle can be divided into "high" and "low" season. In the first, the probability of precipitation is minimal, and the ocean is mostly calm. The air temperature during the day reaches +35 in the shade, and the water - + 25-28 degrees.But in the high season, which falls on December - April, many tourists flock to the resort of Bentota. Sri Lanka is experiencing a rise in prices at this time.

Low season starts in May and ends in September. Tourists in this period are few, and prices are falling. Rain, by the way, does not go all day long. Precipitation often falls at night, and the tropical sun instantly dries puddles. The greatest problem is created by monsoon winds, which raise high waves to the sea. If you value a budget vacation and want to visit the island in the low season, choose a hotel with a swimming pool, as the ocean can storm.Bentota sri lanka reviews

What is the resort of Bentota (Sri Lanka)?

Photos present this place as a real beach paradise. Golden, hot sand, which is licked by the azure waters of the ocean, slender palm trees, languidly bent over the water - all this is in Bentota.

There is a village of the same name. It got its name from the river Bentota, which just here flows into the ocean. It is the largest waterway of the island. The Bentota River adds a peculiar charm to the resort. Excursion boats glide along the banks along the mangroves.But you can not swim in the river because of the crocodiles.

Along the coast passes the railway. Trains on it go infrequently, but if you want absolutely quiet, not disturbed by locomotive beeps rest, you should make sure that your chosen hotel is located far from the rut.

Entertainment in Bentota a bit. And those that are available are related to water sports: diving, snorkeling, surfing. For noisy parties and fun until midnight, you should go to Hikkaduwa. But in the village there are many restaurants, cafes, shops, centers of Ayurvedic medicine and other similar places that tourists are interested in.

Contingent holiday

Bentota continues to be considered a romantic place where newlyweds come to spend their honeymoon. In this regard, the resort has a lot of "package" holidaymakers, that is, those who came on a travel agency voucher.

Independent travelers prefer to stay in Hikkaduwa, where there are many bright evening amusements and cheap guest-houses. And respectable Bentota (Sri Lanka) is full of luxurious five-star hotels.

As for the national composition of tourists, it depends on the season.On holidays and weekends, there is a large influx of guests from neighboring India. In low season, Arab tourists often come as well as retirees from Germany and the UK to treat ayurvedic treatments. Russian travelers and guests from Eastern and Central Europe love to hold a wedding here. Young people and middle-aged tourists from France, Denmark, Sweden, the UK and Germany come in high season for beach holidays and excursions. And, of course, throughout the year in Bentota you can meet newlyweds from many different countries of the world.Hotel Bentota Beach Sri Lanka

How to get to the resort?

Despite the fact that the railway passes through all Bentota, there is no railway station in the village. The nearest station is in nearby Aluthgam. But in order to catch the train, you first need to get from Negombo International Airport Bandaranaike to the Colombo Fort station. This can be done both by taxi and by city bus No. 187 (fare is one hundred and fifty Sri Lankan rupees).

Is it difficult to get to the resort of Bentota (Sri Lanka)? Reviews show that you should not wait for a special express train to Aluthgama.It is better to take any train to Matara or Kandy. There are also trains going to Hikkaduwa. Prices for train tickets in Sri Lanka are more than reasonable. Place in the second class in the express "Colombo-Aluthga" costs one hundred and ten rupees.

Directly to Bentota can be reached by bus. However, in the reviews, tourists are advised to avoid routes No. 32, 2 and 60, as they take the Galle Road, the road along the sea, with the result that the travel time increases by two to three hours. At the box office should be interested in those buses that follow the highway. If time is more expensive than fifty US dollars, take a taxi. You can order it at the airport. The stand, located at the exit from the arrivals hall, is open around the clock. Taxi fare is paid at the office before the trip.Bentota Beach Sri Lanka

Bentota Beach (Sri Lanka)

The honorary title "National Resort" this town earned thanks to its beautiful coast. The strip of sand here is much wider than in the neighboring resorts. As for the purity and transparency of the water, we should not forget that a rather large river flows through Bentota, carrying silt into the ocean. Therefore, for diving and snorkeling should look for the coast outside the central part of the village.

The famous Bentota Beach (Sri Lanka) consists of two beaches.The first is called "Paradise" (Paradise). It is located north of the center. There is also the "South Beach". It is more fashionable, with a large selection of water activities. Paradoxically, but true: the beaches of the “National Resort” Bentota are always uncrowded. On a wide strip of sand, it is easy to find a suitable place. And if you move away from the center, you can sunbathe all alone, enjoying the solitude. The resort’s central beaches are good for weak swimmers and swimming out of season. Small bays are sheltered from storms, there are almost no waves.Club bentota Sri Lanka

Bentota hotels

The status of "national resort" drew attention to the village of famous architects and city planners. Therefore, the hotels here are not only comfortable, with extensive parks and gardens around, but also beautiful in architectural terms.

On the first line there are only a few luxury hotels. All other hotels are located behind the railway track. In the depths of the village one can find cheap guest houses or rented houses of the budget price segment.

If you want to stay on the first line, and relatively inexpensive, tourists recommend Bentota Beach. This four star hotel is located at the mouth of the river.Reviews say that the hotel has a spacious green area, large rooms, convenient guarded beach.

The Bentota Club Hotel (Sri Lanka) stands out for its convenient location on the spit-washed river. Tourists say that its buildings are made in the Lankan architectural style. In Bentota you can find hotels only with breakfast, and with half or full board.Bentota Sri Lanka photo


We have already mentioned that the resort is famous as an ideal place for a honeymoon. And the available entertainment is designed in most cases for this category of tourists.

Since lovers need privacy and tranquility, there are no noisy disco-bars, nightclubs and other entertainment of such kind in Bentota. Daytime entertainment is also a touch of romance. The Bentota Beach Hotel (Sri Lanka), for example, offers elephant riding on the beach. Other hotels located on the banks of the Bentota River offer their guests boating in the mangroves. Numerous Ayurvedic salons in the village provide an opportunity to improve your health or simply relax. But for active tourists in Bentota there is a diving and surfing school.


The resort is located near the capital of Sri Lanka, so it would be wrong not to see the bright and bustling city of Colombo. Halle is also close to Bentota, with its legendary seventeenth-century Dutch fort.

The open-air museum is the city of Polonnaruwa. An excursion to the most ancient in Ceylon Anuradhapura will be fascinating. In Kandy, you should visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, and in Dambulla - cave monasteries. If the ocean is stormy, you can go to the high-mountain resort of Nuwara-Eliya, which has a middle name - "Little England".


If you crave a quiet, peaceful and secluded vacation, you will definitely like Bentota (Sri Lanka). Guest reviews are positive. Travelers claim that there is not a large influx of people on the long beach of the resort even in high season. The main street of Bentota is a series of shops and shops where you can buy fruits, souvenirs and crafts by local craftsmen. Many tourists paid for the hotel only with breakfast, because the resort has no shortage of cafes and restaurants with delicious and high-quality food.

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