Sergey Parfenov - biography and creativity

Sergei Parfyonov - actor, former husband of LyudmilaArtemieva, Honored Artist of Russia. He was born in Tallinn in 1958. At first he did not think about his stage career. He was educated in Tallinn, at the Polytechnic Institute.


sergey parfenovSergei Parfenov worked at the plant as a designer andparticipated in the team of KVN. His friend noticed Sergei's acting abilities and invited him to study at a theater institute. Sergei Parfyonov went to the capital. In 1982 he entered the Shchukinsky Theater School. He graduated from this university.

Joined the Russian Academicyouth theater in 1986. Soon he changed the stage. He became an actor of the Moscow Academic Theater of Satire. Again changed the place of creative activity. He joined the Moscow Theater Center "Cherry Orchard". In 2003 he began to play at the Moscow Drama Theater on Malaya Bronnaya.


Sergei Parfenov actor ex-husband of ArtemyevSergei Parfenov began his career in film in1967, having played a small role in the film "The Story of Asya Klyachina" by Andrei Konchalovsky. Two years later he played in the film "The Road Home." The next appearance of the actor in the big cinema took place in 1986 in the film "The Golden Woman". The actor was able to fully reveal his talent in the image of serf Ivan Ryabykh.

The following year, success came to hima film epic titled "The State Border". In this film he managed to paint the image of Captain Olhovik on the screen in a colorful and truthful manner. His character - a Soviet border guard, who managed to infiltrate the gang of OUN people, neutralize the American spy, eliminate intruders and find a list of local agents of the Nazis, hidden by the fascist leaders.

After that, in the film career, the actor again followeda big break. In 2003, he played in the film "Friendly Family". So the work of the actor in the series began. Among them, the following projects should be noted: "Alibi" Agency "," Daddy's Daughters ". In 2008, he played an episodic role in the film "Mission: The Prophet". In 2010 he worked on the film "Advocates".

Personal life

You already know who Sergei Parfenov is. The personal life of the actor will be described later. He got married while studying for the first year. Then he was 24 years old. Lyudmila Artemieva (his classmate) turned into a candidate of the future actor. Their relations began during the rehearsals of Oblomov. After graduation, the young family was evicted from the hostel. By this time they had a daughter. She was called Katya.

Sergei's mother took her granddaughter to Tallinn. The girl lived with her grandmother until graduation. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the family began a difficult period. The actor did not have a job. This caused depression. Sergei was addicted to alcohol. Lyudmila Artemyev did not like this situation. After fifteen years of marriage, she decided to divorce her husband.

By this time, the daughter lived with her parents. She witnessed their quarrels and took the side of the mother. Now the actress has virtually no relationship with her ex-husband and has a career growth. Katya did not follow in the footsteps of her parents. She became a linguist. A girl with her mother and father does not often meet, she lives with a young man.


sergey parfenov private lifeSergei Parfenov in 2005 brought to Estonia the production of "Watchmen", implemented by Vladimir Rudym. The actor has a lot of creative plans, but does not want to do directing work. This person is happy with the current roles, however his thoughts are occupied by future work. Despite the successful cinematic career, he considers himself primarily a theatrical actor.

It was the scene he devoted his life to. He manages to easily transform into various types and demonstrate non-standard characters of heroes. 2016 in the creative activity of the actor marked work on the psychological spectacle "Glass Menagerie".

The basis of the play is based on the play TennesseeWilliams. The performance was performed on the stage of the "Cherry Orchard" center. In addition, at the Malaya Bronnaya Theater, the actor took part in the production of "The Trees Are Dying Standing".

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