"Biovestin Lacto": instructions for use, prescription and analogues

The drug "Biovestin Lacto" belongs to the group of liquid probiotics. It contains unique live lactobacilli. These microorganisms are obtained as a result of the cultivation of human bifidobacteria on a nutrient medium from cow's milk. The process takes place in special reactors in the absence of oxygen. Next, we learn how to properly apply this drug, what are its analogues. At the end of the article we will get acquainted with consumer reviews.

Description of this drug

"Biovestin Lacto" refers to non-prescription biological additives, which contain in their composition live bifidobacteria. This drug belongs to the category of probiotics, it is able to maintain a healthy balance in the intestinal microflora. But this tool can not be prescribed for yourself, despite the fact that the drug is natural, safe and has practically no contraindications.If used improperly, this drug can cause severe diarrhea.

biovestin lacto instruction

Chemical composition

According to the instructions to "Biovestin Lacto", the composition of the presented drug includes live bifidobacteria, lactobacteria and bifidogenic elements. A variety of bifidobacteria, included in the composition of this drug, has a high growth rate and the ability to resist a huge number of pathogens that develop in the intestines with various diseases. A positive distinguishing characteristic of microscopic organisms that are part of Biovestin Lacto is their maximum ability to reproduce rapidly.

This probiotic was developed and produced by a Novosibirsk company called Bio-Vesta. The drug is intended to correct the imbalance of the intestinal microflora. This medicine has proven itself in the process of conducting clinical trials. Today it is actively used to treat children and adult patients with various dysbiotic disorders.

The composition of the medicine does not include extraneous microorganisms, as the production process follows strict rules of sterility.In order to preserve the living bacteria, carbon dioxide is included in the probiotic composition, which protects them from the action of oxygen and ensures their survival during the storage of the drug.

Biovestin lacto in Moscow pharmacies

What is the use of this drug?

The reception of "Biovestin Lacto" contributes to the achievement of the following effects:

  • High-quality food digestion.
  • Synthesis of vitamins B and K and C is improved.
  • There is a more efficient absorption from the intestines of iron, calcium salts and vitamin D.
  • The pathogenic microflora is suppressed.
  • Under the influence of the drug, additional protective substances are formed.
  • There is an increase in immunity.

Drug release form

According to the instructions, "Biovestin Lacto" produced in glass vials, which are made of dark glass. The volume of each is 12 milliliters. One package contains seven bottles of medicinal liquid.

Indications for use of the drug

lacto biovestin for children

The use of "Biovestin Lacto" is advisable in the following cases:

  • In the presence of intestinal dysfunction.
  • Against the background of dysbacteriosis of different genesis, due to the presence of pathogenic microflora in the intestine.
  • As part of prenatal training.
  • For the prevention of dysbiosis during pregnancy.
  • In order to correct the microflora of the genital mucosa and nasopharynx.
  • As part of antibacterial treatment.
  • For long-term hormonal and radiation therapy.
  • In case of food allergies.
  • Against the background of respiratory infections and for their prevention.
  • In the presence of stressful situations.
  • Against the background of iron deficiency anemia.
  • If patients have hypovitaminosis and iodine deficiency disorders.

The drug is especially good to use for diarrhea. Also, this medicine, which includes lactobacilli, can be successfully used to correct the microflora of the mucous membranes of the genital organs and nasopharynx.

Contraindications to the use of this drug

As a contraindication to the use of this drug, the instruction indicates only the individual intolerance of one of the ingredients of the drug, as well as cow protein.

adverse reactions and contraindications

Side effects of the drug

There may be a relaxation of the stool in patients who take the drug the first day. A similar effect can be observed in people prone to diarrhea.This effect does not require the abolition of the drug, it can be easily corrected by reducing the dosage of the drug. Over the next seven days, the dosage is gradually increased to the basic rate.

How to take medication

The drug "Biovestin Lacto" is recommended to take half an hour before eating a meal or forty minutes after a meal, so that the medication from the stomach into the intestine is carried out faster. Open the bottle is recommended immediately before using the drug. For convenience of oral administration, use a straw that comes in the package. Alternatively, the recommended dosage can be diluted in a small amount of milk, water or juice.

If it is necessary to introduce "Biovestin Lacto" into the intestine, it is recommended to perform microclysters with a solution, which should consist of a daily dosage of the drug and 50 milliliters of boiled water. For irrigation of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx or genital organs, use a solution of 2 ml of the product and warm water (50 ml), which must be boiled beforehand.

Bottles with liquid probiotics are stored in a refrigerator at a temperature fromtwo to six degrees, because at room temperature the bacteria in them become active, and their concentration in the process of life decreases. Absolutely the same temperature regime is recommended to be observed during the transportation of drugs from the pharmacy. To do this, use a cooler bag or special packaging with a refrigerant and a container with ice. Before use, the bottle must be removed from the refrigerator and left in the room for half an hour for the product to become room temperature.

During storage of the drug on its surface may form a film of milk fat. It usually dissolves quickly when the vial is heated to room temperature. During the opening of the bottle, the carbon dioxide contained there is released, and in addition, some foaming of the drug and cotton may occur.

Do not recommend shaking or heating the medicine bottle to a temperature of forty degrees. Opened vials stored in the refrigerator, but not more than two days in closed form. During treatment with this probiotic of babies up to one year old, it is prohibited to re-use the drug from the opened bottle, the rest of the medication can be taken by either parent.

Adult patients take the drug 12 milliliters once a day. The duration of therapy for the correction of dysbacteriosis can range from four weeks to two months. But the exact duration of treatment with this drug should be determined by the doctor.

biovestin lacto reviews

Use of this drug for children

"Biovestin Lacto" can be prescribed to children at any age, starting from birth, as the drug contains components that are absolutely physiological for the child's body. Dosing for children should be as follows:

  • Babies under one year old are prescribed 1 milliliter once a day.
  • From one year to twelve years, 6 milliliters once a day.
  • Children older than twelve are prescribed 12 milliliters at a time.

The duration of treatment depends on the purpose of the appointment and is approximately the same period as in adult patients.

This is confirmed by the instructions for use of "Biovestin Lacto".

how to take lacto biovestin

Use of the drug during pregnancy

The drug during pregnancy can be prescribed, as the bacteria that are included in its composition, can not harm the health of the child. You can also use this drug if the woman is breastfeeding.

Presented medical drug is compatible with any medication.Taking this probiotic does not require the abolition of other drugs.

Is it possible to find analogues of Biovestin Lacto in Moscow pharmacies?

Analogs of the drug

Substitutes for the drug today does not exist, since the composition of this drug includes unique strains of natural lactic acid bacteria, including those of human origin. But on the modern pharmaceutical market there are means of such action, which are the drugs "Bifidumbacterin", "Lactobacterin" and "Linex Bio".

Cheap analogues "Biovestin Lakto" want to find very many. For example, the same "Bifidumbakterin" can be purchased at a price of 106 rubles (5 doses of number 10). "Lactobacterin" is a bit more expensive. It can be bought at a price of 137 rubles (5 doses number 10). Below is the price of the drug "Biovestin Lacto".

Further we learn that people write on the Internet about this medicine.

Reviews on medication

On the web, you can read a lot of positive reviews about Biovestin Lacto. Patients in the comments noted the good tolerability of this probiotic and its effectiveness in eliminating the symptoms of dysbiosis of various origins and localization, be it the intestine, the mucosa of the nasopharynx or the genital organs.

Many reviewers who have taken this drug for prophylactic purposes describe an improvement in general well-being, a decrease in susceptibility to colds and infections. Also in the reviews are often reported on the improvement of the hair and skin, the normalization of digestion and the absence of violations of the chair.

indications for use of the drug for adults

In their reviews, the patients positively note the pleasant taste of this medicine and the convenience of taking it, as each straw in the package comes with a special straw, which can easily pierce the protective cover.

Negative reviews about this medical tool are very rare. Most patient comments report complaints about the high cost of Biovestin Lacto. True, people immediately note that the high efficacy of the drug fully justifies its overestimated cost.

Cost of medication

The price of "Biovestin Lacto" in pharmacies, as already noted earlier, is rather big. It largely depends on the pharmacy that sells the drug, and it must be clarified each time. The average price of this medicine in Russian pharmacies is from sixty to seventy rubles per bottle.It turns out that for seven bottles contained in one package, you need to pay about 500 rubles. "Biovestin Lacto" in Moscow is released without a doctor's prescription.

Thus, the medication is currently very popular and is often prescribed to patients for the normalization of intestinal microflora. Consumers praise this drug in reviews and find it very effective.

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