Black roses - a gift from breeders

Disputes about whether there are actually blackroses go a long time. On sale you can see the flowers are completely black in whole bouquets. But in fact it is a white or scarlet inflorescence, standing for a time in the water with black paint. Blue is also artificially achieved.

black roses

Black roses were first brought to England in honor ofthe deceased queen's husband. It was then, looking at the plant, saw that this color is not only the color of sadness. This color has sounded in a new way. Black roses personified a strong spirit, from them hung with power. At the same time with the help of them you can express admiration and respect. With its splendor and luxurious color, the rose confirms the title of queen of flowers. For a long time this flower was brought from far-away Holland.

Contemporary varieties

Breeders have long been trying to withdraw blackroses. But to get a pure black natural color is not yet possible. The most approached to dark colors are tea roses of sorts: "Black Bakkara", "Schwarz Madonna", "Black magic", "Black tea". These species belong to hybrids of tea varieties and have the most approximate shades to natural color.

rose black

Briefly about varieties

"Black tea"

He brought out the grade K. Okamoto in 1973. It is called a "coffee rose". Has large, fully formed scarlet flowers with a gray-brown tinge. When the flowering period comes, the shade of the bud can change. From coral gray to dark, get a fresh color of ground cinnamon.

"Black Baccarat"

Appeared in 2003 and immediately attractedAttention. This hybrid of the tea rose was the darkest of all its predecessors. This flower has a goblet bud, whose diameter reaches 12 cm and has about forty petals. The plant's bush is powerful, reaches a height of over 95 cm, the bud has a pronounced dark tone. During flowering in the summer you will be pleasantly surprised by the dark bard, velvety inflorescences. The most dark colors in color (close to natural) the flower acquires in the autumn. But the flowers grow darker if grown on acidic soil or with constant exposure to sunlight. Emits a light aroma.

"Black magic"

Hybrid of a tea rose, which adores the dry climate. During the ovary buds are almost natural natural color. When the plant is dissolved, the black edging of the upper leaves around the red or crimson center creates a unique effect. This flower is velvety-terry. Rose "Black Magic" contains more than forty petals in the bud. The fragrance is so light that it seems far away. Flowering on a powerful and sprawling bush passes abundantly, with single flowers or brushes. When grown on acidic soil, the color becomes darker.

rose black magic

"Schwartz Madonna"

A very strong hybrid of a tea rose. It is believed that she has the darkest shade among red roses. Bud of velvet-dark tone, goblet shape. The flower is red-black, matte, has more than 35 petals, in diameter up to 12 cm, large and tall (90 cm) bush, blooms very abundantly, and the weather will not spoil its appearance. With good care, blossom can twice. But the smell is almost not caught, and it is believed that this rose is black without a smell.

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