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The city of Bologoye is the most mysterious city on our planet. He rightfully tookitsplace next to such mysterious phenomena as drawings in the desertNazca, the fall of the Tunguska meteorite, the landing of a UFO in the courtyard of the Khabarovsk city drug treatment hospital and the pregnancy of a married woman from Bryansk from a snowman. The fact is that the city of Bologoye has never been seen in daylight. Russianscientistsinterviewed over ten thousand people at the Moscow railway station in St. Petersburg and at Leningradsky in Moscow.

The results are amazing. Ten percent of respondents said that the city of Bologoye is only at night. The remaining ninety percent did not understand the question and asked for a beer.

Conductors of trains plying between the two capitals were also surveyed. None of the guides saw Bologoyein the afternoon. Moreover, none of them have ever met people coming down at this station. After numerous appealsscientiststo the Presidential Administration, the CEC, the FSB and the lantern factory were interested in the fate of the city. And that's what they managed to find out.The city of Bologoye exists.

It consists of a station building and several stalls trading from Moscow.shawarma, and from St. Petersburg -shavermoy. Ten people live in the city, four of them are policemen. Further, according to members of the special commission, the forest began and the dining car closed. The main thing that was able to consider - inBologindeed, it was night, while in three hours in St. Petersburg — a day. The members of the commission decided to go backby plane, but they failed - all the places at the windows were occupied and the observations were thwarted. Unfortunately, none of the interested organizations found money for the second expedition.

Meanwhile, some members of the commission heard a suggestion that, most likely, Bologoye is the international capital of vampires, who are known to be afraid of sunlight. They appear at night and suck the blood of passengers passing trains, so they, the passengers, always in the morning a very bad look. But vampires are vampires, and isn’t the Russian government really indifferent to the fate of a Russian city? Indeed, under cover of night inBologcan be committedseriousoffenses, such as tax evasion or smoking in public places.

It is also completely incomprehensible how the call inArmedforces and registration of marriages, does it workthe zoo, what is the situation with violators of traffic rules - who fines them, how much and where is the money.

Meanwhile toBologovuvarious international organizations are already showing interest. Recently, for example, five “Gazelles”, in which Vietnamese citizens were, were stopped by policemen on the border of the Moscow Region.Scientistsas they introduced themselves, they were heading to Bologoye for the purpose of conducting an experiment on selling Italian jeans of excellent quality.

While the police deliberated,scientistsdisappeared along with the “Gazelle”, and on the border of the Moscow region there was a market for jeans, which exclusively sellwivesthe cops. Where did the scientific expedition from Vietnam go? Where do uwivesthe police appeared jeans? What happens inBologomdnem? Why is there a curb turns into a curb, the entrance - in the front door, and the loaf - in a loaf? There are no answers to these questions yet.The city of Bologoye continues to keep its secrets, stirring the minds of adventurers from all overSveta…



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