Brett Hull: the biography of the great hockey player

In this article we will talk about the notorious hockey player - Brett Hull. In the beginning will be affected by the biography of his early years. It will be told about the place of birth, a brief biography of parents, their achievements. Further, the topic of his professional career will be touched upon - his awards and achievements will be discussed. In conclusion, the topic will affect his personal life and recent years. As a result, you can follow the whole life of the greatest hockey player - Brett Hull.

Brett Hull

Brett Hull: a biography

Brett Andrew Hull (full name of the hockey player) was born on August 9, 1964 in the Canadian province of Ontario, Belleville. He is a famous American hockey player of Canadian descent. Since 1986, he played in the National Hockey League.

If you count his goals in the NHL championships, then Brett Hull takes a deserved fourth place after such hockey giants as Gretsky, Howe and Jagr. He played hockey in the position of the right winger.

Interesting Facts:

  • Brett played for the US team at a time when his father played for the Canadian team.Brett managed to repeat the achievement of Maurice Richard, he scored 50 goals in 50 matches.
  • His mother Joan was a professional figure skater when she was young, it was she who taught little Brett to skate.
  • Bobby Hull, one of the most legendary NHL players, is his father. He and Brett instilled a love of hockey from an early age.
  • When Brett's father concludes a $ 1 million contract with the Winnipeg Jets team in 1972, the whole family has to move to Winnipeg.

Brett decides to follow in the footsteps of his father - hockey player Bobby Hull, and after two years in Winnipeg, Brett Hull is already skating at a vocational school in Canada. There he shows his best side. He was afraid of many goalkeepers rivals for accuracy and strength.

brett hull biography

In 1979, Brett's parents divorced, and he and his mother moved to Vancouver. Here, Brett Hull continues to engage in not only hockey, but also begins to get involved in the game of baseball and football. Despite this, it is there that he joins the “Penticton Knights” team in the junior hockey league.

The beginning of a professional career in hockey

In 1984, Brett Hull falls into the Calgary Flames team in the “NHL Draft”. After that, about two years playing for the university hockey team from Minnesota -“Duluth”.

The debut in the US team takes place in 1986 during the World Hockey Championship in Russia, Moscow. After that, he is recognized as the best scorer of his team.

brett hull biography

Brett Hull is sold in the hockey club St. Louis Blues in 1988, where he quickly becomes one of the best in the NHL. At the World Hockey World Cup in 1996, the decisive puck into the opponent's gate (Canadians), thereby winning the World Cup of Hockey.

Wave of popularity

Perfectly showing himself and his game in eleven seasons. Louis Blues, Brett Hull signs teamDallas starsin 1998. As part of the same team, he won the Stanley Cup in 1999, helping them to score the winning goal. However, due to numerous injuries, the effectiveness of the Brett game was disrupted in the 1999-2000 season.

In 2001 five times in one yearDallas starstake the title of “Pacific Division”. In the same year, Brett joins the Detroit Red Wings team. A year later, he again becomes the owner of the Stanley Cup and helps the US hockey team to get a silver medal at the Winter Olympics.

brett hull hockey player

Then he signs a two-year contract with the team of Arizona Coyotes in 2004, with the team in which his great father, Bobby Hull, played.The first year of the contract falls on the crisis in the NHL. After everything began to improve, Brett Hull played only five games in the league. Dissatisfied with his game, he declares his retirement. This happens in October 2005 at the age of 41.

Brett Hull: achievements and awards

In 1996, Brett won the World Cup. The next award awaits him after 7 years - at the Olympics in 2002, he receives silver. He also became the two-time winner of the Stanley Cup (1999 and 2002).

For the fact that from 1989 to 1990 scored 72 goals, he gets the "NHL Sniper". The award of the same name awaits him in the next two years - he scored 86 goals.

In the period from 1989 to 2001, he became an eight-time participant in the All-Star game.

Receives the 1991 NHL Hart Trophy as best player in the league.

In 1990 and 1991 wins the prize "Lady Bing Trophy" and "Lester Pearson Eford," respectively.

brett hull achievements

Brett Hull personal life

Brett Hull was married twice. The first time he married a girlfriend, whom he knew when he was a student. Her name was Alison Carran. From the first marriage, Brett has three children: two daughters Jade and Crosby and son Jude. However, their married life with their first wife did not work out, and in the summer of 2006 in July Brett marries a second time at Darcy Shoplmeyer.

With his friend in the game of hockey opens his restaurant in Dallas (the capital of Texas).

In 2010-2011, at the opening of the season club St. Louis Blues erected a statue of Brett Hull, which is called the “Stone Hall”. She is in the “Scottraide Center” next to the other stars of the hockey club such as Al Matsinsky and Bernie Federko.

Brett Hull has been playing golf for the last couple of years. He became quite a worthy opponent for those who annually participate in golf championships in America.

At the end of the biography of Brett Hull, I would like to say that he brought many victories to the clubs in which he played in his years. We can say that Brett Hull is a hockey player with a big stick.

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