Bridge "Russian": construction and technical features of the building

Today, every resident of Vladivostok can proudly boast of another urban attraction - the cable-stayed bridge, which is called the “Russian”. They named this bridge in honor of the island of the same name, which is separated from Vladivostok by the Eastern Bosphorus Strait. Now, thanks to the bridge, Russky Island has a permanent connection to the city.

The Russian Bridge belongs to the category of complex structures and is a kind of unique object in the practice of bridge building in Russia. This grand construction appeared in 2012, and the discovery coincided with the holding of the APEC summit in Vladivostok. The bridge to the island "Russian", a photo of which is attached below, is quite famous.

Russian bridge


The question of building such a structure in Vladivostok has been raised several times. Back in 1939, his first project was presented, and in the 1960s, with some changes, a new project for the construction of a bridge was developed. But both projects remained unfulfilled.

Finally, in September 2008, a new project was developed and approved, and construction began on a cable-stayed bridge across the strait that separates Russian Island from the mainland. During the construction of this gigantic structure, different positions were expressed regarding the expediency of the bridge.

Some said that the bridge "Russian" is inappropriate and economically disadvantageous for the region. Because only five thousand people live on the island permanently and the investment of such capital in construction will not be justified. Others said that the bridge "Russky" would be a definite impetus for the development of the region, the island will have an excellent opportunity to create large cultural and economic centers.


The bridge to the Russian island belongs to one of the most ambitious buildings in the world. The length of the structure, which is held on the cables located diagonally, is more than three kilometers. The diagonal cables, in turn, are attached to two pillar-pylons, each pylon in height reaches 324 meters. Inside each pillar there are stairs that are hidden behind an iron frame. But climb the stairs can only attendants.

The weight of the bridge with accessories is 23 thousand tons. The distance between the spans of the structure reaches one kilometer. The structure is illuminated by lanterns that are installed along the railing. And if you look at the bridge on the Russian island, the photo of which is in the article, you can see that the tensioned cables are painted in the color of the Russian flag.

bridge to russian island

On the descent from the bridge, artifacts of the Novosiltsevskaya battery — military cannons — were installed. The bridge is especially beautiful at night, when special lighting gives the whole structure some solemnity and grandeur. But in the afternoon, if you drive through this bridge, you can feel the power of all this gigantic structure.

The best specialists in Russia and abroad worked on the creation of this bridge. The engineers took into account all the technical features of the design, up to weather conditions. Guys are parallel lines from 13 to 85 pieces, each guy is additionally protected from corrosion.

The containment shell consists of two layers: the inner one is a dense polyethylene, and the outer one is thinner. The decorative outer shell has an additional spiral shoulder, which provides adequate protection from the effects of wind and rain.

Technical features

The bridge to the Russian island (Vladivostok) was erected in a humid climate, where there are sharp temperature drops and strong winds. Therefore, in the manufacture of cables, special steel was used that can withstand a wide temperature range. At the same time, the service life of the cables is 100 years.

bridge to island russian photo

In the calculations and construction of the structure, engineers took into account the squally wind, which often happens in this region. Because of this indicator, the aerodynamic cross section of the bridge makes it particularly stable in any bad weather.


The Russian Bridge allows residents of Vladivostok and the island itself to move freely in any direction. The design is designed for cars and small trucks. The road on the bridge consists of four lanes - 2 in both directions.bridge to island russian vladivostok

When the driver and passengers are at the highest point of the bridge, they are breathtaking from what they see - the water surface stretches below, and metal cables hang down from above. Pedestrians are strictly forbidden on the bridge.

For tourists

Today, many tourists are eager to get to the island in order to see the Vladivostok fortress and the remains of the Novosiltsev battery. And the bridge itself on Russky Island is now a special attraction of Vladivostok.Each tourist, arriving in this sea city, in his program has a mandatory item, which indicates a visit to this gigantic structure.

It is especially interesting to pass over this bridge into the fog - there is an extraordinary feeling that you are entering the cloud. Yes, and a night trip will give every traveler a lot of unforgettable sensations. Night illumination creates the illusion of a floating bridge and at the same time favorably emphasizes its main elements - the cables and supports, which are painted in the colors of the Russian flag.

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