British writer Gregory Philip: biography and creativity

In 2013 the ten-series television series "The White Queen" appeared on the screens. Most of those who followed his events enthusiastically did not even suspect that he was removed on the basis of just three books by the famous British novelist Philippe Gregory. Meanwhile, the woman is the author of several dozen novels about the court life of England XVI-XVIII centuries. Her main heroines are mostly brave women, ready to challenge the whole world in the struggle for their ideals.

Gregory Philip

Gregory Philip: biography of the writer

Philip was the second daughter of an employeeEast African airline Arthur Gregory. The girl was born in January 1954 in the Kenyan city of Nairobi. However, later the whole family moved to English Bristol. It's funny, but while studying in school the future writer was best given geography and English, while in history she did not have very good grades.

After graduation from secondary schoolPhilip Gregory studied journalism in Cardiff, and afterwards - English literature in Sussex. After working for several years in the newspaper Portsmouth News, and later on the BBC radio, she received a doctorate in literature from the 18th century. and began to teach at famous British universities.

Gregory Philippe Books

The beginning of a writer's career

With the writing of fairy tales for children, she began herliterary work of Gregory Philip. The books of this period are stories about pirates, a small hand dragon and a trilogy about the adventures of Princess Florizella. However, the first "adult" novel "Vaidekr", which she wrote when she was 33 years old, brought her real popularity. On the wave of success in the next three years she published two more books, which are a continuation of this work: "Blessed Child" and "Meridon."

Her next famous work was a novel aboutlove of a British aristocrat to a black slave - "Decent craft". In the same year she published three more stories of Gregory Philip: "The Witch", "Ideally True" and "The Happiness of Alice Hartley". The second half of the nineties was quite a fruitful stage in the writer's work (the "Land of Joy" diology, the novels "The Little House" and "The Ruined Heaven"), but she failed to repeat the success of "Vaidekra" in those years.

But the beginning of the two thousandth anniversary marked a new anda very successful period in the career of Philippi Gregory. In 2001, the writer publishes her most famous work - "Another of the Boleyn family." This is a novel about the fate of the second wife of the English King Henry XVIII - Anne and her sister Mary. For this book, her author was awarded the Romantic Novelists "Association, and the American literary magazine AudioFile called Philip" the queen of the British historical novel. "It was from the book" Another of the Boleyns "that a series of works by a writer named" Tudors "began.

Gregory Philippe Books Sequence

Gregory Philip: The Books of The Tudor Court

At this point in this series, eight novels,which have already been published, and one that is being prepared for publication in 2017. At the center of each cycle is one or more women who played an important role in British history. They all have different characters and goals. However, everyone dreams to find their own happiness and achieve prosperity for their children. In these works, the reader acquainted with the heroines who played an important role in the history of the United Kingdom, but undeservedly forgotten descendants, Gregory Philip.

Books (the sequence of their output is notcorresponds to the chronological order in which the events described in them occurred), the writers talk about the fate of Henry's wives, mistresses and daughters. In order not to get confused in the chronology of events, the novels of the series "Tudors" are worth reading in the following order: "The Eternal Princess" (2005), "Three Sisters - Three Queens" (2016), "Another Boleyn Girl" (2001), "Legacy (2006), The Queen's Taming (2015), The Royal Cracker (2003), The Queen's Lover (2004) and The Other Queen (2008).

Gregory Philip

The Cousins' series War

Since the books on the Tudors used a hugepopular with readers, in 2009 Gregory Philip decided to write a new novel about the first English queen, who was crowned apart from her husband - Elizabeth Woodville. A new work by Philippi was called "The White Queen". It was the beginning of the cycle "War of Cousins". The events of this series covered the period from the beginning of the reign of Edward IV and until the ascension to the throne of his grandson Henry XVIII. Thus, the "War of Cousins" is a kind of prehistory of the "Tudors". Because of this, in 2016, both cycles were combined into a general series of The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels.

At the moment, I wrote six novels of the cycle"The war of cousins" by Gregory Philip. Books (the chronology of their output almost coincides with the historical sequence of the events described), this series should begin reading from the third novel - "The Mistress of the House of Rivers" (2011). Next comes the "White Queen" (2009) and the following books in order: "The Scarlet Queen" (2010), "The Daughter of the Kings Doors" (2012), The White Princess (2013) and The Royal Curse (2014).

Gregory Philip book chronology

Other books of the writer

In addition to historical works, Philip Gregoryalso is the author of the fantastic trilogy "Order of Darkness". It includes books: "The Foundling" (2012), "Brings the Storm" (2013), "Gold of Fools" (2014). Unfortunately, these works did not reach the level of popularity of the "Tudors" and "Cousin Wars".

The screen version of the novels of Philippi Gregory

According to the plot of some of the books the writer wasmovies were shot. So, in 1998, based on the "Worthy Craft" motif, the same-named multi-series TV movie was shot. "Another of Boleyn's kind" was screened twice. In 2003, the BBC filmed an eponymous TV movie with Natasha Makelkhon in the title role, and in 2008, a film with the same title, starring Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman, appeared on the screens. In 2010, based on the novel "Little House" was shot a television series with the same name. In the summer of 2013, the British series "The White Queen" appeared on the screens, and in 2017 they promised to remove his continuation under the name "The White Princess".

Gregory Philip biography

Philip Gregory - not just one of the mostsuccessful writers in the world, but also a worthy person. In addition to writing books, she actively participates in charity, and in her spare time she is engaged in gardening and horse riding. The writer is often mistakenly regarded as a relative of the British novelist Suzanne Gregory. Philippe meanwhile writes under his real name, while "Suzanne Gregory" is the pseudonym of the teacher from Cambridge Elizabeth Grave. Despite the fact that Philippe is more than 60 years old, she does not slow down and continues to delight readers with new and exciting novels every year.

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