Chain of fast food restaurants "Tokyo City": reviews, addresses, menu

True fans of proper Japanese cuisine, who live in St. Petersburg, prefer to visit the network restaurants "Tokyo City". Many people know these catering establishments not only in the city itself, but in and around it, as tourists who come to explore the local sights strive to get here.

general information

The network of restaurants "Tokyo City" includes a large number of institutions - throughout the city there are a total of 40 of them. Each restaurant is decorated in a beautiful style, where all the details are saturated with Japanese culture. Many guests in their reviews about "Tokyo City" admit that, getting here, you can truly enjoy the surrounding atmosphere, which is created thanks to excellent service and excellent taste of the dishes served.

Restaurants location

The establishments of this line are scattered literally throughout the city. In each district of St. Petersburg, you can find a restaurant with such a name that it is easy to notice by analyzing the list of addresses "Tokyo City". Many of them are located in the area of ​​the main urban attractions. This, as many tourists admit, is a very practical solution, since being in the most passable places ensures a high level of restaurant attendance. An example of this is the "Tokyo City" in Peterhof, where lovers of exploring luxurious royal palaces drop in every day.

Also, on the positive side, the guests of restaurants mark their proximity to large transport interchanges. In particular, most of these institutions are located close to metro stations, and many are located near bus stops, through which transport passes from different parts of the city.


Inside each restaurant "Tokyo City" the interior is arranged in one style - in the traditional Japanese style. Restaurants are the attention of guests large bright rooms, inside which everything is presented in a harmonious combination of white, gray and beige with the addition of bright black, yellow and red details.The walls of the institutions are painted white and in some places are decorated with paintings traditional for Japanese culture.

There are large soft sofas upholstered in gray leather as well as light-colored chairs as seating areas. Near each place for the company there are low square tables made of dark wood. Over each such furniture set hangs a large cylindrical lamp in gray. In some institutions, seating groups are divided by partitions in the form of small cabinets on which books, magazines, as well as Japanese paraphernalia and dishes are city reviews

Inner atmosphere

In the reviews of “Tokyo City” it is often said that in institutions there is a magical atmosphere of pacification, which is filled with warmth and comfort. Here, according to guests, you can relax wonderfully and fully immerse yourself in thoughts, tasting perfectly cooked Japanese food. During the whole working day, background music in the style of Feng Shui is playing quietly in the halls.

For the comfort of visitors in restaurants, modern climatic equipment is installed, with the help of which the optimal temperature conditions are maintained in the halls,regardless of the time of year and the weather outside. Here you can also access the Internet. Thanks to this, each visitor can share with their subscribers on social networks the emotions received in the institution, and at any time.Tokyo City Restaurant


The menu "Tokyo City" presents dishes typical of Japanese cuisine. There are several that have a European focus, but their share in the total list is small. In each institution, food is prepared by a well-coordinated team of talented chefs who know almost all the subtleties of Oriental dishes. Many of them have extensive experience in institutions of this type, and some even have culinary practices in the Land of the Rising city birthday

As for appetizers, the cold ones are represented by rolls and sushi traditional for Japanese cuisine. Rolls are served in different forms: warm, baked and classic. Sushi is also prepared in several versions: classic, spicy (spicy), and also baked with different sauces (spicy or cheese). The institution also has a considerable selection of hot snacks, including several variants of quesadilla (with bacon, chicken or vegetable),pizza ("Duet", "Alla Tuna", "Carne", "Frutti di Mare"), as well as mussels, served in a baked form, poured with cheese sauce or spicy. In their comments, guests often note the extraordinary taste of such a snack. Among the salads there are many of them that are prepared with seafood ("Kamchatsky", "Chukka" with squid, "Caesar" with shrimp, "Kani Sarada"), vegetables ("Chukka", "Greek", 3 beets with nuts and prunes , "Country" with sour cream, potatoes and mushrooms, "Kenzo", "Nicoise"), as well as those based on meat (chicken "Asian", "Fry Chicken" with nut sauce, "Pai" with chicken breast and vegetables, "Caesar" with chicken, peach with chicken fillet and cream cheese).

Among the soups, the menu "Tokyo City" offers several Asian options (miso, kimchi, creamy with eel, Asian with chicken, vegetables and egg, tom yam), the rest are prepared in European traditions familiar to the Russian population (borscht, solyanka, scandinavian soup with cream, homemade chicken broth with egg, spinach cream soup with smoked salmon and cheese sauce, sauerkraut soup with beef). On the hot offer a large assortment of meat (chicken in teriyaki sauce with rice, balls of turkey in tomato-caper sauce, homemade cabbage rolls with sour cream,pork medallions on rye toasts, chicken schnitzel with cranberry sauce, pork in Thai sauce and fish dishes (baked in tomato and caper cod, cutlets from sea bass, pike perch fillet with vegetables, soba with vegetables and squid under teriyaki sauce).

Visitors to the restaurant have the opportunity to taste traditional Japanese dishes-wok, cooked according to unique recipes: rice, soba noodles with vegetables, udon, and also harusam. There are also several variants of pasta cooked in the Italian manner (spaghetti in tomato sauce, rigatoni with canned meat, spaghetti with turkey meat balls, baked in spaghetti parchment with seafood, tagliatelle with ham and mushrooms).Tokyo City Peterhof

For companies of visitors in fast food restaurants "Tokyo City" there are several pizza options ("Tokyo", "Estate", "Belissimo", "Troika", "Piemonte", "Verona", "Carbnara", "Quatro formaji", " Barbecue "), as well as various sets, which may include several dishes. Among them are especially popular: "Chicken Time" (burger "Chicken", pizza "Verona", two servings of udon with chicken, rolls "Chiba"), "Philadelphia" ("Sake Unagi", "Hayashi", Philadelphia Light ", "Sake Maki"), as well as "Troika" (pizza "Prosciutto Fungi", "Schawerma", "Verona").Fans of fast food are pleased that Tokio City offers a selection of burgers and shawarma.

Fans of sweets are glad to have several very tasty desserts in the menu of the restaurant, including lingonberry cake, fruit rolls, as well as a classic honey cake.


On any weekday, guests of the establishment can visit it in order to have a hearty snack during the lunch break. Between 10 am and 6 pm, visitors have the opportunity to make an order for an additional, very advantageous offer. Lunches in Tokyo City are also popular because their cost is quite democratic - it ranges from 195 to 365 rubles for the whole complex, and depending on how many dishes are needed (from 2 to 4). Guests note that here such offers are served rolls or sushi, soup, side dishes and hot.

All the delivery terms of Tokyo City are distributed to lunches, which also pleases most of the regular customers of the establishment.

Fitness menu

Restaurants of this group offer to the attention of visitors a separate fitness menu, in which low-calorie dishes are presented, their main components are low-calorie foods.

This small menu includes Chukka salad with squid, spelled with green beans and vegetables, tofu, stewed with vegetables, buckwheat porridge, fitness salad, and coconut-pumpkin cream soup. The cost of all these dishes is relatively small - it averages about 200 city menu

Bar card

List of drinks places rather poor. It does not represent alcohol, to which some visitors look from the positive side, and the other part of them - negatively. A large number of guests in their comments tell us that you can come to such an institution with your child and relax without watching drunkers.

Among the drinks in the bar menu of the establishment there is a large selection of juice, which has freshly squeezed, raspberry and cranberry fruit juice, homemade, as well as energy drinks and sparkling water. Among other things, the institution offers a range of tea and aromatic coffee beans. On this list, presented in the map of the bar, ends.

Address delivery of dishes

One of the most popular services that is provided by establishments of the Tokyo City network is food delivery, which is carried out on very favorable terms for the client.As many customers note, couriers rather quickly bring in dishes that exactly match the order. On average, the service is carried out within an hour, delays are quite rare.

As for the cost of delivery, subject to an order of 700 rubles, additional shipping costs are not paid.

The proposed list of dishes can always be found on the official website of the institution in a special section. The customer’s order is also formed there by filling out an online form. You can also do this by calling "Tokyo City", which is listed on the site. Acceptance of all applications for address delivery of dishes is carried out according to one number for all institutions. Residents of St. Petersburg can place an order at any time of the day or night, and customers located in the suburbs can order from 10 am to 10:30 city delivery

Banquet facilities

Restaurants of the "Tokyo City" network can be an excellent platform for organizing banquets to celebrate any events. It should be noted that not all establishments have the possibility of a grand celebration - this applies only to a small number of them.Banquet halls are available in ten restaurants, among which the one that is located in the institution near Peterhof is especially popular.

In the "Tokyo City" for banquets can offer light, decorated in noble shades, grounds. Each room allotted for such purposes is equipped with expensive modern lighting and sound equipment, which allows you to make the holidays more vivid and unforgettable. In addition, each hall of this type has an individual toilet and dressing room, which are intended only for guests invited to a banquet or corporate party.

The customers who ordered the event to be held at the Tokyo City restaurants were mostly satisfied with the approach to the guests, the well-coordinated work of the teams, and the first-class service. They note in their responses that they approach each customer individually, organizing everything exclusively according to his requirements. It offers a large banquet menu, which presents light dishes, mainly designed for a considerable number of visitors, as well as juicy fish and meat cooked on the grill. In addition, the assortment includes vegetables, fruits, beverages and alcohol.If you wish, you can order a cake of any format at the banquet, but this possibility must be agreed in advance.

The administration of the institution guarantees that any event held in Tokyo City (birthday, celebration of the New Year, anniversaries, weddings, etc.) will be held at the best level. Here, every moment is carefully thought out and negotiated with the customer. If necessary, the institution can provide its own photographer and videographer for an additional fee, as well as an active master of ceremonies.

Addresses "Tokyo City", in which there are banquet halls:

  • St. Petersburg Highway 101-b (Strelna);
  • St. Petersburg Avenue, 2 (Petergof);
  • Sizov Street, 9;
  • Commandant Prospect, 25;
  • Bogatyrsky Avenue, 4;
  • Narodnaya Street, 2;
  • Enlightenment Street, 72;
  • Sizov Street, 1;
  • Sennaya Street, 7;
  • Summer Avenue, 18;
  • Vorovskogo street, 22 (Kingisepp).Tokyo City address


The pricing policy of the establishment attracts the attention of a large number of its guests, who subsequently become regular visitors. The average bill per client here is about 500-700 rubles, which is very cheap for St. Petersburg. The average cost of sushi here is about 50 rubles, and the classic set of rolls costs 250-300 rubles.Here is a list of some dishes, which are also presented in the menu offered by "Tokyo City" (prices are per one serving):

  • Salad "Dachny" with olive oil - 150 rubles;
  • Pai salad with chicken breast, apple and potatoes - 190 rub .;
  • pizza "Alla Tuna" - 190 rubles;
  • mussels baked under cheese sauce - 350 rubles;
  • cream soup with spinach with smoked salmon and cheese sauce - 180 rub .;
  • Asian soup with chicken, vegetables and egg - 130 rub .;
  • cream soup with eel - 290 rubles;
  • pizza "Wedgitalia" 30 cm - 260 rubles;
  • pizza "Frutti di Mare", 30 cm - 320 rubles;
  • double chicken burger with schnitzel in a black bun - 190 rubles;
  • pork medallions on rye toasts - 290 rubles;
  • soba with vegetables and calamari with teriyaki sauce - 250 rubles;
  • tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, champignons and truffle oil - 290 rubles;
  • cream dessert "Fruit pleasure" - 190 city prices

As for the conditions for organizing banquets, the only rule for them is that the cost of an order for one invited person should not be less than 600 rubles.

Profitable offers and promotions

Promotions and discounts in "Tokyo City" attract a huge number of guests to this establishment. Some of his clients prefer to celebrate their birthday here, as for this reason the restaurant gives a discount of 15% on the entire menu.This offer is also valid the day before the holiday date, as well as six days later.

In the institution, located on Sizov Avenue, there is karaoke. Every Thursday, all girls can perform their favorite hits for free, and when they are placed at a table, they receive Bellini promotional cocktails on a free basis. Restaurants also offer a small gift for the fact that guests post a true review of "Tokyo City" on the Tripadvisor website.

Very often, restaurants of this network organize charity events to raise funds for various funds. An example is the “Relay of good deeds”, when throughout December institutions offer delicious ice cream at a promotional price of 59 rubles per ball, and all proceeds are sent to Rusfond, which helps needy children.

Also, a huge number of pleasant and tempting offers are available for those who prefer to order targeted delivery of their favorite dishes. Within the framework of such actions, a dish at a super price or their complex at a price with a big discount can be offered.

Discount program

Visitors to Tokyo City (St. Petersburg) can get a discount card with various discounts on visits to all restaurants, and not only this network, but also "Fringe."Their availability provides the owner with a discount on all the menu of restaurants in the amount of from 5 to 20%, depending on the amount of the order.

Such a card can be provided at the time of the first visit, subject to the order in the amount of 1000 rubles. The maximum discount is offered subject to the accumulation of all amounts of bills from 53,000 rubles, which is possible only with constant visits to Tokyo City. After the discount reaches the maximum limit, guests of establishments can receive bonuses in the amount of 3% of the order amount on their card - they can pay for orders in full.

The owners of such cards can order address delivery of dishes with a single discount of 10% on the full amount.


Often, visitors leave a series of comments in which they share impressions obtained as a result of their stay in restaurants of the Tokyo City chain. They often say that cooks who work in the kitchen are real masters of their craft, who subtly guess the taste combinations that come to taste of the visitors.

Many guests in their reviews about Tokyo City say that this is a real corner of Japan in Russia. Such comments are connected with the beautiful oriental interior in which each restaurant is made.Here, according to vacationers, every detail reminds of the culture of this country. Often, positive ratings indicate the level of service in the halls. Customers are satisfied with the attention of the waiters. According to them, the staff in the restaurants of this network is quite helpful and perfectly oriented on the pages of a rather considerable menu. Each of them knows exactly the ingredients of the dishes and can help with the choice of suitable food for the guest, based on his personal preferences.

Some visitors pay attention to the presence of a large number of discounts and interesting offers, which allow not only to eat cheaply, but also save money during various promotions.

Many visitors recommend to go to "Tokyo City" not only for a deliciously prepared meal, but also for a good mood, which is sure to appear as soon as the guest crosses the threshold of any restaurant from the entire chain. Many regular customers recommend booking a table some time before their visit. This is due to the fact that the institutions are quite popular among the population of St. Petersburg. In the evening there is rarely a free table.This can be done by phone number, which is available on the main site. Guests should be extremely careful when choosing a particular institution - it is necessary to make sure that the written number belongs to the right institution, and not to any other of the 39 others presented in the large list.

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