Children Mikhalkov: the talented family of a famous director

Nikita Mikhalkov - known not only in Russia,but also in the whole world the film director. For his long and rich life, he made many worthy paintings, wrote many good scripts and himself acted in films. Along with his successful professional activity, Nikita Sergeyevich built a strong and united family. Decent people grew up all the children of Nikita Mikhalkov. A photo of the director with his sons and daughters often flashes in the press.

Short biography of Nikita Mikhalkov

Nikita Mikhalkov was born in 1945, on May 21. His parents were famous people: father - writer Sergei Mikhalkov, mother - granddaughter of the artist Vasily Surikov, Natalia Konchalovskaya. In the family, Nikita was the second child, Andron's brother was 8 years older. Nikita realized early on that he wanted to devote his life not to exact sciences and mathematics, but to the sphere of cinema and theater. The elder brother gave the young man an example, and the youngest succeeded in the footsteps of Andron. In the film life, he met his first wife, Anastasia Vertinskaya.

First marriage

The first love really captured the youngof people. The novel completely swallowed Nikita and Anastasia, and their relationship acquired a legal status - the couple got married. In marriage, both spouses adored each other, but the strong characters of both did not allow them to build a happy life together. And although in this marriage Nikita Mikhalkov's first-born son Stepan was born, this did not save the family from the divorce. The couple broke up, but kept good friendships. In the future fate of the director met another woman with whom he built a family, is happy to this day, but the question of how many children Mikhalkov can not answer only in view of his current family, because the eldest son of an outstanding director was born in his first marriage.children of Nikita Mikhalkov

First-born of Nikita Mikhalkov

Stepan Mikhalkov did not follow in the footsteps of his father, although inhis life is present and this side. To be born in an actor's family and not to collide with this sphere is difficult enough. Nevertheless, not all the children of Nikita Mikhalkov became actors. Stepan tried himself and in this role, but chose the path of the restaurateur. He has several restaurants in Moscow, bakeries and cafes, which successfully sell their services. Stepan is married a second time. Both women he chose were models. Here you can catch some hereditary trait, because Stepan's father also married a second time on the model. We can say that the children of Nikita Mikhalkov are like their father in life priorities. Stepan has three children - Alexander's daughter, sons Vasily and Peter (they were born in 1992, 1999 and 2002, respectively).children of nikita mihalkova photo

Tatyana Solovyeva in the life of a national artist

Children Mikhalkov, who were born insecond marriage of the artist, did not disappoint their parents. Talented and bright, they have a dignified name. His second half Nikita Sergeyevich met in the House of Cinema at the premiere. Tatyana Solovyova worked as a model. A pretty girl fascinated a young man, and he invited her to a date. At the restaurant, their meeting went a bit not as smoothly as both expected. Nikita was unpleasantly surprised by Tanya's makeup, and he asked her to wash off the makeup, explaining that he needed another beauty, natural, inner. After this date, the pair did not leave anymore. Children Mikhalkov, who were born in this marriage, surprise the world and now with their talents.

children mihalkovyh

Anna Mikhalkova

The eldest daughter of Nikita in the second marriage was bornafter the young couple got married. My father made a film about his eldest daughter called "Anna: from 6 to 18", where the daughter played herself, growing up and responding in different ways to the same questions in different periods of life. Today she is a successful actress, film producer, and also a good wife and mother. Often in the press flashed joint pictures of Anna and her father, on which there are all the other children Mikhalkov. The photo always perfectly expresses Anna's resemblance to the parent, not only external, but also many features of character - purposefulness, restraint, will power. She is a happy wife and mother, her family has three children - Andrei and Sergei (2000 and 2001) and daughter Lidochka, who was born in 2013.

Artem Mikhalkov

The children of Nikita Mikhalkov, having a great name,sometimes only suffered from it. The ability of the son of a well-known director sometimes did not want to notice, linking the young man's desire to work in the film industry with the support of the family. However, Artem proved to everyone who doubted his talents, that he is able to be a good artist. Self-admission to VGIK, his acting and directing work allowed the society to recognize that the children of Nikita Mikhalkov are really talented people.

how many children do mihalkovs have

During his professional careerArtem Mikhalkov starred in dozens of films, playing major and minor roles, proved himself as not only an actor, but also a screenwriter, director, producer. He was married and has a daughter, Natalia, who was born in 2002. With the girl's mother, Daria, Artem is divorced.

Nadezhda Mikhalkova

In 1986 the children of the Mikhalkovs, Anna and Artem,received from my mother and father as a gift another sister. The youngest daughter was named Nadezhda. The girl grew talented and inquisitive, since the childhood she acted in pictures together with the father. Artistry and talent children Mikhalkov inherited quite accurately, this is confirmed by the awards and awards that they receive at various international competitions.

children mihalkova photo

But in the life of Hope, apart from filming and producingactivity, there is a place for education and study. The girl graduated from MGIMO, receiving the specialty of "journalist", studied acting in VGIK and studied art history in Italy. The personal life of the actress is also successful - recently Nadezhda got married, her choice was Reso Gigineishvili. They have two children - Nina and Vanya, 2011 and 2013 of birth.

The time is flying, now the children of Nikita Mikhalkov have become the parents themselves. Photo of the director's family with his grandchildren can often be found in the pages of magazines and newspapers.

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