Citrus juicer - a useful technique

Not a single juice, bought in the store in bags, can be compared with a freshly squeezed drink. But in order to replenish your body with vitamins, you just need to buy a juicer. How not to be mistaken with the choice? The market of home appliances offers a lot of units under different brands. Here it is important to decide what functions the equipment will perform, and from which fruits or vegetables you will prepare the juice. Citrus juicer is one of the types of home appliances. Consider it in more detail.

Special features

There is a separate model of juicers, which is designed only to work with oranges, lemons, tangerines and other types of fruits of this family. Usually this is a simple device that is convenient and easy to operate.Citrus JuicerThe cheapest options consist of a cone-shaped nozzle, an engine and a container for collecting juice. There is a special type of manual juicers, which can be attributed to the budget technique.Some models are equipped with additional nozzles, but from this their price is slightly higher.

Important features

What important functions should a citrus juicer have? Firstly, these are additional tips, which are designed for different sizes of fruit. It is very convenient and practical. Secondly, these are the parameters for determining the amount of pulp. This feature is important for those who prefer pulp-free juice. Sometimes the pulp must be removed to prevent clogging of the drain hole.Manual citrus juicerThe citrus juicer has little power. Usually it does not exceed 80 watts. This is quite enough to get the right portion of useful juice. Small turns allow you to control the process and adjust the level of the pulp. In addition, the juice from citrus must be eaten within 10 minutes, so it is not prepared in large quantities. It is very convenient if direct juice is provided directly into the glass. In this case, there is no need to use an extra bowl.

Manual Juicer

This is the simplest version of the technique, which is not distinguished by high cost A manual citrus juicer usually costs between 400 and 1000 rubles. This is its biggest advantage.Almost all models of this series are equipped with a reverse, which rotates the nozzle in the form of a cone in different directions alternately. Spin efficiency increases as a result. Many models, such as the Bosch MCP3000, Tefal 8309, have a juice level indicator. Dividing into containers for juice allows you to measure the required amount, for example for the preparation of cocktails. Pulse mode, which is equipped with some models, allows the operation of technology with short pauses.Citrus Juicer BrownThis is important when squeezing out juice from harder fruits. Such a function is in the models Moulinex BKB 2 Vitapress, Zanussi ZJP 1250 b Scarlett SC-1012. Manual citrus juicer is very convenient to use. She easily understands and washes. It is ideal for the daily preparation of juice. The function of the pulp adjustment allows you to prepare a drink with the desired proportion of pulp. The advantages include low noise, compact size, high performance and low cost.

Braun MPZ 9 Juicer

The citrus juice extractor Brown MPZ 9 is an economical and reliable device. Due to the small capacity, it does not consume much electricity, but allows you to quickly get the required amount of juice.The tank for the finished product holds one liter of liquid.Bosch Citrus JuicerThe juicer has the function of adjusting the amount of pulp. The rotation speed is 59 rpm. This model is equipped with a juice level indicator, a dust cover and a compartment for the cord. The compact size, and the citrus juice extractor weighs only 1.25 kilograms, allows you to place it in any kitchen. There is such a model from 2500 to 3500 rubles.

Bosch Juicer

This manufacturer offers only high-quality household appliances, which has faithfully served more than one year. The Bosch MCP3000 model is designed for squeezing citrus juice. Its power is only 25 watts, but this makes the purchase of this technology even more profitable. First of all, the Bosch citrus juicer is very economical.Citrus juicer philips hr752 90Secondly, a small power allows you to adjust the strength and quality of the extraction of juice. Thirdly, it is low cost combined with quality and efficiency. Reverse taper rotation increases spin percent. The cone begins to automatically rotate and stop when pressed. The transparent case has a scale for determining the amount of liquid.All removable parts of the juicer can be washed in the dishwasher. The cost of this model ranges from 2,000 to 3,000 rubles.

Juicer Philips hr2752 90

The citrus juicer Philips hr2752 90 is a truly reliable technology and a great helper in everyday life. This is a combination of powerful motor and surprisingly silent operation. An additional function of the pulse mode allows you to cope even with hard fruit. Thanks to the direct juice supply function, you can not use additional containers. Spout to drain the juice at the end of the extraction rises, and the drops do not drain on the table. The juicer is easy to maintain and maintain. Polyproline body washes well. The cover protects the device from dust. There is a special compartment for the cord. The power of the juicer is 85 W, which is a very high figure. Such equipment will cope with any task and provide your family with fresh and useful juice. For those who appreciate quality, power and reliability - this is the best choice.

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