Preparation "Compound": dairy product

However, only a few domestic manufacturers can bring to the store shelves a truly useful, tasty and high-quality product. Among those who can do this can be attributed the company "Compound". The dairy product of the company is made from natural cow's milk and undergoes a complex processing process. As a result, all the beneficial properties of milk, its micro and macro elements are retained.

It all starts with cows

In the company "Compound" dairy product begins its journey from the lawns of the farm "Lespoure", which is located in the city of Sukhinichi, Kaluga region. About 12 years ago a group of city enthusiasts decided to try their hand at the agricultural industry. As a result, a cattle-breeding farm appeared on the site of the former Dzerzhinsky State Farm.Compound dairy productThe name "Lespouar" was given to the newly-fledged farm by chance.From French, it translates as “Hope”, which fully reflects the spirit and atmosphere of the dairy enterprise. Black-and-white Holsteinized calves and cows became the main supplier of raw materials for the “Compound” factories.

Slavic-American breed

The Compound company receives its dairy product when processing milk of black-and-white Holsteinized breeds of cows, the breeding of which began in the distant 1976. The parents of the “new” cows were the usual black and motley colored heifer, known since ancient times in Russia, and the Holstein bulls from Canada, the USA and the Netherlands.

Holstein cow is the most common dairy breed of cattle on the globe. The breed boasts its size - bulls reach 1,200 kg in weight, and the milk yield in females reaches 3.0 kg / min.dairy storeThe resulting Holstein black-and-white cows as a result of crossing cannot boast of such large dimensions. However, the "new" cows can boast improved functional properties of the udder. Thus, the average yield per 100 kg of live weight was increased to 1,400 kg! This is a record performance.

Only fresh and natural products

The enterprise “Compound” has been supplying its dairy product to the market since 2009. It was then that the first production shop opened at the plant, which today is known as SAPK-Milk, a modern dairy shop with automated management based on the Sukhinichsky agro-industrial complex.Compound dairy products addressesIn the production process, cow's milk is subjected to multi-stage processing, which results in a large range of products. Special bifidobacteria and lactobacilli are added to a part of the raw milk, which make it possible to produce dairy products. There are no other additives - preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers - in the production there. That is why the shelf life of all products "Compound" does not exceed 3-5 days.

In addition, since recently, each dairy store “Compound”, throughout Moscow and even in the region, is ready to offer customers products based on goat milk. These are bio-yoghurts, acidosis and pure goat product.

In every corner of the capital

Customers interested in buying only natural dairy products will be able to easily find the stores of the Compound enterprise in Moscow.Thus, in the central part of the city (CAO), there are 5 trade departments located near the metro stations "Baumanskaya", "Kurskaya", "Novoslobodskaya", "Proletarskaya" and "Shabolovskaya".

In the northern and northeastern parts of the metropolis, trading houses are located next to the Voykovskaya, Otradnoe, Petrovsko-Razumovskaya, River Station, Sokol, Alekseevskaya, Babushkinskaya, Vladikino, Timiryazevskaya. "

You can find out other trade houses “Compound” (dairy products) addresses on the site of the enterprise itself. There you will find the exact location map and learn the main range of products of each store.

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