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Gangster 90s were not anything surprisingand unique. Many states experienced a sharp surge in crime, a period when the division of spheres of influence in the country was going on. Somewhere it goes peacefully and "between our own", and somewhere, like in Russia, with "pontees," threats and gunfights. Twenty years ago, in each region of the country, its local gangs were practically openly operating, holding in awe the authorities and ordinary people. Among these groups, the criminal Shchelkovo OPG was particularly violent and cynical in Russia.

Criminal Shchelkovo OPG in Russia

It can not be denied that the events of the 1990s andactivity of thousands of young people who imagined themselves masters of the situation, left an indelible mark in the history of Russia. Today, with interest and without fear, we watch films about the bloody events of those years, and hundreds of people died, shamelessly taken away from the owners whole plants, people were abducted, raped and all this with almost impunity. Many of those bandits today are quite decent and respected entrepreneurs, but they started all the same - from racketeering, extortion and squabbles.

Shchelkovo OPG, as well as similar ones,formed around one strong leader. The main idea and aspiration of all gangs was a beautiful life without much effort. The romance of freebies quickly embraced young, not always well-educated people. They felt themselves masters of life, although this life they often did not have time to live up to half.

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History of grouping

Shchelkovo OPG is associated with the name of AlexanderMatusowa named Basmach, who became the founder and leader of the group. In his native Shchelkovo district, the charismatic Matusow very soon became a creator of his own criminal group from the usual fighter of the Izmailovsky gang. Having gathered around himself a skeleton from fellow villagers of his native village Biokombinat, he quickly subdued all local merchants.


Methods of influencing entrepreneurs andcompetitors in the gang were very cruel. They spared no one and never, almost none of the people kidnapped by them for the sake of ransom people returned home alive. No wonder that in his native Biokombinat about Matusow and his people tried not to talk, he was afraid of all businessmen, officials and even the police.

Leaders of the Schelkovo OPG

Activities of the gang

The newly emerged groupings did not countthieves' laws and regulations. For them, the romance of the thieves' world was not important, their method was to build fear and demonstrate strength. The first thing Schelkovskaya OPG redirected the entire business of the village Biokombinat and neighboring settlements to itself, which, of course, did not like the other factions, including Izmaylovskaya. Fierce conflicts on the basis of redistribution of spheres of influence occurred regularly.

Along with criminal activity, Matusovestablished and legal business. In his name were written 6 companies. One of them was engaged in the repair of cars, some cargo transportation in Russia and the CIS, and others, in general, did not have an exact designation of the type of activity. Until now, most of the land and firms of the Biokombinat settlement belong to Matusow's associates and their children.

To date, suchfirms, such as LLC "Tecton", LLC "Reverse", "Perspective-2", also related to members of the Shchelkovsky gang. Several years ago, the leaders of these firms even sued the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper about the article of the editorial board about the belonging of these companies to the criminal sphere.

Basmach Shchelkovo OPG

Methods of work

The leaders of the Schelkovo OPG, among whichBasmach were also Pavel Bondartzkov and Igor Rozhnev, were not shy of any methods in the desire to earn. According to the investigation, they teamed up with the team of Sergey Finagin called "Kingisepp". Two groups established a mutually beneficial business: some kidnapped and brought businessmen to a remote place, where Matusow and his associates tortured them, demanded money or property, and, more often than not, later killed merchants.

During the investigation, it was found that membersgroups were eliminated by more than 60 people, including heads of other gangs, businessmen and state employees. The leader of Matusov preferred not to hold long discussions, but to kidnap and torture people for money and information. As the investigation will later show, most of the hostages were killed by Matusow himself. During the investigation, the leader of Shchelkovsky will show the burial places of 15 people killed in the 90s.

Happened to bandits and blunders. In 2002, an order was received to liquidate the founder of one large company. The killer prepared an explosive device, but during transportation the mechanism worked and the perpetrator died. The second attempt was also unsuccessful, the agent who came specially from the capital was detained by the police and subsequently died during interrogation.

Slaughterhouse in the village

On November 17, 1996, everyone learned about Shchelkovo OPGneighboring areas and the capital. Members of the gang planned and attacked representatives of the rival faction. This evening four future victims were in the restaurant of the village of Sverdlovsk. "Schelkovskie" drove up to the institution and surrounded it.

The first two friends they tracked one by one andkilled, on the third attacked with a knife, he was seriously injured, the fourth incredible effort was able to stay alive. In total, the massacre lasted more than an hour until the militia detachments arrived at the scene of the incident. The rescued businessman flatly refused to give evidence and talk about the attackers. But the wounded witness agreed to oppose the "Schelkovski", for which he paid. He was shot right in the hospital room, one of the doctors of the hospital conducted the killer.

Shchelkovo OPG

Why could not they arrest for a long time?

The leader of the Shchelkovo OPG Basmach developed a verya clever system of cover. He conspired with the Kingisepp group and used it as a shield. For almost 15 years, Matusow and his people managed to remain undetected until operatives began an investigation into the activities of the Kingisepp gang.

Former officer Alexander Pumane was detained atattempt to lay a bomb in the car of one of the Moscow businessmen. His accomplice was also arrested, who confessed his involvement in five more murders. Gradually arrested all members of the Kingisepp group, including their leader Imran Ilyasov. All the members of the team received terms from 4 to 19 years. Studying the activities of Ilyasov's gang gradually led the investigators to the unfolding of the case against Shchelkovsky.

Elimination of OPG

All the 90's and the beginning of the 2000's gang practicallywith impunity, worked in the Schelkovo region, until the end it was not established how many people really suffered from their actions. The investigators expected Matusow and his team to engage in high-profile murders and extortion cases, but it was practically impossible to prove anything. None of the victims wanted to testify against the gang, fearing for their lives.

Critical for Basmach, leader of the Schelkovo OPG,became 2006, when members of the gang kidnapped a businessman who owed Igor Rozhnov, one of the founders of the team. The entrepreneur was brought to a dacha in the Moscow region, beaten and tortured for a long time. The businessman managed to deceive the guard and flee, with a statement about the kidnapping he applied to the prosecutor's office.

Crimean Shchelkovo OPG

The fate of the leader

The investigation lasted several years. Matusow managed to escape abroad. For several years he quietly lived in Thailand on forged documents. In 2014, the police of a small Thai town unexpectedly found out in the heavy man of a Russian criminal who was on the international wanted list and detained him.

A few months later, investigative bodiesRussia got the right to extradition. In the homeland of Matusow severe accusations of murders, abductions and robberies were awaiting. The investigation lasted almost 3 years, the judge and the prosecutor's office could not come to a common opinion. Finally, the case was referred to the court, but the outcome of the proceedings surprised everyone. For unknown reasons, the jury trial, which was collected only at the third attempt, acquitted the ruthless killer, and Matusow was released in the courtroom.

Basmach leader Shchelkovo

The fate of the participants

Members of the criminal Shchelkovo OPG Bondartzkov andRozhnev received long terms for 16 and 19 years, the court did not even take into account that the statute of limitations for their crimes at the time of the investigation had already expired. Later Rozhnev was added three more years for his connection with the Kingisepp group.

Most lucky is the "doctor" of the team, who does notonly treated bandits, but also was responsible for the safety of the "obshchak." The court terminated the criminal prosecution against him because of the expiration of the statute of limitations. Another member of the gang Oleg Rogatin is still on the federal wanted list.

Photo Shchelkovo OPG actively replicated onall the news tapes, all were discouraged by the cynicism and impunity of such people. Unfortunately, this is far from an isolated case for Russia in the 1990s, each region of the country can "boast" of such criminal histories.

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