Crunch: recipe, subtleties and secrets of cooking

Now this delicacy is not found in stores, it remains in our memories. I remember the holidays spent in the village with my grandmother, when a heap of tasty, crunchy, which is popularly called affectionately called crunch, was served on the table. The recipe for this unusual muffin was created especially for a large friendly family who loves the joint evening tea drinking and often spends time with them.

Crunchy recipe

Our childhood

The most delicious, simple and inexpensive in terms of cooking, beloved by all children of the Soviet era was the crunch. The recipe includes a minimum of ingredients that can be found in the kitchen of each housewife, and there are already so many variations that you don’t remember everything. It became popular and got accustomed to this interesting form of cookies in our country at the end of the nineteenth century, when it was truly appreciated by city dwellers.

From sunny Greece came to us a recipe for crisps. Homemade recipes and their variations quickly spread throughout the world.In Ukraine, for example, they were interestingly called Verguns. They were preparing in every home, most often for the holidays, as they had one important feature - to create the appearance of a large volume from a tiny piece of dough. This product has a lot of secrets and nuances in the preparation, given that, you can get the most delicious, unusual, tender, sprinkled with crisp white powdered sugar dish - crunch.

The classic recipe - the most delicious

This variation requires the mandatory addition of alcohol. Our grandmothers and mothers used for this purpose ordinary Soviet vodka, soft and without an unpleasant smell. We note that in the end, its taste is not felt at all, so one can not worry about it, and thanks to it we will get a very thin and perfectly preserving shape cookie - a crunch. Recipes with vodka content, in principle, are similar. Consider phased cooking.

crisps recipe for vodka

All ingenious is simple!

Note that sugar is not added to such a classic version of the recipe, it will be replaced by powdered sugar, which is sprinkled with plenty of cookies immediately after it is prepared, and for the dough, it is better to use the yolk, after separating it from the protein.

  1. Calculate the amount of milk should be according to how much you take for the test eggs. So, for 5 pieces of chicken fresh yolks we need about half a glass of milk (five tablespoons), that is, we always take the main ingredients in equal proportions.
  2. The amount of alcohol used affects the fragility of the finished product, so if you want to get the most crumbly biscuits, use it more, this proportion is only one or two tablespoons of strong alcohol (vodka, rum or brandy).
  3. All the above components are mixed, be sure to pickle a little and beat well until completely homogeneous.
  4. Now you can add flour and knead the dough. This should be done gradually so that it does not work out steep (very dense) and roll out well. This is the main stage in the preparation, pay special attention to it, so that you can quickly cut and build an intricate form of crisps.

Recipe for vodka: cooking

The resulting dough must have a rest, our grandmothers attached great importance to this important aspect, so you should not ignore it.Cover the dough with a clean kitchen towel and set aside for about twenty minutes; now you can proceed directly to cutting classic figurines from it.

Cookie Crunchy Recipes

  1. Roll out the layer thickness of half a centimeter. If it is wider, the cookie will be softer, thinner - brittle and very loose.
  2. We put the container with oil on the fire beforehand and give it to warm up well. Choose a larger amount of dishes so that the crunches are not cramped and they are as smooth and beautiful as possible.
  3. From the layer of rolled dough we cut out long strips, each 3-5 cm wide and 6-8 cm long. In the middle we make a small cut through which we pull one side of the dough in the manner of tying a knot. This is the most classic form of cookies, you can experiment and come up with something new and unusual.
  4. Oil warmed up - you can fry our crunch. The recipe requires that, once cooked, it is still hot to spread them on a dish and immediately sprinkle with powdered sugar.

homemade recipes

Cooking secrets

They are simple: the main thing here is the skill that will appear immediately after the first experience gained.

  1. Do not use sugar in the dough.This is done for a reason, and so that the biscuits in the process of roasting it in butter are not burnt and instead of golden brown, do not become unappetizingly brown.
  2. Heat the oil and fry it should be on low heat, otherwise it will quickly burn and start to taste bitter.
  3. Choose dishes with a minimum volume of three liters (preferably more). In the process of roasting, crisps grow very large in size, and if they do not have enough space, the color of the finished product will turn out to be uneven.
  4. Instead of caster sugar, our mothers often used honey. Try it - it is very tasty!

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Crunch: recipe, subtleties and secrets of cooking 7

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