Description of the restaurant "Chantil" in Moscow

Moscow is a huge metropolis, which is famous for its entertainment facilities, clubs and restaurants. Every year, hundreds of different bars and cafes open up here, where you can not only eat and eat well, but also organize any event, from children's birthday to a magnificent wedding.

restaurant "Chantil" reviews

This review focuses on the restaurant "Chantil" in Moscow, which is located in its very center, a few steps from Tverskaya Street. It is worth noting that it was in this metropolitan restaurant complex that the best European traditions were combined with a part of a democratic French-style coffee house. Among the townspeople and visitors, the institution is very popular. Here you can spend a quiet dinner with your family, a noisy party, a business meeting or an incendiary corporate party. Any banquet organized in the complex, will leave the most vivid impressions.

About the restaurant

“Chantil” on Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street combines as many as three popular formats - a coffee shop, a banquet hall and a restaurant.In all areas of the restaurant complex is a stylish and elegant interior, made in soft pastel colors with the use of expensive materials. It is a comfortable upholstered furniture. A coffee shop with large stained glass windows overlooking the center of the capital is perfect for a romantic evening or a business meeting. And in a spacious banquet hall, decorated in a solemn and noble tone, you can hold any significant event: a wedding, anniversary, corporate party.


coffee house

Attractive and cozy room, which last year was completely transformed. Invites guests to have a tasty breakfast and chat with friends or colleagues over a cup of aromatic and freshly brewed tea or coffee.

restaurant "Chantil" Moscow

main hall

Beautiful space with huge windows, windows that allow you to see the luxurious interior of the institution, even from the street.

Banquet hall

Banquet hall of the restaurant "Chantil" is designed for 120 guests and is designed to organize celebrations. It can be styled according to any desire of the client, various variations of jewelry for any occasion are possible.

VIP zone

The hall, designed for special guests who prefer to relax away from prying eyes, is designed for 15 people.Here, as well as in other rooms, it is very beautiful, light and cozy.


With the advent of heat, the restaurant opens for its visitors a summer terrace. Here you can relax in the fresh air, enjoy the view of the center of the capital and, wrapped in a warm blanket, meet the sunset.


The menu of the restaurant "Chantil" is a mix of French and Italian dishes, as well as Russian cuisine with the presence of the author's positions from the chef of the establishment. A special place in the gastronomic map is occupied by confectionery masterpieces: handmade desserts and pastries, cakes of any complexity, which combine a magnificent appearance and unique taste.

The restaurant presents a huge selection of Italian dishes, grilled treats, non-traditional snacks that will bring real gastronomic delight to even the most demanding guests.

Basic information about the institution


Restaurant “Chantil” is located on the iconic Tishinskaya Square, 600 meters from the Belorusskaya metro station, 57 Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street.

restaurant "Chantil"

Operation mode

The restaurant starts its work at 12 o'clock in the afternoon and closes at 12 at night, it is open daily, without breaks and weekends.

The coffee house invites all citizens for breakfast from 9 am to noon.


According to Moscow standards, the prices in “Chantil” are quite acceptable:

  • The average receipt of the institution is about 1,5 thousand rubles;
  • The average cost of a banquet is 3.5 thousand rubles per person;
  • Buffet price - 2 thousand (1 person).

Additional Information

For guests who arrived at the restaurant "Chantil" on a private car, city paid parking is available. The cost of an hour of the car stay in the parking lot is 60 rubles.

For lovers of dancing, music and fun, the restaurant has a special area with a stage, professional and modern sound equipment, a plasma panel, and a projector with a screen.

For modern and advanced youth there is free Wi-Fi, working throughout the institution.

Restaurant Reviews

“Chantil” is a wonderful institution with a history that opened its doors in the form of a cozy coffee house, and throughout its ten years of existence it has become better and better. Currently, the cafe has the status of a restaurant and is at the peak of popularity. According to the guests of the restaurant, this is one of the best places in the city where you can relax and enjoy a delicious meal.

restaurant "Chantil" on Bolshaya Gruzinskaya

Many visitors note that the restaurant has a wonderful, well-trained, polite staff, all the staff are true professionals. The service is competent and unobtrusive. The manager of the institution decides any issue instantly, each request is met with a smile and understanding.

All rooms are comfortable and beautiful. There are separate entrances, their own toilet rooms. The cuisine, judging by the numerous reviews, is quite diverse, all the dishes are very tasty, the table setting is beautiful, the decor is beautiful. The portions are large and satisfying. The price tag for Moscow is adequate and corresponds to the quality.

Banquets and buffets held at Chantilly, judging by the reviews, are excellently organized, each guest is delighted with the quality and service. "Chantil" - a restaurant in which you want to return again and again.

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