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If you look at modern weapons, everyone will find for themselves the answer to the question of which weapons are the most modern. The answer is rocket one. Yes, many different types of weapons are now used on the battlefields — assault rifles, tanks, and guns. You can transfer for a long time. But the most effective weapons are the rockets with which the Bastion is equipped - the rocket complex of a new generation. And with a different radius of action. Missiles are now both tactical and strategic, which can carry nuclear charges tens of thousands of kilometers.

Far 60s

The first effective example of the use of rocket weapons can be called the incident with spy spy Powers. The main task was to collect data on the radar stations and air defense positions located on the territory of the USSR.

bastion rocket complex

Flights, in fact, were a deep invasion of the space of another state and lasted about 2 to 4 hours.And the height of the flights was 19 - 21 km! They provided an opportunity to receive an unprecedented amount of intelligence information. They allowed us to obtain information about the location of the systems and the operation of air defense, as well as reliable data on the airfields of fighters. Coordinates of antiaircraft artillery and radar positions were obtained.

bastion coastal missile system

He flew almost half the country on a reconnaissance aircraft, but eventually Lockheed U-2 aerial reconnaissance airliner with spy pilot Francis Powers on board was hit by a ground-to-air missile near Sverdlovsk in 1960.

Modern means of defense

Thus, the Bastion anti-aircraft missile system is a continuation of the development of air defense systems of the Russian armed forces with a modernized Yakhont missile with a supersonic speed.

The targets of the lesion can be in a wide range. This and surface ships of various classes and types, designed for amphibious operations. The enemy convoys are also under the gun, as well as the ship groups accompanying the aircraft carriers, and, of course, the aircraft carriers themselves.

bastion rocket complex Crimea

Also, "Bastion" - a missile system, designed to solve other problems.For example, support of both a single ship and ground radio-contrast targets. Moreover, the operation of the complex is not hampered by the presence of interference from electronic countermeasures in the target area.

The organization of the coastal defense complex

"Bastion" - coastal missile system, which consists of:

anti-ship coastal missile system bastion

The Yakhont missiles carry advanced innovations, such as:

  • over-horizon distance hitting the target;
  • full independence of combat use (“shot and forgotten”);
  • self-tuning of selective ("low", "high + low") trajectories;
  • highest speeds (supersonic) in all areas of flight;
  • full standardization for an extensive list of carriers of potential threats;
  • low visibility for detection by the enemy with the help of all modern radars.

Anti-ship missiles "Yakhont" performed on the standard aerodynamic layout - trapezoidal folding wing and tail. The aerodynamics of the rocket, combined with the highest thrust-weight ratio, guarantees “Yakhont” maneuverability. This allows "Yakhontu", which is equipped with "Bastion" (missile complex), successfully perform evasive maneuvers from the means of destruction of the enemy.

Strictly speaking, "Yakhont" is a symbiosis of the airframe and the power plant.The difference is presented in the form of a central cone of the air intake. It is located in it blocks of guidance systems with the radar antenna and, in fact, the warhead. The rest of the busy engine, fuel tank and, in fact, accelerating stage, working on solid fuel.

"Bastion" - a missile system, the characteristics of which significantly improved the missiles of the new development.

How rocket systems work

As soon as the rocket captures the target, the radar turns off, and the rocket’s flight path decreases to extremely low altitudes (5 - 10 meters), thus ensuring that the enemy’s air defense systems are out of reach.

The next stage of the rocket is when it is already out of radio horizon. The radar of the rocket is switched on again, capturing the target and accompanying it before the defeat. On this relatively short stretch of flight, the rocket develops supersonic speed. As a result, the enemy does not have time to interfere with the homing head of the rocket or destroy it with short-range air defense weapons.

anti-aircraft missile system bastion

This is how the guidance system of only one rocket works.

But the most interesting is the operation of rocket systems when performing multiple rocket launches for a group of ships.

The main advantage of the Russian development "Yakhont" can be called its targeting program. It is selective and can work in several modes:

  1. One rocket - one ship each.
  2. A group of missiles against a group of ships.

When a high altitude is set for the complex, conditions are created for preliminary target distribution, their classification and selection, parallel search and identification of false targets takes place.

Just a salvo launch gives you the opportunity to uncover the design tasks that were set for the Yakhont missile. Launched missiles themselves can distribute and classify targets according to the importance of defeat! Missiles themselves will choose a plan of attack and tactics of its conduct.

What is remarkable: "Bastion" - a missile system, the range of destruction of the target which allows you to keep under control more than 600 km of the coast from the landing operations of the enemy.

rocket complex ball bastion

The rocket’s electronic stuffing is able to select measures to block the enemy’s anti-enemy systems and methods of evading the enemy’s air defense systems.

It is noteworthy that during a mass launch of missiles, as soon as the main target is defeated, the remaining missiles instantly redistribute the remaining enemy ships, thereby eliminating even the slightest possibility of hitting the same target with two missiles.

How is the classification of goals?

To do this, electronic portraits of all modern types of ships are loaded into the onboard computer of the rocket, and this makes it possible to determine the nature of the target: the landing party, the aircraft carrier or the escort ships. The main target is highlighted and attacked first.

What is transported

To move around the area using self-propelled launcher K-350P. For this, the system of the four-axis chassis MZET - 7930 "Astrologer" was used. The travel speed can reach up to 80 km / h. It is characteristic that at the same time the total curb weight reaches 41 tons, with a power reserve of up to 1000 km. Before launch, rockets located in transport-launch containers are brought to a vertical position in five minutes.

Donald Cook Coastal Missile System Bastion

To control the launch of missiles in the complex includes:

  • Machine military control K380R. The layout of the complex is made on the KAMAZ-43101 three-axle chassis, as an option also the MZKT-65273.The whole complex of equipment is arranged in an ISO-1C container. Under the condition of full fueling and availability of the calculation of 4 people, the total mass of the complex reaches 25 tons. Bringing the complex into a firing position occurs in 3-4 minutes.
  • The K342R vehicle is a transport-charging, with a combat design of two people and with two TPCs with rockets. A 5.9-ton crane is installed on the machine for both loading rockets and loading other launchers.

Bringing the complex to battle from the marching position takes a little less than 5 minutes. The interval between rocket launches is from two to five seconds. Autonomous combat duty - 24 hours, and with additional support vehicles - up to 30 days.

Anti-ship coastal missile system "Bastion" was adopted by the 25th separate missile battalion, located in the Krasnodar Territory.

Mobile DBK Bal-E

Creation of a mobile DBK "Bal-E" with anti-ship missiles, similar to the X-35, dates back to the end of 1990. The customer of the complex was the Russian Navy.

Like the Bastion, the rocket complex performs a number of tasks:

  • protection and combat sustainability of coastal zone facilities;
  • detection with tracking of surface targets;
  • defeat targets.

Organization management BRK "Ball"

Supercomplex "Bal-E" includes:

  • control point of communication and firing with the radar "Garpun-Ball", which have the ability to work both in active and in passive mode;
  • four launchers with 8 missiles of the Kh-35E variety, each of which is located in the transport-launch container;
  • four transport and loading machines (each with eight missiles in the TPK);
  • auxiliary equipment for maintenance and bringing the complex to combat use.

The complex is also equipped with night vision devices, navigation equipment and means of topographical orientation. This allows the complex to quickly move to another area of ​​combat operations and increases the secrecy of the detection of the enemy.

In the basic version, the entire complex serves a crew of 46 people.

Such opportunities opens up before the military missile complex "Ball". "Bastion" performs the same tasks, but the zone of destruction of targets is doubled!

The Bal-E complex is capable of:

  • lead single rocket launch;
  • simultaneous salvo 32 Kh-35E missiles at a distance of 110 km.

With the help of such a complex, with the right application, it is more likely to cause damage during a large-scale landing operation or to destroy and cause irreparable damage to the ship's attack group. After the first salvo, the complex is being recharged, and another 32 missiles finish off the surviving ships or choose newly arrived targets.

The manufacturer of the complex "Bal-E"

Kaluga plant "Typhoon" in July 2004, manufactured the complexes, and it was tested the readiness of the system for testing.

For two and a half months since July 2004, State Ball tests, equipped with Kh-35E missiles, were conducted. The developer of the product is the association "Tactical Missile Armament Corporation".

When testing all the missiles hit the target.

These tests in October 2004 by the state commission were recognized as successful. And by 2088 the complex was put into service.

The first complexes entered service with the coastal missile division (formed in 2011) of the Caspian Flotilla.

To obtain skills in managing the coastal complex "Bal-E" special courses were organized at the manufacturer. For this, a group of combat officers of the coastal missile unit of the CFL was formed.

"Donald Cook" at the Crimean coast ...

The events of the Crimean spring of 2014 attracted the attention of the whole world. And against the background of these events it is difficult not to mention the story of the American "Donald Cook." The noise around this operation has not yet subsided.

The event is remarkable not only because the Monolith radar, which is equipped with Bastion - a coastal missile system in the Crimea - was "highlighted" by a destroyer, on which the missile detection system immediately worked!

And it’s not even the fact that the Russian SU-24 flashed by on a low-level flight over an American destroyer, simultaneously cutting down the means of detection on the ship, turning on the Khibiny system.

The story is notable for the fact that "Donald Cook" did not even come close to the shores of the Crimea, although it was precisely this task that stood before him.

bastion coastal missile complex in the Crimea

As conceived by American politicians, the Donald Cook, carrying on board missiles and equipment, was to demonstrate to Russia the full support of the new government in Ukraine.

But, as has become customary, the Americans, apparently, could not calculate their skills and abilities. Along the way, the United States forgot to think with their heads in order to calculate the capabilities of the Russian army, armed with which there is such a means of attack, as Bastion, a coastal missile system. “Donald Cook” was clearly not ready for this turn of events!

In the analysis of the "unforgettable" campaign of Donald to the shores of the Crimea, a military expert and former captain of the missile boat Andrei Samoilov said to the Military Policy portal: "If we say about those techniques that we could apply to the American destroyer, then everyone has a story with a "red ram".

But when the Bastion anti-ship missile system intervened in the course of events, Donald Cook did an impressive eight and quickly began to gain momentum away from the Crimean coast.

Thus, the whole world appreciated the capabilities of the means of protection offered by the Bastion (missile system). Crimea was protected from possible attack. But it is also impossible not to appreciate the preparedness and coherence of the actions of the armed forces of the Russian Federation as a whole. And the presence in the armament of the army of such missile countermeasures holds back intentions not only against Russia, but also of the friendly countries, where these complexes were also sent for deployment in combat positions.

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