Diploma Protection Report: A Sample of Writing

Preparation does not end with the writing of the diploma. The student will have to familiarize the commission with their work. The report on the protection of a diploma, a sample of which is usually given in an educational institution, is not a mere formality. The content and quality of speech delivered to students will also affect the assessment of the main student project.

diploma defense report sample

What is the essence of the report?

The report is a speech prepared for the protection of a diploma, in the amount of 3-4 sheets of printed text (without handouts and presentations). In it, the student summarizes the content of the qualifying work and the main conclusions obtained during the study. Free speech sounds more advantageous than read from a leaflet. If the performance is clearly organized, the student will be able to easily and clearly communicate to the commission the essence of their work. Therefore, when preparing, it makes sense to use the recommendations for writing a thesis speech. As a rule, a report is based on a three-part foundation:

  • introductory statement and problem statement;
  • results of the study;
  • conclusion and recommendations.

diploma defense report

Report on the protection of the diploma. Sample compilation

Before preparing a speech, it is necessary to calmly and thoughtfully re-read all the work anew, noting significant thoughts right in the text. We do not pay attention to their scope and coherence yet, we simply emphasize the most important thing. Then we merge the selected parts into one document and re-read the text that turned out as a result. It is important to be able to abstract from the thesis and analyze whether the essence of the speech is understandable, whether additions are required to it. In order for the report to turn out to be logical, it is necessary to add sentences-bundles, ensuring smooth transitions from one thought to another.

Usually speech is formed in accordance with the methodological recommendations. An example of writing a report on the protection of a diploma can be found in the training part. It is important that the presentation is focused on a specific audience. For example, consider the level of education. If you have to present a report to professors and doctors of science, it is not advisable to make explanations that are already known to the audience, it is better to choose new information.In situations where the study touches upon a narrow topic and the commission includes teachers who do not specialize in it, it is necessary to simplify places that are difficult for the audience to understand or supplement with comments. When the speech is ready, it needs to be read out loud. If you are stuck on some fragments, they need to be shortened and simplified. Long sentences, in the midst of which breathing gets lost, we break into short phrases.

sample writing report for the diploma defense

Purpose and duration of performance

The main purpose of the report is not just to pronounce the prepared speech, but to demonstrate the ability to create and disclose the research “picture” on the basis of the work done. With the help of the speech, the student must show the significance and value of the research. For example, a report on the protection of a diploma, a sample on energy should contain an understanding of the problem and a reflection of their own contribution to the solution of the tasks.

Thus, the purpose of the speech is to make the topic accessible and deep enough to tell in an accessible form: what was studied, for the sake of achieving what goals, what funds were used, what conclusions were obtained.Of the fragments selected from the qualification work, we leave only those that meet this goal. It is recommended to pay more attention to the study, and from the theoretical section take only what was used in the practical part. On average, according to the time limit, a speech is given from 7 to 10 minutes, but it is advisable to clarify the duration of the report with the manager. Speech should be reduced so that you can slowly and measuredly read it.

Diploma Defense Report

Sections of the report

Report on the protection of a diploma, a sample of ASG can have any structure depending on the topic. Sections can be modified and specified depending on the characteristics of the study, the findings and presented visual materials.

Most often, the speech includes conclusions from the first chapter (review of scientific papers on the research topic), a brief description of the content of practical chapters (the student’s own scientific research on the problem). It is important to focus on the main provisions of each of the chapters. In detail, but without going beyond the time limit, dwell on the conclusions. The structure of the speech should be carefully designed.One option is to divide the speech into three sections.

  1. The first section is a short, introductory, is written on the basis of the introduction and 1 chapter, it is necessary to identify the problem.
  2. The second section contains the results and results of the work carried out. It is the largest in terms of volume and should be sufficiently illustrated in slides and handouts. The data for the section is composed of chapters 2 and 3.
  3. In the third and final section, conclusions and recommendations are given; this is the main point throughout the presentation. The information for the section is found in chapter 4 or in conclusion. Proposals should not just be listed, but try to persuade listeners to their point of view, convincing them of the importance of recommendations for the enterprise itself.

report on diploma defense speech sample


The diploma defense is an official event, therefore, the preparation uses the recommended formulations. The introduction traditionally begins with a greeting: “Dear chairman and members of the State Attestation Committee, fellow students and guests, your graduation project (name) is proposed for your attention on the topic ...” It is recommended to introduce yourself if the speaker’s name is not named. The topic of qualifying work must be voiced in full, according to official documents.It is not necessary to write the greeting in the report, but it is desirable, as in case of strong agitation a detailed speech will be a good helper. In the introductory part of the report several introductory points should be made. Information can be found in the introduction to the thesis.

  • First, it is necessary to indicate the reasons for choosing a topic, what is its relevance, to note the novelty of the research. At this point of speech is recommended to spend no more than a minute.
  • Secondly, to name the object, the subject of research, to describe the hypothesis on which the thesis is built.
  • Thirdly, indicate the methods used in the study, the goals and objectives set and achieved. The report on the protection of a diploma, a sample of jurisprudence should usually fit within the established limit, so the goal and objectives are best described in slides.
  • The structure of the work should be characterized briefly by its content. For example, a thesis project includes an introduction, three chapters, conclusion and list of references.
  • Brief description of used bibliographic sources.

Scope of the report

Making speech, we can not forget that the volume of speech is limited.For example, when preparing a report on the protection of a diploma, a sample of management, we are guided like this: 1 page of printed text requires approximately two minutes to speak, which means that a five-minute report should fit into 2.5 pages. Alternatively, you can prepare a speech together with illustrative materials, and then divide it into parts: the report itself without charts, tables, and handouts. The report on the protection of a diploma, a sample of which must be examined, is issued by a third or second person: the following proposals were developed during the study.


The "skeleton", or the basis of the report, is an illustration in the form of a handout. To this end, it is necessary to prepare beautiful slides and select informative drawings, tables. The illustrations presented in the handout and in the presentation may coincide. The information presented in the demonstration material may cause a number of questions to the members of the commission, therefore it is important to re-read the tables, charts and conclusions to them when preparing the report. A report on the protection of a diploma, a sample on economics should be accompanied by computer presentations - this will add to the presentation of clarity.Drawings, diagrams, etc. cannot be overloaded with data. The presentation should be bright and clear with large numbers and letters. The demo material requires a title page and continuous numbering for all the tables and figures included in it.

report on the protection of the diploma sample in law

What determines the success of the defense?

The success of the performance by 50% is determined by whether the graduate student will be able to correctly present the main points of the study to the commission and guests, fully using the handouts and presentations. It is important not to go beyond the time limit, otherwise the commission may interrupt and stop the speaker. 7-15 minutes - this is the time that is given for the report on the protection of the diploma. Speech, the sample of which the student learns during preparation, should be clearly distributed over time. While reading the report at home during workouts, use the clock and keep track of time to shrink the speech if necessary.

Recommendations for preparing to speak

  1. Practice not only in front of your friends, but also in front of a mirror. This will allow you to look at yourself.
  2. The report is not recommended the night before the defense, even if you did not have time to prepare.Good sleep will make you feel more confident in front of the commission.
  3. Try a mental training: Imagine yourself quietly reading a report in the hall in front of an audience.
  4. Together with your supervisor, make a list of possible questions.
  5. Do not be afraid to express your point of view when answering commission questions.

report on the protection of the diploma sample on energy

How to finish the performance?

Concluding the presentation, it is necessary to give generalized conclusions on the whole graduation project. This part of the report is written on the basis of the conclusion.

  1. It is necessary to answer the question whether the original hypothesis is proven.
  2. What is the practical benefit of the study? The report on the protection of a diploma, a sample of construction, as a rule, discloses these issues according to the conclusions of the third chapter.

At the end you can announce the end of the speech, thanking the members of the SJC. For example: “Thank you for your attention. I am ready to answer your questions. ” The report on the protection of the diploma (sample) must be prepared in advance and edited by the supervisor.


Competent, confident, short and at the same time meaningful performance will not leave the audience indifferent.Expressing your own thoughts, do not rush. State the material according to a logical plan.

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