"Disappeared": the actors catching the soul of the show

Love movies about war? So, you will definitely like the series "Disappeared." Actors show the audience the events taking place in 1942. Major Toporkov, who escaped from captivity, is trying to sneak into a partisan camp surrounded by fascists. He appeals to the commander with the request to provide him with a wagon train with weapons in order to break through to the concentration camp. The commander informs Toporkov of a traitor in the detachment supplying information to the Germans. A young partisan named Moshkin, the son of a policeman, asks for the group accompanying the wagon train. After the first halt the guy disappears.

In short, the plot captures the viewer, makes nervous and worry about the fate of the characters. By the way, based on the remarkable story “There is no way back,” Smirnov and Bulgarian made the film “Disappeared”. Actors have perfectly coped with their work. Their game can not fail to impress.

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"Disappeared": actors and roles

So, more.Who played in the TV series "Disappeared"? Actors are quite famous:

  • Kirill Pirogov (commander of the group accompanying the wagon train, Major Toporkov).
  • Pazenko Egor (deputy commander of the group, Gonta partisans).
  • Tolokonnikov Vladimir (partisan with Andreev sniper rifle).
  • Nikolay Ivanov (head of the guerrilla intelligence Lyovushkin)
  • Vorobiev Alexander (foreman Shirokov).
  • Trukhin Mikhail (hairdresser Berkovich).
  • Andrey Feskov (Bertolet partisan-explosive).
  • Parshin Ivan (Groom Stepan).
  • Lyadova Elena (nurse Galka, in love with Bertoleta).
  • Labush Mitya (young partisan Moshkin).
  • Trubiner Pavel (Syromyagin).
  • Svetlana Chuykina (a local resident of Frosya who settled Syromyagina).
  • Kapustin Vladimir (commander of a partisan detachment).
  • Bolshov Vladimir (deputy commander of the detachment, Commissioner).
  • Matveyev Alexander (Petro).
  • Kuvitsyn Vadim and Kuvitsyn Vladislav (brothers Zyablikovy, policemen).

In general, real professionals took part in the shooting of the TV series “Disappeared”. Actors who played in some episodes: Galibina Elena, Tereshchuk Sergey and others. All roles have been played brilliantly.

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All ingenious is simple!

The film "Disappeared" in 2009, it would seem, is nothing special. There is no large-scale shooting, no cool special effects. And even the plot of the picture is absolutely simple.But in fact, it should be. After all, attempts to supplement the film with special effects or to increase its scale, the series would only be harmful.

The film has absolutely everything that is needed. And an exciting detective story, markedly different from the 1970 film “There is no way back,” and a great acting game. The characters turned out to be similar to those who were in the old film. However, they are significantly different from previous ones. Scenes of battles also look pretty good, despite the small budget of the film. A fairly good ending can not fail to please the viewer. In general, no complaints. This is a wonderful film about the war that you can watch with great pleasure several times.

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Strong game

Thus, lovers of cinema simply can not hook, do not touch the strings of the soul of the series "Disappeared." Cyril Pirogov, of course, especially distinguished himself. The role of Toporkov, as if it was intended for him. You feel sorry for the hero, sympathize with him and admire him. The character is endowed with a huge stock of mental strength. He does not fulfill his duty to Stalin, but to the dearest he has — to the Motherland.

The rest of the actors perfectly played the satellites of Toporkov, who were with him "in the same team." All of them are people of different religions and ages. Each of them had a personal life before the war. However, their plans were crossed out. Heroes understand that restoring life will not help anyone but themselves. And this is really scary. When watching a movie, the spectator simply cannot help thinking about the times when people were much more humane than today, that we could not lose the war, since evil is always punishable.

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Particularly bright work

Of course, all the actors wonderfully played their roles in the TV series “Disappeared”. The plot of the film is filled with contradictory and interesting images. Artists were able to very successfully bring them to life. But it is worth noting some particularly bright works. In addition to Kirill Pirogov, who played the role of Major Toporkov with sad eyes, remained strong, despite the many sufferings he endured, the characters of Vladimir Tolokonnikov (in a folk way, simply wise, knowledgeable and experienced person - Andreev) are bumped into memory (Michael bold, albeit naive, Berkovich is the most touching role in the film) and Elena Lyadova (the gorgeous female image of a dedicated, bold and strong Galka).In short, if you want to spend your free time watching a good movie, “Disappeared” is exactly what you need!

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