Disinfectant "Pyrzhavel": instructions for use, analogues and reviews

Today, various chlorine-containing agents for cleaning surfaces are used in various children's institutions, as well as in public organizations. Such drugs are very effective, and also as safe as possible, since they have a very low level of toxicity. Scientists have proven that the drug "Purzhavel", instructions for use of which is described in this article, destroys most types of fungi, bacteria and viruses. Therefore, the tool and enjoys such popularity. In this article we will consider the basic rules for its use, as well as learn consumer reviews about this tool.

What is this tool?

"Pyrzhavel" instructions for use characterizes as a means, having the form of round white tablets, weighing about three grams.Each such pill is very well and quickly dissolved in water. At this time, each tablet will emit about one and a half grams of active chlorine. In some cases, lemon fragrance is added to the disinfectant, which makes the prepared solution smell more pleasant.

pyrzhavel instruction manual

"Pirzhavel" instructions for use will be described as a safe drug only if you choose the correct dosage and prepare the solution. Only the correct concentration will not be toxic to humans. Consider that chlorine itself is a dangerous toxic substance for humans, so before using the solution, be sure to read the instructions.

By the way, the tool is made in France. The tablets are packaged in plastic packaging, each of which contains three hundred pills. The average price for one box of tablets is about six hundred seven hundred rubles. The tablets themselves can be stored in their original packaging for about five years. But the prepared solution will have to be used within three days, otherwise it will simply lose its effectiveness.

What to use

Purejavel tablets instructions for use recommends using for disinfecting surfaces made of glass, wood, plastic, metal.You do not need to worry that the solution you have prepared will have a negative effect on the materials listed above. Also with its help you can handle dishes, toys, clothing and medical equipment.

Instructions for use of the product "Pirzhavel" confirms that these tablets are able to cope with these types of microorganisms:

  • gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria;
  • tubercle bacillus;
  • HIV and hepatitis;
  • dermatophytes and fungi Candida.

instructions for use pyrzhavel tablets

Areas of use

Typically, this tool is used for high-quality disinfection of the floor, as well as other surfaces and things. Instructions for use recommends that you choose this tool for disinfection in such places:

  • schools and kindergartens;
  • prisons and various types of insulators;
  • hospitals, motels and other medical facilities;

Pyrzhavel instructions for use in school canteens

  • the solution can be used in all institutions related to catering;
  • crowded places: here are theaters, cinemas and shops;
  • also be sure to disinfect hair salons, beauty salons, massage rooms.

During epidemics, the preparation “Pjurjavell” recommends using the instructions for use in school canteens, as well as in other institutions, in high concentrations.Also, the tool is well proven in the home. Experts recommend purchasing it for families with small children and pets.

Disinfectant "Pyurzavel": instructions for use

It is very important to process surfaces correctly. Only in this case you can achieve positive results. Depending on the purpose of the application, between one and four tablets are usually taken for ten liters of water.

If you want to disinfect small objects, it is best to immerse them completely in the solution you have prepared. Hold them in liquid for about half an hour and then rinse thoroughly with running water. If you want to process the dishes, then before this, be sure to remove from it all large leftover food. But to disinfect floors and other large surfaces, use a cloth soaked in liquid. You can also use a spray bottle. In this case, about two hundred milliliters of liquid should go to you per square meter.

Instructions for use of the product

Also, the instructions for use to "Pirzhuvel" (tablets) recommends the use of this tool for processing linen.In this case, one kilogram needs to take about four liters of solution. Things need to soak for half an hour and then wash them in clean water.

After disinfection, be sure to ventilate the room for half an hour. If you have treated the surface of wood, be sure to wipe them with a dry cloth. By the way, for greater effect, you can add a little detergent to the solution.

How to use the tool in the presence of a variety of infections

During epidemics or in places with a massive infection of people des. means "Purzhavel" instructions for use recommends the use of increased dosages. In this case, for ten liters of water you need to take from seven to twenty tablets. To process items they will have to be immersed in the solution for at least an hour. But underwear and medical equipment will have to be soaked for at least two hours. Such measures need to be taken in the spread of various infections.

Terms of use

The drug "Purzhavel" is of low toxicity, while respecting the correct dosages. The solution itself has a completely transparent color and is characterized by a very slight smell of chlorine.

instructions for use pyrzhavel at school

If you use this tool for simple cleaning, you can not protect your respiratory system and eyes. But if you use a highly concentrated remedy, then take care of complete protective measures. First of all, be sure to use protective gloves. Of course, one solution of the solution on the hands will not cause serious harm to your health. But constant contact will lead to dry skin and irritation. Chlorine is a very strong allergen, so use the product "Puerjevel" very carefully.

Do not use the product in children. And also keep it away from toys and other children's supplies. Always prepare the solution prepared in advance with a lid.

Side effects

If a highly concentrated product gets on the skin, be sure to rinse it with running water. If during treatment you begin to feel a burning sensation in the eye area, immediately drop them with a solution of sodium sulfacyl. If respiratory organs are affected, immediately stop your work and go out into the fresh air. Rinse the throat and throat thoroughly with purified water.

disinfectant pyrzhavel instructions for use

If the remedy is inside your body, be sure to go to the hospital. You are shown gastric lavage and the use of activated carbon.

Analogs and reviews

The preparation "Pirzhavel" has a large number of the analogs having a similar structure. Pay attention to such products recommended by experts:

  • Aqua Chlorine;
  • Lyuir Chlor;
  • "Presept";
  • "Chlormix" and many others.

They all have in their composition the sodium salt, which has antibacterial effect.

Before using the tool, be sure to familiarize yourself with information such as the instructions for the use of "Puerjave" At school, this drug can be used by preparing solutions of low concentration. However, during epidemics, a stronger dosage is permitted. Reviews of people using this tool to disinfect surfaces and materials, confirm that the tablets are really effective. Doctors recommend parents use Purzhel in apartments where small children live. In this case, the risk of catching an infection with a baby will be minimal.

disinfectant pyrzhavel instructions for use

On time treated surfaces can be the key to good health.Therefore, use tools that can destroy most pathogens.

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