To find out what your life will be like in marriage, make a divination of marriage. This article describes very simple and affordable ways.

Divination for marriage and love

divination by marriageThis method will help you to know, for whom, and most importantly -when you get married. Also you will receive information about your future spouse. This method can also be used to learn about the development of relations with the chosen one, the number of children,

Take the beam and set fire to one edge. It is necessary to put it vertically in any support. On what side of the ashes fall, from that side will appear the groom. If you dab the beam into the water and then ignite, you can determine the nature of the future spouse. It will slowly flare up - bad, fast - good.

To lead another divination to marriage,pour a little water in the pan and pour the popcorn or ordinary crackers, which will need to be set on fire. If you hear a crash, the husband is grumpy, if they go out at once or do not light up at all - the husband will drink without a break.

You can also take a brush, a cigarette, a piece of bread andring. Cover each thing with a rag or bowl. Anyone who wants to spend fortune telling on marriage, should choose one of the subjects. If there is a ring under the bowl, the husband will be a dandy, if bread, then secured. In the case when the choice falls on the brush, the spouse becomes a laborer, and the cigarette - a passionate smoker.

Divination by the date of marriage

divination by date of marriageTake the basin of water and put the shells in it.walnuts, in which candles are inserted. Each "boat" must be marked with the girl's name. Whose candle is the first to burn, she will be married before. If the ship drowns, the "owner" in the old maidens will have to walk.

You can also place a bowl under the bed,filled with water, overnight. The edge should be noted with a felt-tip pen. If there is less water in the morning, you will not marry for a long time. Is there as much left? Soon you will meet a suitor.

If you want to know what awaits you in the nextyear, put in a box a piece of wood, a man's hat and a loaf of bread. With blindfolds, you need to get what's first in your hand. If the hat - will be married. Took a tree - they promise health problems. If you get the bread, you will not get married. To tell fortunes with friends, make a figurine out of bread and call the dog. Whose handiwork will be eaten first, that and will marry.

divination by marriage

To know the attitude of a loved one,write on the piece of paper his name, and nine more leave blank. Roll all the leaves into tubes and put them in an opaque bag or bowl. Three times you can "draw lots." If a note with his name was pulled out once, you are not his dream at all, if twice or thrice it is to good luck in love. If there were only empty papers, he does not feel feelings for you.

Divination by marriage cards

Choose your card, take a full deck andShuffle it well. Remove the 20 cards from the top. If among them there will be your portrait, in the next year there will be a wedding. No card-forms? Continue the divination. From the counted cards, select one and replace it with a portrait. Lay out the pack in five piles of four pieces each. Look at which deck your portrait is. If in the first, in the next two or three years there will be a marriage, in the second - do not wait in the next few years. If in the third, the marriage will not be soon, in the fourth - matchmaking will be, and marriage - yet. If in the fifth, then you will never be married.

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