DIY straw cutter: typical design

Small farmers and inhabitants of small settlements containing a farm understand how important it is to have a mechanism for grinding hay, grass and straw. The device operates at the expense of a primitive internal device - a chopper in the form of blades. Such a unit greatly simplifies the routine work of the owner. In another way the unit is called straw cutter.

Such devices are freely available in specialized agricultural stores, and you can choose a suitable model from a wide range. But it will be much cheaper to create a chaff-cutter with your own hands, which can be constructed from scrap materials. But before you begin work, you have to figure out what is required during the assembly and what tools you should stock up on.

chaff cutter with your own hands

What tools are required

Prepare the following inventory:

  • a standard set of locksmith, which can be found in any household;
  • high-quality grinder;
  • drill;
  • welding machine.

A set of materials required in the production process

For the manufacture of straw cutter with their own hands come in handy:

  • electric motor (up to 2000 revolutions per minute). Such a device will not pose a threat to the health and life of the farmer and the people around him;
  • metal sheet with a material thickness of 2-3 mm. It is further used for bending the main elements;
  • metal cut with a blade thickness of up to 5 mm for the design of the bracket;
  • support pipe with a diameter of 25 mm;
  • metal reinforcement strip with dimensions of 25 x 3 mm;
  • steel plate 10 mm.

Subtleties of manufacture

In the first stage, draw drawings for the future straw cutter with your own hands. According to the scheme, make the markup and, preparing patterns, cut out metal blanks.

The design is carried out in stages, starting from the supporting part:

  1. Pipes are customized to the required length.
  2. The bottom is welded to the bunker.
  3. Mount the bracket - support for the electric motor.
  4. Holes are drilled in the steel plate so that they coincide with the corresponding parts of the mechanism and fasten in a vertical position to the bracket.
  5. At an angle to the body, supports are attached, to which stiffening ribs are subsequently welded.
  6. Having installed the straw cutter, created by own hands, on the supports, they assemble the branch pipe for chopping selection.
  7. Having dealt with the main structure, the electric motor is fixed with the help of bolts. The legs are securely mounted on the axle. This is the point on which the safety of the further operation of the structure depends. A disc with supports is a difficult part, because its shape in a homemade version of a straw cutter can be arbitrary, but fully meets the requirements of balancing and stability.

how to make a straw cutter with your own hands

Important!The presence of an imbalance in the design leads to instability of the unit. As a result, it shakes and it becomes difficult to use a straw cutter.

Having available all the necessary tools and materials, as well as knowing how to make a chisel-cutter with your own hands, following a simple design scheme, you will be able to assemble the unit in one day.

homemade straw cutter do it yourself

Homemade straw cutter with their own hands is no worse than the purchased model. It is cheaper and justifies the requirements entirely.

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