Do I need a seal?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
December 26, 2012
Do I need a seal?

Any PI makes financial calculations. They go in cashless and cash form. Both with that, and with that system of calculations there are situations when the transaction should be sealed.

In principle, the law unequivocally answers the question whether the IP is necessary to print. You can not do it, no one will punish you and will not penalize you. But, if you carry out payment transactions with cash, without having a cash register, then SP is necessary to print a seal.

So, you have opened a business, selling goods with departure to the customer in place. You are not interested in carrying a cash register with you. In this case, taking the money from the client, you must give him a document of strict accountability, for example, invoice or cash order. On it, in accordance with the law, you must put a stamp on which you must indicate the name of the IP, all details of your enterprise.

Another situation in which the PI can work without printing, but there will be a lot of problems, delays, delays in terms. This is a job with a bank. You need to open a bank account to transfer money to partner suppliers.You go to the bank and declare your intention to transfer money in the form of a payment order, an invoice for payment. The bank will be happy to do this for you, but they can find fault with the accuracy of your signature. And if you put a seal - no one will have questions.

Many large companies that want to work with you will be asked to put a seal under the contract. With suppliers of goods and services that do not have a seal, usually large and serious companies do not communicate.

Many of your partners may ask if the PI has a seal. And they may not even know that you have the right to write on the place of printing with a pen “B / P” and that will be enough. Someone will understand, but something just find another partner who has a seal available.

So it turns out that the PI needs a seal. It is more convenient and easier to work with. Moreover, the price of its manufacture is very low - from 200 to 500 rubles. There are modern designs that require refueling 1 time per year and serve a very long time. There is no need to register the seal anywhere, just make it, save the receipt just in case, and use it calmly.

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