Do Muslims celebrate Christmas? Christmas is called by Muslims?

Do Muslims celebrate Christmas?The answer to this question is of interest to many. There are many conflicting opinions, so it is worthwhile to understand the rites of this people. Today, you can find different patterns of Muslim behavior, but certain standard rules and requirements still exist. With them it is useful to get acquainted not only with the representatives of this people, but also with people belonging to other religions. This will help to avoid unpleasant situations in interethnic communication.

christmas for Muslims

Features of the celebration

What is Christmas for Muslims?When does this holiday come? Most of the Muslim traditions are extremely strict, and for this reason each of the followers of the Islamic religion is obliged to observe them unquestioningly.

In the Russian sense, Christmas isa joyful holiday, which is accompanied by rapid fun. It is impossible to imagine the followers of the prophet Muhammad, who would celebrate Christmas in this way. And on the whole this holiday among the adherents of this religion has taken root relatively recently.

There is a "own" Christmas among the Muslims. This is the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. This date falls on the 12th day of the third month of the Rabi al-Awal Islamic calendar and is called Mawlid al-Nabi.

do Muslims celebrate Christmas

Christmas among Muslims of different countries of the world

Turkey and Malaysia tolerate thisholiday. But this is more likely due to commercial interest. On the streets and in shopping centers you can see the Santa Clauses, which call people. Christmas symbols are no longer surprising, and in Malaysia, the tradition of exchanging presents is emerging. Lebanon considers itself a secular state, so many celebrate this holiday.

There are certain features of the celebration.On this day in a number of Islamic countries it is customary to go out into the field and start sowing seeds in fertile soil. You can not be evil, you must forgive each of your offenders and be sure to tolerate them.

For Christmas, the Muslims, when covereda festive table, certain dishes are prepared without fail, while others are put at will. There must necessarily be a green wheat grain. Ritual significance during the celebration is a dish called gatu, and also samani, which is a dish made from the juice of sprouted wheat grain, which is mixed with flour and cooked. Gatu is a flat cake with a surprise. It is considered that those who find the cherished coin of happiness in their cakes will be lucky throughout the next month.

The presence on the table of a large number of dishes symbolizes the desire to be happy, full and rich.Christmas in Muslims when

The difference of Muslim Christmas from the Muslim New Year

Traditional (in other words - secular) New Yearin a number of Islamic countries it is customary to celebrate. But not like Christmas. Muslims do everything, like Europeans. Every year more and more residents of such states as Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt and some others, celebrate the New Year on the night of the first of January. They are preparing a festive meal, New Year's congratulations are sent, a Christmas tree is dressed up, presents are given.

During the last time, there has been a sharp increasethe number of Muslims who live in a number of European countries and, like other residents of the country that has already become their second motherland, celebrate the New Year.

Christmas from the Muslims date

The attitude of Muslim leaders to the celebration of Christmas

It is necessary to note that somereligious leaders are severely criticized for the celebration of Christmas by Muslims, because they hold the view that such traditions are pure water assimilation, which is too far gone.

So, for example, Muzammil Imam Siddyky (expresident) of the ISNA (Islamic Society of America) very weighty arguments against the celebration of Christmas, which boil down to the fact that among Christians this day it is customary to celebrate the birth of the "Son of the Lord", which contradicts the canons of the Islamic religion. He believes that the question of children: "Do Muslims celebrate Christmas?" - it should be answered like this: "This holiday is not ours. But our Christian neighbors need to congratulate all the same. "

christmas in Muslims is called

On the desire of Muslims to protect from the influence of the Christmas atmosphere of children

In order to protect Muslim children frominfluence, according to religious leaders, the unwanted atmosphere of Christmas, they regularly remind parents of the existence of special children's Islamic conferences.

Although today it is quite largethe number of parents has the opportunity to witness firsthand the Muslims who have lived in America for most of their lives - a generation of those who feel quite confident in the new place. They rethought the essence of the Christmas holiday and celebrate it in any convenient way, just as it is done by their Christian neighbors.

"It would be quite good if the holidayChristmas was celebrated by Muslims the same way as all the rest, - believe both activists of Muslim communities, and financial advisors of different American cities. "We also believe in Jesus, and in his religion he has a place."

The attitude of most Muslim families living in America to the celebration of Christmas

Although the majority of Muslim families,who live in America, does not believe that Christ was crucified or that he is part of the Holy Trinity, while at the same time he firmly believes in his immaculate conception and support the view that he is a great prophet. And also believe that Christ was taken to heaven and should return at the end of all times.

These families also believe that Muslims do notmust refrain from participating in Christmas fun. And although many do not put Christmas on Christmas Eve and do not ignite a garland, they visit corporate parties, wish friends and neighbors a Merry Christmas and watch together films such as "Life is Beautiful" and "Alone at Home" - such are their family traditions.

Christmas in the Muslims in Russia

How was this approach developed for the celebration of Christmas by Muslims?

Many disputes are caused by such a holiday asChristmas, among the Muslims. The date when the belief that Jesus was the forerunner of the prophet Muhammad arose, is not known reliably, but this gradually led them to the fact that they too began to celebrate Christmas. Muslims who live in America and are from Egypt, there are suggestions that some of their ancestors liked certain of the parties to this holiday, and some were distrustful of him. Moreover, many of them tell their children about religious traditions of different countries. And it should be noted that for the general development of Muslim children such information is also useful, and interesting and informative.

Russian Muslims and Christmas

Christmas among Muslims in Russia is not celebrated. But leading Islamic organizations, however, always send congratulations on this holiday to representatives of Christian organizations.

Summary results

So, now you know the answers to the following questions: "Is it customary to celebrate Christmas with Muslims? What is the name of this holiday for them? "The answer to the first question is this: in each family in different ways.

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