Do you know when they collect butter? When you want delicious mushrooms!

Of course, the collection of mushrooms in a coniferous forest isclassics of mushroom craft. Why in the coniferous? Because in these forests the choice of mushrooms is much broader and more diverse, and what a plentiful harvest there is - you marvel! One of the most common "inhabitants" of coniferous and pine forests is a buttercup. To date, we know a little more than ten species of these wonderful mushrooms. In this article, I'll tell you when you collect the butter.when the oil is collected

The mystery of the name

Have you ever wondered why these mushrooms were calledoiled? It's simple - they have a brown buttery hat. The second name is buttercup, or oilman. It is interesting that the English call them "slippery Jacks." Anyway, for us they remain butterflies.

Delicious and versatile oyster mushroom

Oats are one of the most delicious and common mushrooms in the European part of our country. With them you can do anything:

  • they can be extinguished;
  • fry with potatoes;
  • saline in the jar for the winter;
  • cook in the soup;
  • dry and marinate.mushroom greasers

When are you collecting the butter?

Grainy oily fruits bear the whole mushroom season.The first wave can be observed already in the beginning of summer. The last one is in November, when oily mushrooms are already collected by inveterate and seasoned mushroom pickers. Search for these mushrooms is needed in sufficiently illuminated forest areas - between young and medium pine trees growing on the fringes. It is especially pleasant to do this after a long rainy season, when mother earth has not seen a warm sun for a long time! If the year turned out to be arid, the granular oily will hide in dense thickets of places where coniferous and deciduous trees are mixed.

Experienced mushroom pickers, who know firsthand,how and when they collect the oil best, they are advised never to rush to look for them in different places. The fact is that these miracle mushrooms grow in large groups, so finding an oil cannon, you should not rush to another place, because other his brothers hid nearby! This rule applies to all mushrooms, but to butter mushrooms - in particular.

Keep in mind that collecting oil is enoughmonotonous occupation, because, after discovering their group, you can sit for half an hour in the same place and cut them off. Here they are, oily: when to collect - it is clear how to collect - your choice! For example, inveterate mushroom pickers like to sit for a long time in a small clearing, cutting off their favorite mushrooms, than to jog through the forest.oily when to collect

Mushroom pickers, do not sleep!

After an excellent warm rain, granular oilgrow up literally before our eyes! However, the period of their life is not long, since the fungus quickly becomes wormy. That's why it's so important not to miss your "star hour", and to collect buttermilk right on the first day of their appearance. In this case, you have a unique opportunity to contemplate them in all its glory: brown glossy hats, fresh milky-white juice on the tubular fringe.

Attention! Radiation!

Note that oleaginous (larch, granular andlate) are on the list of dangerous products as radioactive fungi. The fact is that they are able to draw various radioactive elements out of the soil and accumulate them in themselves.

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