Dominic: meaning of name, origin

One of the popular names in the West, which is increasingly beginning to occur in Russia, is the name of Dominic. There is also a male version - Dominic. The meaning of the name is simple - "belonging to the Lord," "Lord." We will talk about the character of people with a given name, how fate is situated towards them, and we will discuss many other things below.

dominic name meaning

Name Dominic: origin and meaning

This name comes from the Latin language from the word "Dominus", which means "Lord" or "lord." Accordingly, it is interpreted as “belonging to the Lord” and thus has a bright religious color. It became particularly popular in Europe in connection with the widespread cult of St. Dominic, a Spanish monk who founded the Dominican Order in France, whose main task is the preaching of the Catholic faith. Later it was the Dominicans who mainly participated in the work of the Inquisition and greatly influenced the course of history. This is for Europe the meaning of the name Dominic.Male name for the most part, it has long been widespread among girls. Recently, this trend has been observed in Russia, as mentioned above.

meaning of the name Dominica for a girl

The influence of the name Dominic on the character of the child

Both boys and girls named by this name stand out against the background of other children with their courage and independence. Even when they are very young, they show such qualities as self-will and great curiosity, which is excessive even for a child. And the meaning of the name Dominic for a girl here is absolutely the same as for a boy. Growing up, they naturally quickly take the lead in what they do. As promising children and potential professionals, they are characterized by the following features: quick response, ingenuity, sense of responsibility, punctuality, determination. They do not need support from the outside with the rarest of exceptions. On the other hand, they themselves are also not in a hurry to render it to others.

Dominic is a male name

Characteristics of the name of Dominic

Overall, Dominic is a person you can rely on. His friendly feelings are deep and constant. Such qualities as loyalty and reliability are characteristic of him.Plus, he is not devoid of a sense of humor, tact and moderately sociable. Self-esteem and some conservatism observed in the character of Dominic, make him a frequenter of the same companies and the same institutions. With some tension, he makes new acquaintances and is somewhat difficult to perceive someone else's company. By nature, inclined to people, held in all senses, especially material and career. Dominic always treats a person with regalia and impressive achievements with respect, since for himself such things play an important role. A woman named Dominic in general terms also fits this description. There are some masculine qualities and a masculine mindset in combination with exorbitant stubbornness and arrogance. In addition, she has a well-developed intuition.

dominica name origin and meaning


Now consider the characteristics of the appearance, which prefers a person named Dominic. The value of the name in this regard is very high, since Dominic tends to stand out against the general background. However, he tries to do this not through out-of-the-ordinary outfits or extravagant behaviors, but by improving the quality of his wardrobe and refined manners.Exactly the same meaning of the name Dominica for a girl: since childhood she has been trying to look "spick and span", and over the years this habit in her only grows stronger. In general, Dominicas pay attention to the quality and brand of their clothes, how they sit, how different items of their toiletry and various accessories are combined. Their style, as a rule, is classic, sophisticated, verified according to all the canons of fashion. In this sense, they do not have to complain about the lack of taste, and, by the way, all this equally applies to their housing in the field of interior design and design choices.

Personal life

Personal life is a rather difficult side of life for a woman named Dominica. The meaning of the name, the character and the fate that they determine, are such that a woman has to be torn between relationships with her lover and the rest of her connections. In other words, Dominic tries to maintain all of his relationships — both personal and friendly — with the same degree of intensity, which is difficult to achieve. Responsibilities in relation to his chosen one require special attention and attention to him, which Dominica, because of his nature, often ignores, and as a result he runs into problems. In this case, her love, as a rule, sincere, serious.She always plans a long-term relationship with the prospect of marriage. The same can be said about men named Dominic. The meaning of the name is reflected in their desire to control all their connections, which in reality often leads to difficulties both on a personal front and in all social relations. This desire to grasp the immensity goes Dominica sideways.

Dominic meaning for boy

Life priorities

The value of the name Dominic for the boy in terms of choice of life path is such that he seeks to become a hero. He is born with maximalism, which he carries throughout his life. Dominic does not want to be wasted on trifles, he definitely needs to radically change the world in the direction that he believes is right. Dominic woman is also idealistic by nature. Her desires are often altruistic, and she tries to help everyone in the world, constantly finding tasks beyond her powers, which, nevertheless, she tries to solve. Such globalism often leads to the fact that Dominic and Dominic miss their chances of witnessing their principles and values ​​in particular, in the opportunities that fate provides almost daily.Instead, they threaten to the very top, to the inaccessible peaks, neglecting what really requires their intervention and active participation.

A certain airiness and dreaminess is another aspect associated with the name Dominic. The meaning of the name is such that, as mentioned above, its owner seeks to make the world around him better. However, he is not only somewhat drunk in assessing his capabilities and poorly representing the real needs of the world. Therefore, making a lot of effort, Dominic often faces misunderstanding, and even resistance of people, which makes him complain that no one understands him. Dominic sometimes succeeds in achieving outstanding, truly impressive results, but, as life then shows, efforts are wasted because the achieved result is no longer needed by anyone. Therefore, Dominic should learn not only to soberly weigh his strength and assess the possibilities, but also to think carefully in what area and in what direction to use them. Otherwise, he risks doing an enormous, but meaningless work that will benefit only in his imagination, but not in the real world.

Dominica meaning name character and fate

Famous people

Of the men you need to remember, of course, St. Dominic, which was already discussed above. Of the women with this name can be mentioned Dominica Swain - an actress of American origin. She became famous for performing roles in the films "Without a face" and "Lolita." And in the world of sports, and more specifically, tennis, the Slovak champion Dominika Tsibulkova is very famous.

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