Dota 2, Ursa: a guide on the hero

DotA 2 is one of the most populartoday is a multi-user computer game, especially in the genre of the fighting arena. The difference of this genre is that the fights here are very short-term, and the character, which you choose from dozens of different options, you always pump from zero to the maximum. This approach makes you think much more about the tactics of pumping, and also carefully study your hero to be able to use it as efficiently as possible. Only in this way you can achieve a high result. However, the first step is to choose one of many heroes, and in this article we will talk about such a character as Ursa. Hyde will tell you about the role of this hero, as well as describe in detail all the skills of Ursa and their use. Naturally, you should not expect that immediately after reading this material you will become a master of this character. It will take you a lot of time to perfect your knowledge in practice - only then you can become a full-fledged master, able to control the hero at the height of Ursa. Hyde will give you the necessary information, but you will actually have to use it yourself.

the main role

ursa hyde

So, with what it is necessary to begin consideration of the characterby the name of Ursa? Hyde first of all will tell you about what you can do on the battlefield in a more global plan. That is, now we are talking about the roles that a hero can take on himself. Naturally, first of all, you should consider Ursu as a hero kerry, that is, a key character in your team that keeps away from the big battles in the first half of the game, gradually accumulating power so that in the second half you can deal a crushing blow to the enemy.

Other roles

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However, this does not mean that if the team hasanother kerry, then one of the two will have to give up the fight. No, Ursa can perfectly handle other roles - for example, jangler (or forester). This means that you can pump your character in the woods on creeps, thus freeing up space on the lane, which gives other characters unable to function actively in the forest, more experience and, correspondingly, accelerated development, which benefits the whole team. Also, Ursa can be a tank, that is, a character who always goes into battle first and due to a good damage and excellent defense collects most of the damage on himself, allowing mages and archers to much more safely conduct an attack because of your broad back. And of course, Ursa's skills, which will be discussed below, allow him to become an excellent disableer, that is, a hero whose goal is to disable opponents, so that your team will receive a temporary quantitative advantage. Now you see how many different sides Ursa has. Hyde does not teach you to be an expert in each of the roles, but he will tell you how to use these or other abilities of the character to make it as effective as possible in specific situations.


a guide to Ursa from God

There are a variety of guides Ursa. "DotA 2" is a versatile game, so you can think up for each character a large number of effective tactics, there is always room for imagination. And this guide will not have you picking up opportunities to fantasize - you can develop your own tactics, here you will be given only tools, namely detailed descriptions of skills. The first skill that this hero possesses, allows him to deal a powerful blow to the ground, which deals from 90 to 240 damage to opponents in the shaking radius. But the most interesting property of this skill is that all opponents affected by it are slowed down by four seconds - they lose from 25 to 55 percent of their movement speed, depending on the skill level. This skill is considered the main and most important absolutely all guides Ursa. "DotA 2" is a game in which the camps and decelerations can become even better weapons than the damage itself.


Guide Ursa Forest DotA 2

However, a guide to Ursu from God, one of the mostknown Russian gamers specializing in "Dota", indicates that the second skill is no less important than the first. What is its essence? With this skill, you can increase your attack speed for several nearby attacks. That is, after using the spell, you gain 400 additional units of attack speed for subsequent 3-6 strokes. This skill is a kind of buff that you impose on yourself to more effectively attack, and the result with the proper use of this skill can be astounding. But this does not end with the Ursa guide. "Dota" - the world's first game in the genre of the fighting arena, and it was she who set the standards for a small number of spells, but they are not so few. In total each character has four skills, one of which is called ultra and is the strongest. So far, only two skills have been considered - it's time for the next two.

Fury Swipes

Guide to the Dot 1

This skill is passive, so it costsuse it wisely. Each attack on the same enemy gives you an additional 15-30 damage - but only if the subsequent strike was inflicted no later than fifteen seconds than the previous one. With this ability, you can create incredible combinations. These are the main abilities available to the hero, who described this guide - Ursa. The forest (DotA 2 has different locations, but the "forest" is the territory where the enemy creep armies do not move, that is, you have less chance to encounter the enemy), but you need to conquer other skills - in particular, the first one is ideal for this.


Well, it's time to consider thischaracter, that is, his most powerful ability. She applies the character to herself, and after her activation Ursa falls into a rage for four seconds. This period of time may seem very short to you, and that's why you need to know how to use this time. With an active spell, your character only gets twenty percent of the damage he is dealt, and he himself can do more damage in the previous skill by several points. That is, you can use this ability to deal with a very powerful enemy, constantly increasing the damage that you are inflicting on him, but maintaining almost complete invulnerability. If you are smart enough, then four seconds should be enough.

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