Dozen - this is how much should happen?

In Russian, the word "dozen" has long been firmly established. This is how many items should be available to mark the number? Nothing more, but exactly twelve. It is this numeral that is sometimes replaced by the capacious word "dozen."

Where did it come to us?

What is the word "dozen" and where did it come from in Russian? Its roots lead to France. The word originally appeared in France around 1250. In French it sounds like douzaine.Formed from the numeral do (u) ze ("twelve") and the feminine suffix -aine. The suffix gives the number meaning of accuracy and literally sounds like "exactly 12". So the question "dozen is how much" boldly answer "exactly twelve."dozen is how much

What do dictionaries say

Practically in all explanatory dictionaries the word "dozen" is interpreted in the same way. This is how many items or things should be? Exactly twelve. Dictionaries define this word as a numeral, which means twelve homogeneous objects or persons.

By the way, in Latin, the numeral twelve sounds very similar to the word "dozen" - duodecim.

In addition, an indefinite number of objects, whose number is close to twelve, is often called a dozen. But in some languages ​​it has another meaning. For example, in England, an indefinite small number is called a dozen, in Italian it means “boarding”, and in Bulgarian it means a large group or a large number.

Where was this account used

We figured out what number is a dozen. It is twelve. It is worth noting that this value is most often used in trade. In Russia, goods were sold not by the dozens, as is customary today, but by dozens.what number dozen

This number is also mystical. So, in ancient astrology, which has reached our days, the entire earthly cycle was divided into 12 astrological periods. This is all of us known zodiac signs, which are replaced every month. But a longer period also has a complete cycle of 12 years. Each year, according to the eastern calendar, belongs to one or another animal. A dozen - how many such patron animals? Exactly twelve.

Only not 13

Often people use such a phrase - “damn dozen”.How much is this? Exactly one unit more, namely 13. It would seem that there is terrible? But many people in different countries of the world believe that this number can bring misfortune and grief. In some hotels of the world, in cinemas and airplanes there is neither a number, nor a chair with the number 13. Just in case, in order not to spoil the mood of people, the 14th number goes right after the 12th.damn dozen this how many

Although some astrologers claim that the number 13, the damn dozen, has positive energy. For example, America originally consisted of 13 states, and the eagle, depicted on the state emblem, in each wing had 13 feathers. Interestingly, the motto of America also consisted of 13 letters.

And when the first president of the United States, George Washington, raised the national flag of the country, 13 salutes were heard.

It is believed that if there are 13 people in the group, then the latter will be the strongest and most powerful. Example: the Greek god Zeus, who was surrounded by twelve celestials.

Modern numerologists believe that the number 13 belongs to active people. And if you want to manipulate people, be sure to ensure that you have exactly 13 identical objects.

The Aztecs believed that the week consists of 13 days.

Well, the ancient Mexicans, who were great experts in astrology, for example, believed that there are twelve main stars in the world and as many main gods, and there is one more - the Great God of Heaven, who is the 13th star and 13th deity .

So you should not dismiss the devil's dozen, the number 13 so much. If you believe in the best, it can bring happiness and well-being.

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