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Recently, a lot of garbage has accumulated from the carpet and even an unpleasant smell has appeared. All we think is it worth it to give it to the dry cleaning or can knock yourself out and everything? Or the sense of knocking out a little? We live in Moscow
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Answered on June 1 20:24
I personally consider the carpets in the house an unnecessary thing, since they collect a lot of dust, and not quality carpets can also crumble and there will be a lot of garbage under the carpet. And care for them is not so easy. But I think that in our time it is no longer relevant to knock out carpets, it certainly will not save it from smell, but I think dry cleaning will solve all these problems. Here, for example, the dry-cleaner in Moscow is here
Andrey Sribny
Andrey Sribny
Answered on June 1 20:37
I do not know, in my opinion the easiest and proven way is the old-fashioned one. He carried out the carpet in the winter and knocked it out properly, and all the dust was gone and the smell in the frost cleared well and the carpet began to smell the freshness of frosty.
Answered on June 1 20:48
Dry cleaning is the best option, so do not spare the money and give the carpet to dry cleaning.We used to wear winter jackets in a typewriter, but the down came off and it was very difficult to put it in its place, and in the dry-cleaner we did everything very well.

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