Electric shaver Panasonic ES-RF31: reviews

In every man's life, sooner or later there comes a moment when he decides to purchase an electric razor. But making a choice is often difficult. On sale there are many brands and models. Which one to choose? What are user reviews about the electric shaver Panasonic ES RF31?

Description of electric shaver

Men's electric shaver Panasonic ES RF31 can be used for both dry and wet shaving. User feedback suggests that you can use gel or shaving foam. Each user can choose a convenient way.

The shaver body is made of plastic. The combination of colors: silver with black insert. The design of the device is comfortable and ergonomic. The electric razor is easy to hold, it does not slip, it fits well in the palm of your hand.panasonic es rf31

Cleansing the skin of unwanted hair by using a floating razor system consisting of arcuate grids. The floating head glides over the skin, easily changing the angle of inclination depending on the contour of the treated surface. It promotes high-quality shaving and almost does not cause irritation.electric shaver panasonic es rf31

The motor device is linear. It improves work with the electric razor.When the battery charge becomes low, the rotational speed of the head does not decrease. It is constant and is 10 thousand revolutions per minute. The engine is powered by voltage of 100 V and 240 V, rebuilding automatically from one mode to another.

The weight of an electric razor is 530 g. That's a lot. The bulk falls on a high-capacity lithium battery. Reviews of some users say that it’s not very easy to hold a razor, the hand gets tired.

Hair cut blades made of Japanese steel. They are sharpened at an angle of 30 degrees.

The device is equipped with a retractable trimmer. It is designed to trim the temples, mustache or beard. Although with this function sometimes there are problems. This will be discussed below.

Charging the device

Electric shaver Panasonic ES RF31 is powered by a built-in battery. After 45 minutes of continuous operation, the battery needs to be charged again. Some users say that the continuous operation time is 1 hour. But it is difficult to determine exactly, because each shave takes only a few minutes.

Full recharging takes 60 minutes. User reviews say that the device works smoothly until the battery is completely discharged. Turns do not fall.Then within 10 seconds the engine gradually fades out. With a flashing indicator, you can shave up to two times.panasonic es rf31 s520

Customer reviews indicate that when shaving 2 times a week, the battery lasts for 1 month. But there is information that sometimes the battery charge is hardly enough for one shave. It may be a faulty instance.

The Panasonic ES RF31 shaver does not have an automatic blade cleaning. But it can be washed, substituting a stream of water.

Shaver manufacturer

Brand is registered in Japan. Manufacturing country China. Most users are suspicious of devices made in this country. But almost all of them have to admit that the build quality of the device is excellent. There are no slots, the machine is easy to hold.

Shave time

Consumers say that shaving time depends a lot on how long the wearer has been using the device. At first, while the habituation period is in progress, the shaving session lasts up to 10 minutes, after a while this manipulation takes about 3 minutes.panasonic es rf31 s520 reviews

In this case, with an electric razor, you can walk around the apartment, performing any extraneous actions with one hand. User feedback suggests that the Panasonic ES RF31 shaver is suitable even for people who, for whatever reason, have only one hand. For example, after a stroke.

Shave quality

Most users are satisfied with the shaving quality provided by the Panasonic ES RF31 electric shaver. But in the beginning some time is used for getting used to it, according to consumer reviews there are about five procedures. At the same time there is almost no redness on the face. Sometimes there may be irritation in the neck, in not very accessible places.razor panasonic es rf31Customer reviews claim that the quality of shaving is inferior to what is obtained when working with a machine. But the skin becomes as smooth. Hair starts to grow a little faster. Users note that using an electric shaver Panasonic ES RF31 reduces the number of ingrown hairs.

LED-powered razors are convenient for men, who often move from one city to another, for example, go on business trips. Such a device can take with you on vacation or on a trip. Low weight contributes to this.

Price Panasonic ES RF31

User reviews claim that the Panasonic ES RF31 blades and mesh are suitable for other Panasonic models that cost a lot more. They conclude that the quality of the shave will be the same. Therefore, ES RF31 is preferred. The price of the device is about 5 thousand rubles. Most consumers believe that the ratio of price and quality of the Panasonic ES RF31 optimal.panasonic es rf31 reviews

A couple of years will have to change the battery and replaceable heads. This will increase the cost of the electric razor.

Disadvantages Panasonic ES RF31

Not everyone's experience with this electric razor has been successful. Some users claim that the quality of shaving with this device is much worse than the more expensive three-head razors. There is also an opinion that in order to completely remove hairs, it is necessary to strongly press the electric razor to the skin, after which irritation sometimes appears on it.

There are complaints about the quality of the trimmer Panasonic ES RF31 S520. Reviews of almost all users say that it is too small. With it, you can only trim the whiskey. At the same time, it leaves about 1.5 mm of hair length. Therefore, you have to go through one place several times or use another method to trim the beard or mustache. Consumers would like this element to be wider.

Some users complain of strong battery noise. But it is much weaker than that of rotary shavers.

Users claim that the Panasonic ES RF31 S520 Razor is difficult to shave in the neck area. This is due to the fact that the hair there grows in different directions, and the mesh of the device is designed to shave the hair in one direction.

There are complaints that the battery for the year did not just stop charging, but flowed, ruining the cutting unit along the way. Before that, the device began to turn on independently at any time of the day. Disable it was not possible, because the power button has stopped working.

Much worse if the engine burns after several months of using the device. Buyers with whom this happened suggest that in fact there is no moisture insulation in it, and the information that you can clean the blades under the tap is just a marketing ploy.

A minor drawback is the soft case for the electric shaver Panasonic ES RF31. User reviews say that it would be better to pack it in a hard case. Moreover, there is no oil for lubrication in the complete set, unlike the device of the Japanese assembly.

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