Facial massage at home. How to make a face and neck massage at home

facial massage at home

Smooth and elastic skin - this is the dream of all the fair sex! To be honest, many brutal men are sensitive to the condition of their skin and regularly cleanse and nourish their skin with the help of various creams and tonics. It is necessary to dispel the speculations of the ignorant inhabitants: self-care is not at all an attribute of femininity or gay orientation. It is not necessary to be a frequenter of beauty salons. A simple face massage at home will energize you for a whole day, smooth out treacherous wrinkles and stimulate the lymph flow.

What does the coming day prepare for us?

To a good mood did not leave you, start the day with a pleasant procedure for yourself: wash with cool water. Your movements should be directed from the bottom up, as otherwise you provoke a sagging skin.It is good to wash with ice cubes, especially if you have taken care to freeze chamomile decoction or another medicinal mixture.

Why is this necessary?

Let them meet on clothes, and see off according to the mind, but notice what a big role that same clothes play. Rarely we entrust important matters to a person who does not inspire us with absolutely no sympathy. And our face is our business card.
In the fashion of naturalness, naturalness and youth. But how to preserve these qualities in the modern world? Only in a dream the skin relaxes, but do not forget that without proper ventilation it does not breathe, and besides, all the impressions of the day are reflected in our dreams, and here it is - a sad fold in the corners of the mouth, wrinkles near the eyes and a feeling of tiredness in the morning.

face massage reviews

Cosmetic facial massage is relegated to the second, and even to the hundredth plan, since it simply does not have enough time for it. But with its help, impulses that have a positive effect on the skin are sent to the brain. By the way, there are several groups of cosmetic massage: hygienic, prophylactic, plastic and therapeutic. Depending on the target, shock vibration, smoothing, grinding and kneading are applied.

For women

facial wrinkle massage

Nothing frustrates more than the first wrinkles.At first we try not to notice them, then we mask them and belatedly regret that we neglected prevention. Facial massage for wrinkles is not burdensome and generally free, especially if you learn to do it yourself. And there is a lot of benefit from it. Wrinkles appear for the reason that our skin loses its elasticity, slows down the metabolism and blood circulation. How to reverse the process? The secret of rejuvenating massage in the variable effects on the points of the face. For example, in the direction of the temples it is necessary to knead the skin with tension, but to make backward movements easy and smooth. Metabolism can be accelerated by regularly affecting the temples with increasing force. The nasolabial folds, which show age, are smoothed by pressing on the grooves near the nostrils. In a desperate struggle for youth, the ladies do not give up, but rely on the power of cosmetics, forgetting that for a tone you need to do a face massage. Photos of girls who have changed after the course of such procedures, cause truly deep admiration. By the way, it has long been known that the indicator of female age is not so much a face as a neck.Therefore, forgetting about it in the process of caring for yourself, you are doing yourself a disservice.

For men

The strong half of humanity is divided into two groups. The first one despises everything related to cosmetics, bites nails, instead of cutting them off, combing her fingers and sincerely believes that only gay can smear the skin with cream. The second half is interested in the achievements of cosmetology and to some extent can use them. For example, men in this group allow professional manicure and pedicure, facial cleansing, hair styling and acupressure face massage. Most likely, such a man visits a beauty salon, but without prejudice to his image he can do neck massage at home. To do this, lower the corners of your mouth down, learn to smile only with your lower lip, and from time to time pat your neck with a wet towel.

anti-aging facial massage

Without leaving home

Most often, the main contraindication to going to a massage parlor is a matter of money. You see, we have expenses every day, the refrigerator is regularly emptied, and going to the dentist overlaps with other plans. But you can do a facial massage at home! And do not listen to the disbelief of friends that this method will not bring effect. If you approach the process wisely, the result will not slow down with the appearance.It is best to first consult with a professional beautician to determine your skin type and possible contraindications.

Acupressure face massage

Basics of the basics

Cosmetic facial massage is better to postpone if you have started inflammation, increased hair growth, cold sores or flat warts formed. In addition, it is not recommended to resort to it until the age of 25, because at this time the skin is still very young and is itself quickly restored and updated. Remember that facial wrinkle massage should not be a spontaneous procedure. Ideally, the course should consist of at least 10 procedures, lasting 7-10 minutes each. Then you can hold a session several times a month for prevention. Set a mirror in front of you, preferably with a zoom so that you can see the pores and points on the face. Take time for bedtime. It is ideal for soothing and relaxing the skin. Collect the hair and remove the bang from the forehead. Wash your hands thoroughly and clean your nails.

Technique of work

The face should be cleaned with warm water or tonic, and then moistened and nourished with cream. Do not forget about your neck, because you will complete the massage here.Now abstract from your image in the mirror and divide the face into lines. In total, we can distinguish nine lines, each of which needs your attention. So, first the line from the chin in the lower jaw to the ear lobes. Rub, knead, tap, but do not pinch the skin here. Now walk along the line from the corners of the mouth to the bottom of the ears. Go to the line from the upper lip to the tops of the ears. Do not forget that your face is not a mask, and do not deprive you of attention from the nose to the temples, from the bridge of the nose to the edges of the nose, from the middle of the forehead to the temples.

how to do facial massage

Imagine how much labor falls on our neck, because it suffers not only from the harmful effects of the environment, but also on how we walk, stand, sleep and eat. Mash it along the lines from top to bottom. Imagine that your movements are like sweeps of a magic wand taking your years. Smooth your neck, rub it, you can even gently run through the nails. It is recommended not to regret the moisturizer; the skin itself will absorb as much as it needs, and the excess can then be easily removed with a towel. And finally, please your eyelids: from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. With the lower eyelid, the direction changes.

How to massage the face and neck?

We have analyzed the actions that need to be performed, but how to do it? Why some visitors of beauty salons who have chosen a face massage, leave the reviews dry or even harsh? Yes, the master was simply not in the mood, he thought, did not feel favoring the client. We are all human and we should not blame it. But the facial massage at home will allow you to refrain from such annoying misunderstandings. After all, in your hands is your own and beloved person who needs you and your attention. Even if you are not in the mood, then everything fades into the background when you look forward to moments of pleasure in front of a mirror. Rub lines start with your fingertips, gradually connecting the inside of the palm. So the skin becomes softer and more elastic. With the tips of the fingers of both hands, knead the skin to activate blood circulation. This normalizes muscle tone and nourishes the skin with oxygen. A facial massage for wrinkles is unthinkable without vibrating movements with the tips of your fingers. They give the skin elasticity and increase muscle tone. Finally, tapping is the final massage that enhances the overall effect. Finger pads are involved with a little more pressure.On the neck and in the neckline you can add a little tingling to the movements. So you strengthen the metabolic processes, normalize the nervous system and increase muscle tone.

Point, point, comma ...

cosmetic face massage

After talking about the lines, we will talk about the important points of our face and neck. Often, the pinpoint technique is attributed to Japanese women who are famous for their fragility, miniature and porcelain complexion. They look like dolls, cute and gorgeous. Rumor has it that they devote their beauty to no more than 15 minutes a day, dispensing with surgeries and cosmetic procedures. Doctors about this facial massage reviews leave ambiguous, saying that he is osteopathic, that is, returns the ideal position to the bones of the skull. Sounds scary, doesn't it? In addition, the connective tissue and deep muscles of the face are affected, which awakens the body's energy and cleans important channels. This is a real anti-aging facial massage, which returns the time to seven years ago. Do you want not only to return your youth, but also to keep it for years to come? Then pay attention to the Acupressure Shiatsu face massage. During the procedure, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.Your main tools will be the pads of the thumb, middle and index fingers. Each point mash for at least five seconds. Start the massage from the eyebrows and eyes, and end with the active points of the neck, which are located behind the ears and near the lobes.

Rejuvenation technique

With the passage of time, not only skin but also muscles lose elasticity. Therefore, wrinkles can not be removed with gentle movements. It is necessary to influence the deep tissues, as they do in the East. The program of their salons includes even intense slaps that improve blood circulation. The position for the procedure, you can choose yourself, but to clean the skin and hands before the massage should be mandatory. Stock up on nourishing cream, ginger oil and sour cream. In principle, in order to make a rejuvenating facial massage at home, any milk and even a mixture of olive oil with sour cream will fit. Liberally apply the mixture to the face, neck and décolleté area, heat the skin, rubbing the cream in light movements. Start the massage procedure from the lymph node area, gently tap your face with the pillows of your fingers, knead it to a slight reddening and feeling of heat, and now create a contrast effect and add to the creams cucumber juice or strawberry juice.If you like acupressure of the face, then affect the energy areas: temples, forehead, chin, nose bridge. Between the eyebrows, our symbolic "third eye", the stimulation of which improves the functioning of the pituitary gland and the endocrine system. Kneading points in the inner corners of the eyes improves vision. If you act on the points in the corners of the nose, you will achieve relief from being cold. Massage of the temples helps to improve blood supply, and the points of connection of the skull with the spine can be an activator of general relaxation of the muscles of the neck and head. Let your fingers become attentive researchers and gently run from face to neck; look for sore points, tense muscles and act on them with increasing tension.

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Facial massage at home. How to make a face and neck massage at home 41

Facial massage at home. How to make a face and neck massage at home 2

Facial massage at home. How to make a face and neck massage at home 92

Facial massage at home. How to make a face and neck massage at home 87

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Facial massage at home. How to make a face and neck massage at home 94