Fashion Accessories 2016

Beachwear 2016

Girls are already thinking in winter and what to go to the beach. To look great, in 2016 she prepared a lot of stylish and passionately beautiful things that will make your rest comfortable and pleasant.

Fashionable swimwear

Swimsuit - the basis of women's beach attire. Designers presented incredible models of fashionable swimsuits, which are characterized by a sophisticated look. The undeniable hit of the season is an open swimsuit with no strings, straps and straps, which shows the beauty of the female body to the beach community. In the fashion piecework swimwear with a decent depth of the neckline, trimmed with ties, fringe, lace and lace.

Fashionable summer drawings and prints

Fashionable patterns and prints of 2016 amaze with a variety of no less than swimsuits. Swimwear welcomes soft, cheerful and delicate colors, the most relevant of which is pink. Gold, silver, lilac, beige and cream beach outfits are also in trend. The subjects of drawings are various: speck, strip, abstraction, animals, exotic and tropical ornaments.

Trendy Summer Pareos

Photo pareo

Every girl knows about pareo.But, not many young ladies buy this fashionable beach accessory. Stylists are advised to purchase a set for the beach from a swimsuit, tunic and pareo. Pareos are worn as a kerchief or skirt, and used for the construction of the top. This is not a complete list of the functions that this fashionable thing performs.

Summer cotton clothes

In the summer of 2016, stylists advise girls to go to the sea coast or river beach in a spacious tunic, sundress or dress made of cotton fabric with a floral ornament. The ideal option is a beach dress, sewn of lightweight material.

Fashionable summer shoes

Fashionable shoes also play a big role in creating the beach image. In the beach season 2016, heeled or platform sandals are popular. You can safely wear slates and flip flops. Ideally, the pattern on the shoe should match the ornament on the swimsuit.

Beach hats

Pay special attention to the headdress. A panama, a cap or a hat with a wide brim that perfectly protects the head and face from the sun is suitable for the role of a fashionable beach hat. Sunglasses with clear glasses and a beach bag made of wicker, genuine leather or transparent plastic will help complete the image.

After carefully analyzing the trends of beach fashion in 2016, you will update your wardrobe with stylish and fashionable clothes that will help you look irresistible on any beach or resort. What to say about men who are surrounded by attention.

Video summer fashion from Dolce & Gabbana

Fashionable glasses 2016

The sun is gentle and cunning at the same time. In the summer, it causes discomfort with excessive brightness, and in winter it blinds with white light reflected from the snow. Protect your eyes at any time of the year. This means that correct and trend glasses are always relevant. What are the fashion glasses of 2016?

  • Round glasses. In the summer season of 2016, fashion put round glasses at the door. In the trend will only frame in the style of Lennon. Ideal round, unobtrusive and tiny glasses will win great popularity.
  • Custom Forms. Designers offer glasses of an unusual form and a non-standard color palette. Thanks to this fashionable accessory, you can make the look bright, mysterious and expressive, and the image is charming.
  • Cat's eye. Products of this form came into vogue from the middle of the last century, when they owned the pinnacle of popularity.Stylish, flirty and cute glasses will create a graceful and confident image. This form of rim belongs to the crown of primacy.
  • Mirror lenses. Such glasses still hold leading positions. They are characterized by an extensive range of fashionable colors. Both dark blue and pink-red models look great. The shape does not matter, the emphasis is on glass with a mirror effect.
  • Large rim. In 2016, a large frame became the favorite of many key designers, including Prada and Gucci. Some models have openwork arches, others with decorative crystals, and still others have an elegant design. The main thing is that the glasses of square, semi-circular or oval shape should be in harmony with the image and the dress in terms of the color scale.
  • Patterned glasses. Designers offer all sorts of options, including animal prints, small flowers or crystal abstractions.
  • Strict geometry. These glasses are not new to the fashion industry. Their popularity rises and falls. This season there is another surge. Square and trapezoidal rims look right and strictly.The main highlight are bright colors.
  • Leopard motifs. The shape of the frame is any. The main thing that everywhere dominated spotted pattern. Such glasses will make the girl irresistible and fashionable.
  • Monotony. In the season of 2016, fashion pays homage to monochromatic frames, balanced and soothing colors. Popular and rich colors - red, black, beige and burgundy. The first two shades are designed to emphasize the image and create an aura of mystery.
  • Overseas. This stylistic trend dominates the segment of fashionable dresses and accessories, and among the glasses. You can safely choose a massive frame, regardless of color and shape. Tint lenses are important. It is better to choose the most dark glass.
  • Avant-garde. The collection of glasses, focused on the new 2016 season, and have unusual models, characterized by interesting, unique frames.

Regardless of your preference, strive to make the image perfect. To do this, listen to the recommendations of fashion designers in a timely manner and follow fashion trends in order to make an irreproachable choice and to get glasses that emphasize the image.

Fashion bags 2016

Bag included in the list of fashion accessories that play an important role in the image of the girl. During the selection of this item of clothing, it is necessary to take into account many nuances - the style of clothes, the position held, personal preferences and the size of the wallet.

Some people choose bags incorrectly, because they mistakenly consider hand unloading as its main functional purpose. If you analyze the fashion trends, you will notice that the fashion bags of 2016 are bright accessories that surprise you with their elegance and simplicity.

  1. . The bag made of fur successfully emphasizes the main outfit. It is not necessary to match the shoes in color. This season, trendsetters decided to give women more freedom in creating an image.
  2. Short handles. At the peak of popularity, small handbags, characterized by a classic shape and short handles, decorated with stones or fur tassels. Such a bag is a real modest luxury.
  3. Bag belt. This fashion accessory does not hurt to look at girls who prefer street or sports style, combining these bags with elegant dresses, army boots and jackets, leather jackets.Such a handbag will be the final element of the image and give it a highlight.
  4. Reptile skin. Reptile-made leather bags have become bright. Designers offer crimson, orange and turquoise products. Black color was used in the decoration. Handles and pockets made in such a color scheme look great against the background of a bright bag.
  5. Western style. Western-style handbags have fringes of different lengths. Paired with leather or suede shoes, this accessory creates an excellent casual look, especially if you add a silk scarf.
  6. Echoes of the past. In the middle of the last century, at the peak of popularity were reticule. Stylists returned them to the fashion industry and awarded them a rectangular shape, a short pen and a chain. The handbag of a claret, corporal or brown shade is supplemented with a decor from metal in the form of a wedge, buckle or horseshoe.
  7. Mosaic exotic. Many fashion bags are decorated with mosaics in the form of squares, rhombuses and other geometric shapes. Modest patterns remained in the past season, as a result, the bags became frilly and gained shine.
  8. Natural materials. True fans of elegant style will love bags made of leather and suede.The correct forms, combined with classic lines and elegant fittings, will make the bag a mistress business card and emphasize the taste.
  9. Chains and belts. Creating a collection of bags, designers actively used chains and straps. Thanks to this practical design, handbag models have become extremely comfortable to wear.
  10. Layering. Designers delight fashionistas and layered models of bags. In one style, both a bag, a purse, and a cosmetic bag are made. This accessory will give the owner an extra charm.

In preparation for the fashion season of 2016, leading designers paid attention to the bags. We have a wide range of accessories available. Each lady will pick up the right thing.

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