This question arises at least twice a year, and very often we are again not ready for another epidemic. If the thermometer 39 and a little more - start treatment, you are again late. Meanwhile, the rules of prevention are not so difficult.

Flu is very unpleasantFlu is very unpleasant

What is dangerous "simple" flu?

Many people think that cure for the flu is as easy as picking up this ailment. In fact, the recovery process can be very fast in a person with a strong immunity, and long enough in one whose body is weakened.
What is dangerous flu? "Health" on ORT
In especially severe cases, the flu can have dangerous complications:
- pneumonia (pneumonia). The cause is usually a bacterial infection, although there is also a more complex and dangerous form - a combined viral-bacterial infection. Complication can be fatal, and very quickly - in 4-5 days, if you do not promptly consult a doctor and do not begin treatment with antibiotics.
- bronchitis, rhinitis, otitis media.
- myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle).These complications are more common in older people, as well as in those who suffer from heart disease. This is a very dangerous disease with a large percentage of deaths.
Complications from the fluComplications from the flu
In the "risk group" for complications of influenza - children and the elderly. But this does not mean that young and healthy can be frivolous about this viral disease.
Influenza can also be difficult for those who consider themselves healthy. In no case can not self-medicate. At the first signs of the flu - coughing, fever, runny nose, body aches - you need to see a doctor who decides how to treat the flu so that the disease goes away as quickly as possible and without consequences. After the disease has passed, you need to take care of health promotion.

Is there a flu shot?

On the issue of the benefits of vaccination in recent years, there are mixed opinions. But, if the strain of the rampant virus is precisely determined, and the vaccine is correctly chosen - it is necessary to be vaccinated. Especially, if we are talking about a risk group, children, elderly people, patients with chronic lung diseases.
"Grandmothers" means of prevention will not harm"Grandmothers" means of prevention will not harm

Flu and Cold Remedies

The concept of "quarantine" applies equally to both children and adults. If the school is quarantined, then children should be left at home. It is necessary to limit communication with peers as much as possible, but a walk in the fresh air (with dry legs) is still necessary.
During flu epidemics, avoid crowded places.During flu epidemics, avoid crowded places.
Adults have to work, appear in crowded places, therefore:
  1. Give up while entertainment in large companies.
  2. Avoid coughing and sneezing people, turn away from them, cover with a handkerchief or napkin.
  3. Do not go temporarily stuffy gym, where many hard-breathing people.
  4. In public transport, do not stand with passengers face to face, and even better walk on foot.
  5. Remember the wisdom of the people that you need to keep your feet warm. In the warmth and dryness - wet feet are very likely to lead to a cold.
  6. At home, pay close attention to cleaning rooms with disinfectants, often ventilate the rooms.
Children can hang "health amulet"Children can hang "health amulet"
Be sure to have on hand a few handkerchiefs, which need to be washed frequently and then ironed carefully. Better yet, use disposable paper handkerchiefs. In the face of a flu epidemic, this is the most hygienic solution.

Flu and Cold Prevention

In the most dangerous period of the epidemic, you should try to avoid overwork and get enough sleep. Food should be healthy and high-calorie, more raw vegetables and fruits, natural juices, dairy products, decoctions of dried fruits. Alcohol and smoking will inevitably weaken your immune system. Oxolinic ointment applied to the nasal mucosa before leaving the house, and gloves on the hands on the street will become a barrier to infection.
Elena Malysheva. Prevention of influenza. Elena Malysheva
From folk remedies, you need to remember about garlic, two peeled heads for the night in the bedroom will clean the room from germs.

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