Fluorite (stone): properties are magical, meaning, photo. What sign of the zodiac is fluorite?

Unusual play of color, variety of shades and unique patterns of fluorite in ancient times were highly valued. Then people began to notice the similarity of this mineral with various precious gems. And today, fluorite - a stone, whose properties we describe in this article, is used as a cheap replacement for more expensive nuggets.fluorite stone properties

Stone history

For the first time fluorite (a stone whose properties will be described in detail in the article below) was described by G. Agricola. The famous German scientist also called the mineral "fluorite". In Latin, it translates as "flowing." Such a nugget name is not accidental, since fluorite contributes to easy separation when smelting ore slags, making them more "fluid".

The stone was officially named in 1546, although it began to be used by people much earlier.

There is evidence that the ancient Romans used vessels made of this stone. But then the mineral was called Murin. He was very much appreciated at that time Most of the jewelery, caskets and vases made from it, called Murin, were worth on a par with gold products.

Stone jewelry, created more than 1000 years ago, was discovered on the territory of today's Czech Republic, as well as on the lands of Ukraine.

During the ancient era, stone fluorite, the properties and value of which were interesting to people, has long been used in the manufacture of jewelry. The fashion for it soon passed, after which, due to the wide color range, this stone was used by craftsmen only to create imitations of precious gems: rubies, emeralds, amethysts, topazes, sapphires.

This confirmation was found not so long ago. For example, it turned out that the dishes, which once belonged to Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, are made of fluorite.

At the end of the 16th century, mineral fashion was resumed. In ancient India there was a special relationship to such a mineral as fluorite. Stone (the properties and signs of the zodiac will be discussed below) was revered for its rare beauty, as well as for its magical properties.

To date, fluorite is used in the optics, melting, chemical, jewelry industry.fluorite stone magical properties

Fluorite (stone): properties, photo

Mineral chemical composition is calcium fluoride. Its color can be different: blue, yellow, green, pink, violet and colorless. These shades are due to impurities of iron, uranium, chlorine. A huge amount of fluorite has a rich purple color, which turns into a purple-black or pale lilac with a slight blueness.

It is difficult to find two identical gems: the main part of stones of uneven color, while the shades smoothly flow into each other. On sections, one can find a zonal alternation of layers of different colors or fancy interlacing of lines.

Among the types of crystal come across minerals resembling amethyst, emerald, topaz, ruby ​​and sapphire.

For a long time even the alchemists Fluorite (a stone whose properties were interesting to them) were difficult to distinguish from precious minerals until its interesting property was discovered - to glow when heated. It begins to melt at 1360 ° C.

Interesting feature

Another feature of the nugget is that its solution in sulfuric acid is capable of leaving an indelible mark on the glass surface.The mineral has a great brittleness and low hardness, it is able to be translucent or transparent with a bright glass shine.Fluorite stone properties where mined

Types of fluorite

There are several types of fluorite, based on the range of colors:

  • Chlorofan is a green shade mineral that becomes brighter when heated;
  • Antosonite - a stone of dark purple hue;
  • John Blue - an interesting color fluorite, which is a two-colored crystals, combining purple-yellow or purple-white tones;
  • ittrofluorite is a type of mineral in which about 16% of calcium is replaced by yttrium or cesium;
  • ratovkit - a stone from violet-blue to violet-pink shade, an earthy type of mineral;
  • Yttrocerite is a type of fluorite in which yttrium is partially replaced by calcium.

Fluorite (stone): properties where mined

Mineral attracts many with its interesting appearance. Fluorite (stone) is mined from hydrothermal veins, dolomites and limestones. Properties (The Oktyabrioritnoe deposit, by the way, is very large in our country) is due to the place where the stone was mined. The main deposits are located in Italy, Germany, Norway, UK, Canada, USA.Large volumes of stone are supplied by Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. In our country, mining occurs in the North Caucasus, Primorye and Chita.

Fluorite, despite its amazing appearance, is an industrial mineral, not a jewel or semi-precious, as many believe. About 3% of the mined crystals are used to create jewelry or decorative figures, the rest is used in various sectors of the economy.

The name of the mineral is due to its basic ability, which was briefly mentioned above. When smelting iron and steel, it is added to the mixture. Stone contributes to the separation from the iron-carbon alloy slag. In industrial conditions, the nugget is differently called fluxpar or fluorspar.Fluorite Stone Properties

In the chemical industry, stone is involved in the production of hydrofluoric acid and hydrogen fluoride. Alchemists in the Middle Ages worked on the creation of the philosopher's stone, while fluorite was also involved in such a process. Often, the experiments ended in failure: chemical burns caused the release of phosphorus, in addition, its toxic compounds, with prolonged contact with these substances - to the destruction of teeth and hair loss.But in those days, all the consequences were explained by the magical properties of this gem.

The electrochemical method of aluminum production requires the substantial presence of cryolite, whose composition also includes fluorite. It is used in the ceramic industry to create enamels and glazes.

Fluorescent crystals with a mixture of rare-earth metals and iron are used in light generators. Optical fluorite (a transparent, colorless kind of mineral) is used to create lenses, but its small production volumes lead to the manufacture of its artificial substitute. With the help of hydrofluoric acid, it is possible to apply patterns on the glass by etching.

In ancient times, more gold was valued because of its qualities: fluorite (stone). The properties (to whom the mineral is suitable, let's talk further) of the nugget allow today to cut out of it various decorative objects (bowls, vases, boxes), while in jewelry it is used much less often than before. This is explained by the fact that the manufacture of artificial gemstones of the highest quality is now established, while jewelers do not need crystals of this mineral anymore.Jewelry from it is bought only by people who appreciate the natural origin and originality of the stones.

Medicinal properties

Fluorite is a stone whose properties are used in the treatment of headaches. This helps the raw mineral. In this case of constant indisposition, it is recommended to wear a small adornment around the neck (pendant or beads on a chain).

With sclerosis and epilepsy, the stone’s energy will also be beneficial. The effects of stress, hyperactivity, nervous over-excitement, nightmares and insomnia are cured by the constant wearing of such a talisman.Fluorite stone properties for anyone

Magical properties

In many countries of the world, healers and magicians use fluorite. The magical properties (the sign of the zodiac, to which he is most suited, Gemini) of the stone make it possible to use it as one of the most effective means for the beginning of spiritualistic sessions. Such an amulet can protect against evil motives and thoughts, as well as envy of the environment. Yogis are advised to have a fluorite crystal during meditations with you: the stone helps to distract from problems and find harmony.

Fluorite is a stone whose magic properties allow it to be used as a talisman, if it is inserted into a ring.It provides an opportunity to develop intellectual abilities, strengthen faith in oneself, and also attracts understanding and love to life.

But not only this is interesting fluorite (stone). The properties (the sign of the zodiac, according to astrologers, can wear it absolutely any) of the mineral protect the person: the energy of the nugget is rarely rare, and will not bring any harm.

Zodiac signs

Astrologers believe that fluorite is suitable for all signs of the zodiac as a talisman, as we have already discussed above. Most positively, this stone affects Pisces, Aquarius and Gemini.

Stone application

Fluorite (stone), the magical properties of which were interesting to people from ancient times, in the modern world has found extensive use in various industries:

  1. In applied art. For hundreds of years, the mineral has been used in the manufacture of bowls, vases, figurines, caskets, vials for incense, handicrafts and other decorative items.
  2. In collecting. Interest in fluorite has increased recently as a rare collection stone. The cost of 1 carat is an average of $ 20-30.
  3. In metallurgy. The stone is still used to form slags in the form of flux (flux).
  4. In the ceramic industry. It is used to create enamels and glazes.
  5. In the chemical industry.The mineral is used to produce aluminum, fluorine, artificial cryolite, in addition, a number of various fluoride compounds.
  6. In optics. Colorless transparent fluorite is used to create lenses.
  7. In the engraving. Hydrofluoric acid, which is obtained using sulfuric acid from fluorite, is applied to the glass etched pattern.
  8. In industry. A mineral containing impurities of iron and rare earth elements is used to create quantum generators.


Stone decorations are a huge rarity today. He was ceased to be put into precious metals in the 19th century. At the same time for the manufacture of jewelry are used successfully all its varieties.Fluorite stone properties and zodiac signs

Basically, bracelets and beads are made of polished beads, and in pendants or rings, inexpensive alloys can be found as a frame, sometimes silver. In these products, the stone is in the form of a cabochon, and is also used untreated.

The cost of jewelry with this stone is low. In a specialty store, a carat of such a gem-quality crystal will need to give $ 20-30, while the ornamental types cost less: about $ 1-2 per kilo.

Mineral worthy of being in the collection. You can constantly admire its unusual coloring, while a small decoration with such an original stone will complement harmoniously any outfit.

Interesting Facts

A fluorite vase is currently on display in London at the Geological Museum, its height is 75 cm.

In the Middle Ages, there was an opinion about the diabolical power of the mineral. The alchemists contributed to this statement by the ability of a stone to release hydrogen fluoride gas when it interacts with sulfuric acid.

In St. Petersburg, in the museum of the Mining Institute, the highlight of the exhibition was a transparent fluorite of a pale blue shade of enormous size. Its weight is about 300 kilograms.

The properties of the stone include its interesting ability to fluoresce in the dark under the influence of high temperatures and ultraviolet radiation.

How to distinguish fluorite from forgery

Natural fluorite can be distinguished from a fake by its properties, namely fluorescence (it will glow in the dark).

The natural mineral is not very hard, therefore, upon close examination it can be found on the edges of scratches or abrasions.It can easily be scratched with a sharp object or glass, although this is not the best way to check its naturalness.


Fluorite is a very fragile stone. It requires special care and respect for yourself. This mineral and its products should not be exposed to high and low temperatures.

Natural stone is very fragile. If it falls or hits hard, it may break, therefore it must be protected from it. Natural fluorite can be easily scratched, which means that it should be stored separately from other stones, and preferably in a case.fluorite stone photo properties

When cleaning the stone can not use any chemical means, including soap. It is useful to “discharge” once a week under running water, in addition, to “charge” for 1-2 hours in direct sunlight.

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