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Formula prosperity of the individual, family and society. Part 3

Imagine that you are in a boat in which 10 more people are sitting with you. At the stern of the boat you have gathered a good company. You respectfully communicate with each other, learn knowledge. You are so separated from the world that you do not notice how seven other people are crazy.

One of them took a sharp screwdriver and picks up the bottom of the boat, pondering the question: "What is interesting from this?". Another took a hammer and hammered nails into the boat so that holes would appear. The third took a saw and sawed the boat in the middle. He likes the sound of the saw, which is amplified through the speakers. And all this happens on the same boat. Being in this situation, you will not notice how the boat goes to the bottom.

Let's understand that if modern society is degrading and destroying itself next to us, we will not be able to survive, artificially moving away from it.In the first and in the second part we talked about how abundance and fullness are manifested in a person’s life and in the sphere of his relationship. Today, we will try to understand how the energy of prosperity manifests itself in society.

Life is not a soft sofa with heating, it is the way

On the path of life there should be a real relationship with fellow travelers, with those people who go along. A real case and a goal should appear with answers to the questions “Where and why am I going?”, “What is my mission?”.
Remember the dry tree example? If you stick artificial flowers on it, then nothing will change inside the tree. It will remain lifeless and dry.
If we look at people, we will notice that many of them have external attributes of abundance: expensive cars, jewelry, fur coats, but, like in the case of a tree, they do not guarantee internal prosperity.

Abundance is not manifested in the external plan, it must mature within the person

The environment forms the human mind

Whatever knowledge you study, whatever trainings and festivals you attend, it is important to understand that we live in a certain environment that influences a person and shapes his or her mind.
In one American state, there are vending machines on the street that register and dissolve a marriage in a matter of minutes. Today it seems wild to us when a mother and an adult son come to a restaurant and each of them pays for his own order. But this is the norm of European life.

I was recently in Germany and I heard her story from one woman. She told me that she once lived in a village in Kazakhstan. There all were friends of families. Children could go to any house and have lunch. When they arrived in Germany, they saw that everyone here lives on its own. In her head did not fit, as is possible. Very little time has passed. The environment has affected her. Today her circle of communication is reduced to family members and she no longer needs anyone.
See how quickly things change. You and I will not even notice how these scenarios enter our consciousness. In a society where such energies operate, it will be very difficult to live.

If you and I are not trying to have a beneficial effect on the social environment, then the environment will have an impact on us.

As energy, prosperity comes into modern society

In society, each person manifests itself through activities: professional, social, social. He builds his attitude and behavior on the basis of the chosen position.Let me remind you that we have two pictures of the perception of the world. In the first case, a person believes that there is only He and the World, which he wants to enjoy, control and manage in order to achieve personal goals.
Having satisfied a mercenary desire, a person may experience the joy of achieving it, but this feeling will be so superficial that it will disappear very quickly, as if nothing had happened. Deep inside it will remain an unsatisfied center of emptiness, with which nothing can be done.Such is the nature of egoism. Under his influence, a person can live a life, accumulating external impressions and a growing sense of inner emptiness.

The second position differs from the first in thatman realizes that the World has a vertical dimension, there is a higher energy of love and the whole Universe is supported by its power.He understands that a higher power did not accidentally connect him with this or that person. Through him she sends him certain lessons. He understands that he must bring something real and useful to society. Making a deed, being under the influence of the energy of love, he experiences other feelings. Outwardly, they may not be so stormy, but inside, at a deep level, they fill him with a feeling of joy that does not disappear, but remains with him forever.

The whole world is based on the unselfish energy of love.

Look at the sun, the air, the wind, the wildlife. They give us warmth, beauty and do not require anything from us in return. The world has the highest energy of love. It serves for the welfare and prosperity of all. When a person begins to deeply feel this energy in his heart, he becomes its guide and thinks about the welfare of others.

How to distinguish the true energy of prosperity from the false

The false energy of prosperity, despite the external attributes of success, is always accompanied by an internal feeling of emptiness and hopelessness.
The real energy of prosperity and abundance initially arises inside the person and from excess appears on the external plane.


The energy of prosperity comes into the life of a person through his consciousness and mentality.

Difficulties and suffering are feedback from life.

The existing World has a certain nature. If we try to live in it, without considering its laws, then difficulties and sufferings will inevitably come to our lives. Life through them tells us: “You are doing something wrong!”.

Imagine that you came to the wall in the belief that there is a door here.You start to knock on her head, but the door does not open. You think: “No, it should open up!” And then knock on your head, despite the pain. This pain is a feedback from reality that says: “You are doing something wrong!”.

Obvious results of the influence of the environment on our lives

We have three destructive results in life. Let's become sensible and notice them.
♦ The first result is a destroyed personality.A person very often feels dissatisfied. Tension and stress literally devour him from within. They overwhelm him with destructive feelings of depression and anger. As a result, destroyed health is accompanied by high mortality in society and the birth of sick children.
♦ The second result is a broken relationship.We see people living in the same apartment for decades and not interested in each other. We see parents and children who do not communicate with each other. We do not know how to be friends, cooperate and love. Relationships are built on a deal, that if this partner benefits me, then I accept its terms.
♦ The third result is a ruined society,in which each person thinks exclusively of his own good. He goes to work to gain for himself by exploiting others.
We have listed three facts, how the highest energy of prosperity has gone from all spheres of human life: personal, family and social. We are seeing how the energy of prosperity, as if the tide in the ocean, more and more leaves the world of people, leaving behind the fictional characters in which we live. Let's become sensible and just see what is happening around.

The prosperity of society begins with the prosperity of the individual, with the prosperity of the family. Having filled these spheres, prosperity passes into modern society.

I want to offer you to go through one technique that is aimed at returning the energy of prosperity into the lives of people.
Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Imagine that the world has a supreme source of love. Think of the primordial power of prosperity, which creates the Universe and cares for the welfare of all living beings, manifested in every atom, flower, in every note of bird singing.
Open your heart to it and think about what qualities and talents it is manifested in your personality.Accept everything that is given to you, constantly feeling a connection with higher energy. Open to the flow of love. You and I are an eternal particle of the absolute and various gifts are given to us. Think of the external opportunities that have come into your life. Think about health, about the situation in society, about good living conditions, and accept them with gratitude. Open your palms and let the opportunities that you thought be taken by you. Use your hands to move towards yourself, as if you are taking them for yourself more and more.
Keeping the feeling of connection with the energy of love, I ask you to mentally distribute talents, abilities, and opportunities that you have for other people to relatives and friends. Stay focused on the internal process all the time. Feel like a conductor of unselfish love. Be in the flow of blessings. The experience that you live in this state can change your mindset and life. When we begin to live and act in this way, harmony and happiness arise inside.
It is important to learn to contemplate the world.The world is a teacher who manifests himself and gives guidance through various events.But in order to accept it, one must learn to observe and draw conclusions from everything that is happening. Let's comprehend the laws of a generous and loving world.Let's restore ourselves, the real ones, create a real relationship and society. We all need to take up this business together.

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