Funny predictions are short and funny (for children and adults)

It's fun and interesting to celebrate holidays with a big company. But only in the event that an entertainment program is planned. Without it, the triumph will turn into a banal eating of food and empty talk. If you take the holiday organization on yourself, you need to think carefully and prepare everything in advance. The decoration of the room, menu, music - all these are important components of the party. The main thing, do not forget to prepare competitions, games and quizzes. Guests will come to full delight if you read them comic predictions. Short and funny, a little touching and romantic, positive and unusual words will give people a good mood.

crystal ball

Each of us wants to look at the future even for a minute. Find out what awaits him and his close people in the coming years. So give your friends this opportunity! Include in the scenario of the evening the visit of the famous presenter. In her role, you can speak on your own or invite someone from the audience. Discuss the speech in advance, and you can start the show.

Funny predictions are short and funny (for children and adults)

Just a few days before the celebration, prepare comic predictions. Short and funny, in verse will suit best. Write them down on small sheets of paper, then twist them into a tube. Paper can be aged with the help of the usual strong tea brewing or, conversely, color the tubes in bright colors. These mysterious bundles are placed in a regular balloon and inflate it. To the chair of each guest, tie one ball at a time. They do not even suspect that behind their backs are comic predictions, short and funny. In the middle of the evening there is a leader!

Fun begins

Leading is dressed according to its image, in the hands of a crystal ball! She slowly enters the hall, looks at each one with a mysterious look: "Hello people! I came to you for a reason, the ball brought me! I see in it your future! Do you want to know the whole truth? Behind your backs now there will be magic balls! Extract from them what was sent to you by higher powers! "

All come true

Guests can start to burst balls and get the rolls. Now the real fun will begin! Funny predictions short and funny will amuse the audience and give a lot of positive emotions:

  • soon you will meet love, get married again;
  • as soon as you put on a red hairpiece, you get a million a day;
  • on the stairs you will fly upward, you will quickly sit up the boss;
  • do not ever grow bald, your head of hair is kept by a happy star;
  • soon you will hear a roar of children in your house, a roar of laughter and trampling, and a pot, rejoice soon, my friend;
  • the miracle balm will soon come to you, you will be eternally young, mischievous and clockwork;
  • in the morning you will wake up - under the window of a foreign car, did not you expect such a gift?

These are universal comic predictions. Short and funny, for colleagues, they fit perfectly. This number will be relevant on the corporation to any holiday!

Gypsy motives

Strong stereotype that all gypsy women are fortunetellers. So we will not dispel it, but, on the contrary, we will beat the merry situation. On holiday you will come a gypsy Aza straight from the camp, which goes to the sky! Look for five minutes and predict a bright future for everyone. The gypsy costume is very simple: you will need a colorful long skirt, a headscarf and more costume jewelery. Prepare comic predictions in advance, short and funny phrases will do the best. Write them down on the sheets of paper and fold them into a beautiful box. The gypsy enters the room and explains that she found this chest accidentally in the house of her great-grandmother. She opened it and saw a note there. She told that she should come to this house and distribute these sheets to those present.

Mysterious Messages

The development of events may be different, let the guests take turns pulling out the package they like and enjoy what is written there! It should be comic predictions, short and funny, in verse or prose. A gypsy can summon guests and tell them predictions in a mysterious voice!

  • I see very clearly I, you have a huge family. You will live together in peace, the son will go to the army to serve.
  • Waiting for you to go to the mountains, you will make furore there.
  • A bunch of money on his head will fall, and a friend will get rid of the disease.
  • In the house you will always have tasty food.
  • There will be a lot of joy, ice cream and sweets.
  • Exactly on New Year's Eve your happiness will come.
  • Very, very soon, I see you at sea!

Be sure everyone will like these comic predictions, short and funny. For teenagers, young people and those over thirty, these are the best wishes!

All the best for children

If there is a children's party in the house, be sure to prepare the children for entertainment. Without them, the celebration will be boring and dull. Children quickly get tired, get hungry and want to go home. Spend a few games, competitions, let the smart guys flash intellect in quizzes. After receiving small prizes, give the guys a good rest and refreshment, and you can start the quest! After going through all the tasks and obstacles as a prize, give joke predictions, short and funny. For children this will be an unusual and interesting surprise! They will happily unwrap the treasured notes and read the messages!

  • very soon you will have new friends;
  • in the mall you'll buy just cool trousers;
  • when you hear a loud ring, you will receive a new phone;
  • you will receive five fives, though you study very badly;
  • call, open the door, and there is a brand new briefcase;
  • soon everything will be cool, you will have a red dachshund;
  • the neighbor will fall in love with you, and you will live a hundred years;
  • in the coming month of October, luck will come to you;

Such humorous predictions, short and funny, for children will be a pleasant surprise.

School years

Not everyone likes to go to school, but when they grow up, they remember those years and dream of returning to the past! Try to arrange parties for children, discos, contests and games for every holiday. So the class will become more amicable, united. At any of the events, you can present the children with an unusual surprise - funny predictions, short and funny. For schoolchildren, select special phrases they need. Let them be with humor, but with a hidden meaning.

  • Something good will happen, and you will want to change! You will study only five and attend all sections.
  • This year you will find yourself, you will begin to write books and poems.
  • Learn the language you are foreign, because the diplomat you are natural.
  • They will send you to the race competitions, show yourself there as you should.
  • You have to start dancing, and your back muscles are pumped, your parents are very happy, you will become a pop star.
  • You sing like a nightingale on the stage, don't be too shy!

The guys will be delighted and will remember these predictions for a long time. And if you believe in good, then it will come true!

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Funny predictions are short and funny (for children and adults) Funny predictions are short and funny (for children and adults) Funny predictions are short and funny (for children and adults) Funny predictions are short and funny (for children and adults) Funny predictions are short and funny (for children and adults) Funny predictions are short and funny (for children and adults) Funny predictions are short and funny (for children and adults) Funny predictions are short and funny (for children and adults) Funny predictions are short and funny (for children and adults) Funny predictions are short and funny (for children and adults)