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Gennady Bachinsky (see photo below) is a well-known television and radio host. He was the main producer of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. He played in the group "KROKOPLYUH." He gained popularity after working with Sergey Stillavin on the radio station "Modern". The article will present a brief biography of Gennady. So let's get started.


Gennady Bachinsky was born in the city of Yarovoye (Altai Territory) in 1971. The boy grew up active and inquisitive. He was fond of technology. Of particular interest to the genes caused the radio. He constantly twisted his pen and listened incomprehensibly where his voices, sounds and music came from. Bachinsky is fascinated. The boy really wanted to find some radio stations in French, German and Chinese.

The boundaries of the world were moving apart. The boy immediately realized that he was pretty huge. Little Gena felt like a resident of another planet. The radio receiver used by Bachinsky was a tube radio.In the future, he repeatedly said in an interview that he would hardly have shown such an interest in a conventional transistor. Well, the "lamp" - is a completely different thing. As a teenager, Gena decided to study the device in more detail and enrolled in a radio circle.

Gennady Bachinsky

University and music

In high school, Bachinsky began to think about entering a university. The young man decided to opt for the Electrotechnical Institute. The closest one was in Novosibirsk. But the head of the radio circle was able to convince Gennady, explaining that the future of computers and should choose a profession in this particular area. After this conversation, the young man decided to go to Petersburg and find a suitable educational institution for himself.

After graduation, Gennady Bachinsky received a silver medal. Therefore, he didn’t have any problems with entering the electrotechnical university. The young man passed only one exam (physics perfectly) and was immediately enrolled. In September, all the students were sent for potatoes.

There, Gennady met with the guys who had similar interests with him. For example, they listened to the same music as Bachinsky. So the idea of ​​creating the group "KROKOPLYUH".In a musical get-together, the hero of this article met people who will repeatedly meet in the future for work. One of them was Andrei Temkin.

Gennady Bachinsky photo

Carier start

It was he who brought Bachinsky to his first place of work - Radio Polis. Gennady worked there until 1994. During this time, the young man managed to master several professions. He was also a DJ, and a journalist, and an editor, and a screenwriter, and even a sound engineer. Once a week, the radio program “Musical Police” was broadcasted by Temkin and Bachinsky.

Then Gennady met with Konstantin Murzenko, who worked in the field of cinematography. Together with him, the hero of this article began to conduct the program "Inside Out". And also the case brought Bachinsky to Kirill Begletsov, the future program director of Radio Modern. But more on that below.

Radio Modern

For a new place of work, Kirill and Gennady were recommended by a friend of Begletsov. So Bachinsky got on the "Modern". The company was commercial, so its leadership was not against the work of Gennady on the radio "Katyusha". But after some time, Bachinsky still had to choose. The young man went to work on the radio “Modern”, and in “Katyusha” he arranged Anton Maruschak for his place.

Gennady Bachinsky wife

"Morning Show"

The new work Gennady Bachinsky led several musical programs. Soon, he met in one of the airs with Sergei Stillavin. In 1997, the presenters came up with a joint project - “Morning Show”. It was a great success. The main reason was that Gennady and Sergey had different temperaments and complemented each other. So leading worked four years, until the very closure of "Modern".

"Russian radio"

Gennady Bachinsky did not remain without work. Soon the gifted presenter was called by Alexander Pryanikov and offered a place on Russian Radio. The young man did not really want to go to the capital, but had to agree, since there was no interesting work in Petersburg. Gennady did not like the repertoire of "Russian Radio". At the end of 2001, Alexey Glazatov phoned Bachinsky. It was the program director of Radio Maximum. When he offered Gennady work, the young man agreed without hesitation.

At the new location, Bachinsky decided to resurrect the Morning Show, which he conducted with Stillavin on Radio Modern. Sergey was not against. The show was held in the format of “verbal lawlessness”. At the last place of work - Radio "Mayak" - Gennady worked for only six months. He led the morning air and created more serious programs.

gennady bachinsky biography


January 12, 2008 Bachinsky got into an accident at the 69th kilometer of the highway, which passed between the villages of Voskresenskoye and Nagorskoye. In his car, Volkswagen Golf, the presenter decided to overtake the truck in the opposite lane, thus breaking the rules. As a result, there was a head-on collision between the car of Gennady and the Volkswagen-Transporter minibus, in which three people were traveling. All of them were seriously injured. And one of the victims, Julia Merkulova, died ten days later in the hospital. The radio host himself died of his injuries on the spot. January 15, 2008 - this is the date when Gennady Bachinsky was buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery. The TV presenter's wife stayed with the child in her arms.

Accident Report

On February 1, the Forensic Center published the preliminary results of the examination of the machine of the hero of this article. Experts believed that Bachinsky’s exit into the oncoming lane could have been triggered by an external influence. This gave reason to assume the innocence of the lead.

Later, the main version of the investigation. According to her, Gennady was overtaking a wagon in front of a traffic violation. In this dangerous place (easy descent and a sharp rise) this was absolutely impossible to do.To complete the maneuver "Volkswagen" Bachinsky just did not have enough engine power. As a result, there was an explosion of the front left wheel, the car got stuck, and it collided with a minibus. Everything happened in a split second, so both drivers did not have time to react.

Gennady Bachinsky personal life

Gennady Bachinsky: personal life

With the future wife Julia, the hero of this article met at work. The girl came to the interview about football matches and fans in England. The facilitator needed a person who was personally present and saw everything with his own eyes. And Julia just recently returned from Albion. For several months, Gennady Bachinsky, whose biography is presented above, has been courting a girl, checking his feelings. And only then made her an offer. Soon the couple had a daughter.

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