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Gluten free!

Gluten free!

How to tidy yourself up!

I never considered myself eating the wrong thing; I had all the necessary healthy foods in my diet. But the gluten-free diet, which has become so popular lately, which suggests that we completely exclude foods containing this natural protein from our diet, has slightly turned my understanding of healthy eating and nutrition in general.

Gwyneth Petrow and Miley Cyrus do not get tired to advertise this component of a healthy lifestyle, I will briefly tell you what the point is.

Gluten found in cereals such as wheat, rye, barley, oats. And also gluten is added to food to give them such properties as aroma and splendor to bakery products, viscosity to sauces, ice cream, long-term storage yogurts - that is, many products contain gluten in their composition.

Actually all this and those products where gluten is contained in a hidden form are subject to sanctions! ))

My son, from birth, has an individual intolerance - an allergy to gluten, and many people have a sensitivity to gluten, though not scientifically proven!

THERE IS A FACT:moving along the small intestine, it is capable of damaging the villi located on the surface of its shell and participating in promoting food through the intestines and its absorption by the body, and causes physical discomfort, abdominal pain, flatulence.


Not so much, but, you see, it is enough:

  • All vegetables,
  • All fruits
  • All berries,
  • fresh eggs;
  • any fresh meat
  • beans, seeds, natural nuts,
  • cereal - buckwheat, amaranth, corn, millet, millet, rice, oatmeal labeled "Gluten-free",
  • natural teas, cocoa and coffee,
  • butter and vegetable oil.

Generally speaking, my husband and I are sitting on a gluten-free diet, not even, we are not on a diet, but have been eating properly for 2 months and a half!

And I note that PHYSICAL -the tummy feels much more comfortableskin, hair, nails (although I never complained to the nails)

The chair has returned to normal- I am a doctor, I can about this! ))

Viscosity, persistent taste and dry mouth disappearedand for me it is already a lot! Since most of the day I thought about how to neutralize, drink, seize, rinse, chew gum!

PSYCHOLOGICALLY- the irrepressible thirst for food disappeared, I really now “eat to live, but do not live to eat,” that is, my appetite has completely returned to normal.

Previously, I was constantly able to - to eat this, mix, cook, and attributed this to my fine nervous organization)).

Now the questions have disappeared by themselves and, by the way, a significant part of the brain has freed itself and 15-15-25 percent of free time has appeared!

I also want to note an interesting psychological (I am a psychologist, I am interested in psychological :))

fact -

in the first place, the organism still remembered its old software fixings - which is flour, cakes, and so on - it is incredibly tasty, but they smashed to smithereens when a month later I tried IT!

It’s not that disgusting, no disgust appears, it’s just hard, viscous, somehow oddly tasty. The same applies to "MILK" or what is there now being poured into bags with such an inscription?

I almost forgot that our beloved wonderful Valentina Perlina - master guru, the initiator of our family gluten-free undertaking, urged us to live, except without gluten, without milk, and without sugar!

Here on the sugar I had a real break!

And until now, he beckons me with his program fixation "for sweet", "sweet life", "sweeten the relationship" is still working, only I have time to track!

Still, in my Soviet childhood, it was the only neutralizer of the annoying semolina, buckwheat porridge with milk, bread with butter or sour cream, and in general - joy and consolation.

And in adulthood, coffee with milk and sugar is practically nirvana, a symbol of a successful, auspicious start to the day, cheerful thoughts, a small but regular rest!

But what else do I want to say - when you lock the stomach with a lock, push it into the background, you start thinking not with your stomach, but with your brain - life really changes!

Not the essence of losing weight, but the side effect is good news - the husband lost 8 kg, I am 3! Try it yourself!

Zueva Natalya


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