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Gubanov Leonid Ivanovich - Soviet and Russianactor. Originally from the village of Rybatsky Leningrad region. In his track record 24 works. He served in the Moscow Art Academic Theater after M. Gorky. He has worked in theaters for more than 45 years. He played roles in Soviet film productions such as The Three Sisters, This Fantastic World, The Summer Residents, in feature films "Born of the Revolution," "Siberia," "Talents and Admirers," and others. In 1989 he received the title of People's Artist of the USSR. The holder of the orders "Badge of Honor" and "Order of Honor".

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Gubanov Leonid Ivanovich was born 2August 1928 in the village of Rybatsky (Leningrad region). Before the Great Patriotic War he studied in Leningrad, where he survived the blockade. In 1942, the future actor was evacuated to the village of Gubtsevo (Kalinin region). In those years he attended the Savtsin school. In 1944 he entered the Leningrad College of Railway Transport named after F. Dzerzhinsky, where he studied until 1949, majoring in "Artificial structures." After that, he worked for two years as a bridge technician at the Soyuztransproject enterprise.

Gubanov Leonid Ivanovich proved himself in a newquality in 1950, enrolled in the school-studio them. VI Nemirovich-Danchenko, who worked under the Moscow Art Theater. After receiving a theatrical education in 1954, the actor entered the cast of the Moscow Art Theater. In 1987, when the division occurred in the theater, he began to work at the Moscow Art Theater named after M. Gorky, which at that time was directed by TV Doronina. During his time in the theater he played roles in more than 60 productions.

In 1987, the actor Leonid Ivanovich Gubanov asco-director TV Doronina took part in the creation of the resumed play "Three Sisters for A. Chekhov. He was a member of the artistic council of the theater. He voiced theatrical versions for the radio of Russian classical works.

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Roles in the cinema

In 1955, Leonid Ivanovich Gubanov performed onefrom the main roles in the film "Princess Mary" - a film adaptation of the work of M. Yu. Lermontov. The film produced by the film studio. M. Gorky, which was released on August 17, 1955, viewed 22 million viewers.

A year later he played a title role in the drama "Longway ", which is based on the works of VG Korolenko. In this film, the spectator learns about the fate of the station watchman Kruglikov, an exile who landed north because he fired at a general who was wooing his beloved Rae. It happens that Kruglikov and his chosen one are again close, but this meeting is just a fleeting joy before another long parting. The film, directed by the brilliant master of cinematography Leonid Gaidai, the audience first saw on December 5, 1956.

In 1956, the actor Leonid Ivanovich Gubanov, filmswith the participation of which even today admire kinomanov, performed a role in Michael Romm's film "Murder on Dante Street" - a drama that tells about the tragic fate of the French actress Madeleine Tubo, who became a member of the Resistance movements during the Second World War. The picture, which premiered on June 2, 1956, saw 27 million inhabitants of the USSR. The film featured such remarkable actors as Mikhail Kozakov, Rostislav Plyatt, George Vitsin.

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Famous roles

In 1961, the actor again played the leading role inscreen version of Russian classics - this time by Leo Tolstoy. In the drama "Cossacks" production Mosfilm in front of the audience appears sent to the Caucasus for the sake of romance Junker Olenin, who, being in one of the stanitsas, falls in love with the local beauty Maryanu. During the demonstration of this film, the cinemas of the USSR were visited by more than 24 million spectators.

In 1973, actor Leonid Gubanov played the roleVelikatova in the drama Ostrovsky "Talents and admirers." In this story, viewers are introduced to a young actress whose fate is not easy to name. Music for the film was written by Tikhon Khrennikov and Alexander Tchaikovsky.

In 1979, the actor played a role in the legendary nowadaysthe film "Born by the Revolution." The picture produced at the Dovzhenko film studio (Kiev), tells about the work of law enforcement officers. Covered a period of time from 1917 to the 1970s.

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The last work in the cinema in the 80s

In 1988, Leonid Ivanovich Gubanov played the rolein the melodrama of Mosfilm "Joy of the Earth". At the beginning of the film, the protagonist, former serviceman Vasily Lemekhov, meets Natalia, who was recently married to Sergei. This story is a string of emotionally charged events, in which there is room for jealousy, revenge, spiritual anguish, and forgiveness.

The fact that today the viewer watches with interest films with Leonid Gubanov, is a wordless proof that true art is eternal.

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Gubanov Leonid Ivanovich: roles, films, biography Gubanov Leonid Ivanovich: roles, films, biography Gubanov Leonid Ivanovich: roles, films, biography Gubanov Leonid Ivanovich: roles, films, biography Gubanov Leonid Ivanovich: roles, films, biography Gubanov Leonid Ivanovich: roles, films, biography Gubanov Leonid Ivanovich: roles, films, biography Gubanov Leonid Ivanovich: roles, films, biography Gubanov Leonid Ivanovich: roles, films, biography Gubanov Leonid Ivanovich: roles, films, biography