Hohenschwangau Castle in Germany: photo with description

At the moment, the most popular country, which is famous for its historical monuments, is Germany. Especially in demand locks of Bavaria. They are included in the list of the most beautiful in the world. Most often, tourists visit the former residence of Ludwig II, which is known as Hohenschwangau Castle. That was the name of the object, which will be discussed in the article.

What specifically will we discuss next? On the background and stages of formation, as well as describe the modern appearance. Let's say about Louis II, who lived in this room, as well as how much tourists like this object. Enjoy your reading!castle hohenschwangau

Brief background

The castle was erected where previously the Schwanstein fortress was located, from which only ruins remained at the time of construction. The first mention of the building was recorded in the XII century. At that time, it was considered the estate of the Knights of Schwangau. It should be noted that the owners of the castle changed regularly.This was due to the constant wars in which Germany participated. Counselor Paumgartner purchased the building in 1535. It took him twelve years to complete it.

After the construction was completed, the object received a new name, which is still known today - Hohenschwangau Castle. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, a few years later the owner left the estate. That is what led to the decline of the castle. After a time, due to the Napoleonic wars, almost all buildings located in Germany turned into ruins. They were in such a state for several years - buildings for a long time surrounded only mountains and green hills.castle hohenschwangau germany


The history of Hohenschwangau Castle in Germany begins in the XIX century. At that time, King Maximilian II spotted this place - he loved the landscapes that surrounded him. It was because of them in 1832 that the ruins and land were bought, where they were located. The purchase cost him seven thousand guilders. Almost immediately after the acquisition, the reconstruction process began.

The new owner wanted to return to the building a medieval style that would remind of the Count Schwangau. The reconstruction process lasted about five years.The halls were recreated by renowned and respected artists and architects at the time. Castle painted in yellow. A wall with balconies and towers was erected around the building. Thanks to the shade that the building has received, it is easy to notice - the contrast between green and yellow is striking by all. castle hohenschwangau photo

Role for the royal family

Initially, most of the Hohenschwangau castle in Bavaria was set aside for King Maximilian and his family. Outhouse intended for children. Pretty soon, Hohenschwangau Castle became the residence. They were most likely used as a summer house, where you can relax or have fun. Due to the fact that the king was a lover of hunting, he constantly spent time here. After his death, the place of the leader was taken by his son Ludwig. He moved to the main building and lived in it with his mother, who was very fond of walking and fishing.castle hohenschwangau descriptions

Ludwig the Second

The Bavarian castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau had a pretty strong influence on Ludwig II. Why? It is easy to explain - the child spent his youth and childhood in it. The guy often at a young age thought about what kind of building he would build and whether he could do it.However, historians believe that this castle Ludwig did not like. For what reason? His parents were too hard on him, so he was brought up harshly. Dad and mom boy did not save only on education. The best teachers of that time were hired for the child.castle hohenschwangau photo inside

Castle in our days

Do you have a photo of Hohenschwangau Castle? Inside this building is gorgeous. In general, the castle is very similar to the one that was created in 1837. He did not receive any major changes. If you compare the building with those that can be found in the city, then it is relatively small in size. Rooms are decorated aristocratic and magnificent. Many of them are compact. In the rooms there are various statues and other decor items.

In the exterior of the building, any person can notice the presence of different bas-reliefs. In the courtyard there are magnificent fountains. In 1913 the building received the status of the National Museum. After that, a large number of tourists began to arrive in Bavaria.

Driving directions

So that everyone can get to the Hohenschwangau castle, the photo of which can be seen in the article, you should come to Munich or Nuremberg.After that, take the train and get to the station "Fussena". This move will not take more than two hours. The castle from the station is located five kilometers, so this distance can be walked. If you do not want to take a walk, then you can take the bus number 78. The same route takes you to Neuschwanstein Castle. The fact is that these objects are very close. The cost of travel in one direction is 1.8 euros, and there and back - 2.6 euros. Bavarian castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau

Rooms and halls

The most popular room in the castle of Hohenschwangau is considered the "Hall of the Swan Knight." This name is borrowed from the picture. Her canvas depicts Lohengrin, who sailed to defend the honor of Duchess Elsa Brabant. The hall seems spacious and extensive, although in fact it is not. It's about the design of the room. This effect was created only thanks to the celestial ceiling covering. If you look at the surfaces, you can see an interesting design - beautiful patterns and embossed embossed drawings.

The largest hall is the room “Hall of Heroes and Knights”. It literally stretches from the beginning of the building to its opposite side.Thanks to the established columns in the Gothic style, it charms with its beauty. The walls are characterized by the fact that their entire surface is painted with amazing patterns. In the center is a table on which there are cutlery. The room, located in the eastern part of the building, with its furniture, every detail brings thoughts of Mary of Prussia.

The castle serves to ensure that everyone can get acquainted with the ancient relics. There is not a single tourist who could refuse the opportunity to visit it. Most of the rooms here are cozy. Round tables are placed near the large beds installed in the bedrooms. They are covered with beautiful tablecloths. Thanks to the painted walls and furniture, you can learn a little about the history of the castle. The pictures depict not only important people, but also ordinary people.

The castle also has a hall, which is named Berta's room. Here is her office. Hall Hohenstaufenov previously used as a dressing room. After Ludwig became king, this room was equipped for music. Now there is a maple grand piano. He is known to the whole world, as famous people have repeatedly played on it.Bedrooms are very popular with employees of the castle and visitors. They resemble the story of Armida and Rinaldo.

This narration was “narrated” during the first crusade. Then the crusaders captured Jerusalem. Ludwig II observed the state of buildings and settlements with a special telescope. In addition, the king "looked out" for the construction of the Neuschwanstein fortress. Among ordinary residents, it is better known as the Swan Castle. A small chapel was built near it. By the way, in the castle under consideration, you can see Russian icons.

 Bavarian castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau

Tourist attraction

All tourists who visit Germany are sure to go on a tour “Objects of Bavaria”. It includes the Hohenschwangau Castle. The description of the castle should impress many. This fortress is considered one of the greatest. It stands between the lakes, and every day attracts several thousand travelers. At the moment it is considered a tourist object, and was once an estate that was surrounded by large spruces.

Guest reviews about visiting this castle are mostly positive. Everyone likes this attraction - everyone who has been herecome back here several times! If you have the opportunity to visit this facility in Bavaria, you should definitely do this. It should be understood that the visit is not cheap, flights and accommodation also require special investments, but it is really worth it. Hohenschwangau Castle is undoubtedly the best place.

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